Friday, March 31, 2006

geo lesson was ok today but the best part was when ang told us that he might be bring us to wales for geo field trip this year end. the whole class was super duper excited when he said that and that when we told the lit students they were like going:

"walao, so good arhx?"
"our teacher good what! hahax, we get to go wales :)"
"can we join?"
"but we are going there for a course!"
"we join in the course can?"
n it continued.

no matter what serena just wanna go wales!!

went for training after school...
the girls are having a relay tomorrow.

amanda yeo-first runner
serena maybelle tay-second runner
nurlina-third runner
cleo choo-fourth runner

according to saifuddin, this will be cleo's last race. all the way girls.
do your best cleo and give all you have.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

omg. i only knew something BIG today!!! Xiangluan has a boyfriend already!!! im so so so outdated. Serena came my house today after school before going for training at bedok stadium which is like super duper near my house :) we went online and she showed me loads of stuff. Actually i didn't feel that outdated until xiangluan's BIG BIG news striked me. why??? im so ignorant. I don't want that. please next time update me serena and rachel.

Xiangluan..congrats eh? haha hope you both chang chang jiu jiu okeas? must be happy ehx? next time anything don't forget to tell me ok? some more serena say it was since 17 fed eh? s0o damn long already. you can really keep a secret eh? anyways all the best for you both :)

Friday, March 24, 2006

sports day. finally the sports day has come. i was suppose to run for the 200m, 100m and 4 X 100m. in the end i only ran for the 4 X 100m B girls. i didn't run for the 200m and 100m because i pulled my muscle on my exam day while i was doing stretching. as our house didn't have enough girls i volunteered to run. borrowed shorts from ziting and her shorts were damn small i tink can only cover the little top part of my thigh and thats it. we had to sit under the freaking hot sun even though we didn't win just to support our house dotz..freking hot and i became quite dark after that.
rachel treat me bubble tea must note it down so that next time i will remember to treat her. and went home after that.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

today's my exam day. lol. woke up at around 10 plus cause didn't go school today. didn't want to go cause lazy haha. den taijin called me around that time to decide on the meeting time..we met at around 11 plus and headed to white sands to eat and get some sushi for the people over there at the cc. when we reached there limeng, adeline and candice were sitting at the waiting room chatting i thought they haven gone in but they had finished their exam!!! it was just nice that when we reached, it's their lunch time so we served them with the nice and yummy sushi we had bought. we reached there too early already so we practically had nothing to do except for to walk around and talk and help ofcoz..time flies..when it's finally our turn, we got changed out of our normal clothings into our red leotard. adeline and limeng helped us with our hair and we went ahead with our warm up and running through of exercises before going into the studio for exam.
miss too, our examiner, was quite huge. i though that she wouldn't be that huge as she's a malaysian. even the examiners who are caucasian were not that big size though.
anyway, our exam was quite a success. at least i feel that this was the best exam ever in my life maybe it's because of my teacher. thanks ms chein.. i will continue to work hard.

Monday, March 20, 2006

ONE more day. to my exam day. today went to school. school's back after march holidays. but..i so miss the holidays. how i wish i could sleep until that late everyday. so tiring to go serena nevercome school and rachel has gone crazy. she's crazy. the whole day!! haax..but it's damn fun back our results for chinese and english after the holidays and finally lol..chinese hmm..i think i love myself larhx but english i suck badly lorhx..sad..but me and rachel read nana's paper and rach said it was "lesbianish" lol..but very very very until i wanna after school rachel went to the general office to collect her ic and ask me to accompany know she wants to show me that she got her ic already larhx..lolx..but in the end her's haven arrive yet..hahax..i know im bad but that's

Sunday, March 19, 2006

today's our open house. it seems so not like the previous years or the one three years ago i could say as we have not taken exam for the past three years. today was much like an eye opener for the kids in the primary grade. they were very supportive and quiet throughout the whole syllabus though. miracle eh?. kids from previous years were super duper noisy. and angeline and joyce "mama" stayed and watched us after their class so good of them. hiya love them lots and thanks for you guys support larhx..muackx muackx :)
i no need to go school on tuesday. it's my exam day. haax. its suppose to be like to report at 2:40 but i got an excuse letter from my teacher to excuse me from school the whole day. i was planning to go to school like half day or something but my friend said that it will be very tiring to wake up so early in the morning and rush here rush there the whole day somemore next day still need to go school. so i've decided not to go school just because of her "wake up so early" haax. i totally agree that im very lazy and im a pig lol, most importantly i LOVE to SLEEP. this proved that 12 hours of sleep is a must must must!!!
yupx..back to after the open house we went to eat dinner at delifrance..hahax..shared classic banana split with limeng but i think swensen's nicer..hahahahahaha..supper funny larhx the three of us..limeng, taijin and me..we talked about tampon while we were eating..the teacher who knows everything => limeng was educating me and taijin about tampon..its uses, how it look like, how to use it, benefits and more..n taijin wasn't looking at what she's taking to drink and she took limeng's drink and drank it..muahahaha..we all laught like siao delifrance hahax..and we continued.dotz :p
it's not the end of the journey of the day yet hahax.. then we when to walk around white sands although it has nothing much to see. jiamin suddenly said that she wants to buy wallet and found what she wants but white sands doesn't have the colour she she suggest to go tampines and her mum is coming to fetch us..n poor limeng has to go the way, she a primary school teacher its not that her parents wants her home duh she's living ALONE damn cool larhx..i also want to live alonebut i think with at least one friend's just that after the shopping thing at tampines, jiamin's parents are most probably sending us home..but her house is way too faraway..commonwealth hahax..siaox right? the poor teacher's gone..we went to tampines and walk walk. taijin and me went to MJ and we saw this vcd with the cover of pictures of people dancing and the back..omg we bought it and she watch it first and pass to me on tuesday. just as we were paying for the disk, jiamin msg me and ask us to meet her at the fairprice entrance...and we headed HOME.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

devil beside you
heex. guess what?..muahahahaha. i finished another series again in 3 started with a's nice.but unbelievable story though. i prefer devil beside you..hahax..peiwen said that im a tv freak..hahax..but wenx if you were me you will be like that too..nevermind
7 days to my so excited...
++there's an open house on the coming saturday..1803'06..people are welcome to seat in and observe our class for free's an annual thing..there will be another one next year too..and our annual performance will be at around september this year as we will be taking our elementary grade this year which will be around september too so the performance will be after that..

Monday, March 13, 2006

today i stayed at home the whole day. im used to it already hahax. watched devil beside me the whole day. i finally finished the whole episode in THREE days. haax. 3 days only, super eh me? happy larhx. but i dont like the ending. i s0o dont like it. anyway it's like that cant change it.
next week is my ballet exam. yays. finally..waited for THREE years for the day to arrive. 3!!!..i think im somehow related to this number huh..2103' waiting..feeling nervous too even though i've been training for the same old syllabus for THREE years.arggh..cannot tahan the no. 3 liaox larhx..

Monday, March 06, 2006

serena and me
lol.snapshot by kirstein..
me doing work while waiting for our race and our time to warm up
all our numbers heex..the lucky numbers
me and nana at gombak stadium for the SAA all comers meet 2006..