Sunday, April 30, 2006

yaya just watched center stage a ballet show.
its super duper wuper nice :) i admit that i REALLY enjoyed it :)

higher ground


its the way you make me feel

love love love center stage :)
had ballet as usual on a saturday and it was really fun!!!
yucks the freaking polling day. what the hell is it on the 6 may??? a SATURDAY!!! we wouldn't be having ballet lessons the next saturday because of this. I HATE IT
and there's only one more lesson on saturday before i wouldn't be able to make it for the class AGAIN. this time round because of the SEC 3 CAMP
I DON'T WANT TO GO!!! i don't want to miss class and i don't want to get the hell outta my house into that freaky forest or whatever shit. seeing those irritating monkeys!!!
sheeeeesh i don't want to be there!!!!
ballet annual holiday is round the corner. we wouldn't be able to have class for three weeks which is like six times!!!
nahhhhs whatever!!! I HATE WHATEVER'S HAPPENING NOW!!!

Friday, April 28, 2006

i found cassandra's bloggie and she said that she went to see the nutcracker and even brought the 128 bucks ticket.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

school was so boring these few days
i bet all of us were stressed out.
there's practically nothing for me to post about and therefore no post.
no school today!!! the nomination thing would be held in our school.
actually we were suppose to have a half school day yesterday but wth fathul told the principal that they were ahead of schedule for the preperation for the nomination thing so no half day.
tomorrow me, rach and nana might be going hougang to see the designs and colour for our class t-shirt after school.
i finally manage to finish the ace-learning online assignments. Ms goh's mad!!! so many assignments. I'm gonna BURST sooner or later.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Set off to xiangluan's house at around 3.45 p.m. today!!! Went to her house to help with the marinated chickens and stuff they did yesterday!!!
Well done yeah :) We are gonna eat them later hahas. Waited at xiangluan's house for Jason to came with his daddy's lorry to help ferry the stuff over to michelle's house. I followed Jason and sat at the back of the lorry and looked after the stuff while xiangluan and chen peng headed for the interchange to meet the others and get our beehoon which we ordered for the BBQ YAYYS!!!
We were the first to reach, unloaded the stuff from the lorry and waited for the rest. And they came and we started setting up everything. While waiting for them we were so bored that we started cam-whoring :)
me and rachel yee->she's just so CUTE !!!
me and the other rachel :) -> the hyperactive one :) the root of 2E1
serena and me!! the crazy gurl who simply enjoys cam-whoring :)
rachel yee again. DON'T YOU THINK SHE'S CUTE?

Melvin, Jason, Hadi, Jasper, Junxian and ME were the fire starters and i'm the ONLY girl. hahas. and RACHEL YEE too. Both of us were the fanners hahas Jason, Hadi and Melvin started smudging the charcoals on my legs and within seconds, my legs were black. and they claimed that they were innocent!!! I SAW THAT!!! Rachel and i did a great job in fanning the charcoals hahas without us i doubt the fire will start.
Started cooking and its hands are cooked :( So pain!!!
But seeing the others enjoying the food, i've forgotten the pain. :)
BIG THANK YOU TO RACHEL NG AND MICHELLE, they came over and feed me food while i 'm cooking the food for the others :) although im sick :(
Rachel Ng was the first to get wet WOOHOOO hahas.
That was just GREAT!!! Started cam-whoring AGAIN :))))

des and me -> she's an ah lian hahas

hanies and me -> my mummy is just so pretty right? (:
me and amalina -> went home with her she's just nice, caring and talkative.
ofcoz we have the similar topics to chat about (:

me and des -> she loves her fringe

happy family ->des, my daughter, hanies, my mummy.

Went to the toilet to change up and it was like me, rachel, serena, xiangluan went into the sauna and stripped everything and changed as it was cold outside hahas. Then me and ama went to sit at the playground and chatted until her dad came. HOME

Friday, April 14, 2006

Outing with wen, des and winston.
Wen and me met at pizza hut at 12pm and had lunch there.
Spent like 20bucks eating at pizza hut. Broke already!!!
Went to valley to play pool from like 1 to around 2.30 and it was like 10bucks gone once again.
Then went to mac as we were sick of pool and each of us had a shaker fries, it's like we spent money AGAIN!!!
We got quite sick of bedok and went to tampines to walk walk.
Winston came and meet us and we bought the same ear stud and winston bought n extra long long stud. Then went home :)
YAYYS had three more studs today but it was like i spend 40 bucks!!!


Venue: Bayshore (Michelle k's house)
Time: anytime you want (5:15pm at bedok inter)
Date: 15 April 06 Saturday

2E1ians'05 it's tomorrow!!! All can look forward to a FUN FUN time. Slack and enjoy!!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

I am sick!!!
Had 2.4 today and im like having flu early in the morning when i woke up ):

Monday, April 10, 2006

10 APRIL 2006

firstly, happy birthday to both (:

This week i don't have duty :)
I sat with our class and was waiting for serena and rachel to come to school. They were late today!!! But fortunately Mr shah wasn't in school today, they didn't get his lecturing.
Today's PE was like so funny and exciting. We went for one round around the school as usual
Played game today!!!
Frog pollo and crap thing i don't know why is the game like that! But overall today was quite fun though, i think it's because it's Mr su's birthday!! How i wish every monday is his birthday. In that way, we wouldn't have to suffer during PE lessons running and doing components like the mad and crazies from mental hospital.The whole class sang birthday song for Mr su before he dismissed us. He looked happy i guessed anyway he ought to be. :p
Mr Angulia didn't come today. I actually rushed his mindmap like mad women early in the morning. What a waste of my time!!!
Today was actually quite slacky though. First time my monday was like that. Both A math and E math lessons were like FUN especially on a monday which is like unexpected :)
After school went to eat with des and peiwen and she told me everything. IDIOTIC JIA RONG ANTI-JIARONG!!!
des i will be here ya (:
and peiwen remember our fridays!!! It's on this friday!!! YAYS


EVENT: 2E1 Gathering Night 2006
VENUE: Bayshore [michelle k's house]
Time: Late Afternoon OR Anytime You Want
Date: 15 April 2006

2E1'05 All can look forward to a fun and unexpected time with the old gang again!!! Yerp there will be waters all over according to rachel ng :)


Sunday, April 09, 2006

I went to eat pizza with my family and my godfather!!!
Im so happy right now. Got a new pair of black shoes but its like not the one i wanted but at least its new!!!
BUT i saw the big mirror and i actually FORGOT to remind my daddy to buy!!! arrgghhh!!!
How could i???
I stuck at home on a freaking Sunday!!!
omg..How can I stay at home on a Sunday. I couldn't believe it.
Anyone please save me!!!
Hopefully my parents are going to keep their promise and bring my sister and I to pay a visit to the pizza hut later.
Go shopping too but at bedok!!! It's like going for a walk!
Anyways later going to hunt for a super big mirror for my room.
I had no idea what my daddy did to my room, when I reached home someday ago,
I found out that my previous mirror was gone and my room is mirrorless already.
How could I have survived if I didn't have a tiny mini mirror to depend on.
There's an evil thought in me right now!!! heex
Maybe I can make use of this opportunity to get a super nice and huge mirror for myself then.
Haas that's it :)

Friday, April 07, 2006

Went for the chai chee secondary track and field and games carnival today.
They invited us to run for their invitational inter-schools relay 4 x 100m.
Actually, Mr su told us that there's only three schools but in the end
when we turned up at bedok stadium, 7 schools went for the relay shity shit.
During recess time, zakiah suddenly told me that she wouldn't be able to
make it for the relay later and there goes our first runner.
Actually wanted to ask charlotte to run.
In the end she didn't want to as she's going out with her friends
so no choice we asked jialing, our reserve, to take over zakiah.
After school
Elizabeth, Jialing and me changed into our jerseys,
practiced our passings at the back of the school.
Then, Mr su suddenly appeared from nowhere and
told me that maybe jasmine would be able to run!!!
I was like full of yays and just yays..
Then, jasmine came and look for us. So the lastest plan was:
1st runner - jasmine
2nd runner - elizabeth
3rd runner - me
4th runner - cleo
reserve - jialing

but in the end we got 4th position.
first was kc, second was east spring and thrid was damai
anyways congrates to the schools and
i totally agree that we all had a great time together over there

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday!!!Had lesson's as per usual throughout the whole morning. After school went to help to decorate Mr shah's notice board, then after finishing, we went to the toilet and change up for training. When we went to the locker to put our stuff, manda found out that she had lost her key to her lock!!! She had to train with her normal shoes. So unlucky man!!!

4 rounds around the school
4 rounds again
component exercises

Watch videos on the professionals in action!!!

Tomorrow we are going to go for the chai chee secondary's sports and game carnival. We will be running the invited school's 4 x 100 relays.

zakiah - first runner
elizabeth - second runner
me - third runner
cleo - fourth runner

The previous competition was supposed to be her last race but as our other runners are not able to run tomorrow as they will need to rest and recuperate for the nationals juniors on saturday and sunday.
But thanks alot to Elizabeth for being willing to accept my request in joining us in the race :)
Love you all so much!!! Jiayou tomorrow =p

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

today we had our history play.
ermx. Quite fun i guess..i don't know!!!
but after school we had to go and watch our sec 4e and 5n debate finals
sec 4e2 and 4e4 went into the finals for the debate.
In the end, 4e2 won the debate. The best speaker was darren, daniel's brother.
Hanis and me support 4e4 but sadly, they lost. I don't see the reason why they lost to 4e2.
Anyway, it was overall ok larhx.
during social studies period, mr yong showed us this video

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

today's a tuesday!!!
i love tuesdays! Especially today. We had our pccg play today.
Rachel, yeon ju, serena, maben, shao xin and me. i love our play so much. It was just so humorous and yet serious. Ofcoz im not the one doing the humorous part, it was maben and shao xin. They manage to make the class break into laughter even though they are from China!!!
so super!!! Yeon Ju too she had a problem with kimchi. I think!! lol she's also super kawaii ne!!
and the serious part. Rachel and me. Im her mum and im suppose to act unreasonable. I don't know why but that's what serena wants. when me and rachel were up there, we nearly cried while we were acting. Too into the role already!!! Oh my god. But luckily we manage to hold back our tears hahas.
After school, serena came my house while waiting for the training to start. Luckily, we manage to get only abit wet when we reach my house. It was raining heavily throughout the whole afternoon. So serena and me were like doing her rotten blog!!! Serena's gonna start blogging SOON!!! Look forward eh? But still need to wait for her to put up her tag board!!! so we can start all our crap. hahas
went for training but we were late!! By half an hour, we thought that there wouldn't be training as its raining so heavily just now and that the track is wet. Unfortunately, THERE IS!!
training schedule for the day.
`head to toe stretching
`ankling 20m 3 sets
`knee lift 20m 3 sets
`high butt kick 20m 3 sets
5 min
1 set:
3 x 20m
3 x 30m
3 x 40m
do 4 sets
-the end-
after training went to buy bubble tea and went home!!

Sunday, April 02, 2006

April Fool's Day

chat with winston from yesterday 11 plus until morning 1 plus am. Suppose to go for training at yishun stadium at 8 30 am. In the end didn't manage to get out of my bloody comfortable bed. Serena called me and asked me if im going for training and i told her im not and something that all of you will go wahh!!! huh??? really.. Serena called me at 6 am. Super early eh serena?. First time she's waking up so on time to go for training!!! She had always been the one who's dragging the time to go for training and yet she's so early today. Miracle :)

manda called me at 9 plus to ask me if i want to go out and shop shop, i agreed as i got nothing to do until my ballet lesson which starts at 3 pm. Went to meet manda at wisma then saw Mrs Tan Hwee Hoon there. She looked shocked when she saw me and i don't know what the hell was the reason? Do i look that weird Mrs Tan? Anyway i met manda and we walked around wisma then went to far east. Lastly, heeren. We actually walked the whole journey and my leg were aching.

after going to heeren to take neoprints. i headed for my ballet lesson which was at pasir ris elias community center. I stood for the whole train ride from somerset all the way to pasir ris. Im dying!!! When i reached the cc for my lesson, im exhausted. Couldn't even do double pirouettes en dehors and double pirouettes en dedans. Im so tired!!

I nearly lost my wallet and phone!!! I went to the toilet to change before my lesson. When i went into the cubicle, i put my wallet and phone on top of the tissue dispenser. When i took off my shorts, i put it on top of my wallet and phone and my shirt on the shorts. I was in a hurry and had forgotten to take my wallet and phone. I just took my clothes and didn't mange to see my wallet and phone. It was only after the lesson when the next grade came in and when one of the girl's parents told my teacher that they found a wallet in the toilet then i realised that i had forgotten to take them out with me. They actually managed to find my wallet only so i went into the toilet to search for my phone. Ang xinyi helped me asked the girl inside the second cubicle if she could see any phone in there but she said no. Then one of the girls from our class came out from the third cubicle asking me if the one she's holding was my phone. It is!!! Im so lucky :) It's totally not an april fool's day joke mann. Someone didn't do that in purpose im really that unlucky to have forgotten to take my stuff but yet lucky to get back my stuff.

went home and watched THE COMPANY. It's a ballet show fliming a company and the dancer, their dancing and life. It was great!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

serena so cute

today's friday!!!
i love fridays and tuesdays. they are the best and most slacky days among the others. hahas.

vjc sports meet relay. the B girls and guys went today but unfortunately when it was about to reach our turn the invited schools B division guys and girls 4 x 100 relay, it started raining cats and dogs. actually they wanted to continue but in the end there is lighting and thunder. No choice they had to cancel it.