Friday, May 26, 2006

Went for meet-the-parent session with my mom today!!! I was OK =)
but had to go back to school twice to hand in the travel form or something liddat. I WANNA SLEEP

Thursday, May 25, 2006

These few days were quite boring though nothing much to do. I didn't go school for two days ever since i came back from camp. I guessed i'm too tired and sick to go to school already. Going to school tomorrow for meet-the-parent session with my mummy. After that would be HOLIDAY !!! YAYYYYAYYYYSSS
Hopefully we would be able to use the studio during the june holidays for intensive self training for the elementary exam.


*there MIGHT be a mini "judgement" *
Date : First sat lesson after Ms chein's back from her holiday
Time : 1600 - 1830 (normal leesson time)

*test for our capability of taking the elementary exam*

*not confirm
*June holiday intensive self training
* confirm with me at 93690261
* leave your name =)

Monday, May 22, 2006


19th may 2006

gathered in school this early morning on a so-not-look-forward-to friday. The instructors did some ice-breaking sessions with us after we were broke up into our respective groups.
we were grouped according to our register no. therefore we didn't get to go into the same group with our dear friends =( but nevermind i got seryuan, shahirah, shihmei and jingfeng in my group. That gives me something to be happy about in this camp =) Upon arrival at the "foresty" and "deserted" area, we were directed to our doms or "bunks" and were asked to gather for lunch.
the first day wasn't that much of fun and excitement so turned in for some rest.

20th may 2006

woke up and prepared ourselves for a tiring day!!! our destination today was the raffles marina =) didn't really know what place was it until i reached there then i realised that i actually went there before for some relative's wedding ceromony. so glad to be back there :)
did low rope one and two before our lunch there in the carpark and i was being drawn all over my face for being the last one to lose in the who-what-huh game. All thanks to jeffry!!! Right after the lunch is kayaking. I actually forgotten to bring my extra undergarments to change after that and i didn't want to wear wet undergarments for the whole day with dry clothes so didn't do kayaking with ser yuan. We went to the toilet to wash the marker marks on our face and we took like ages even zai came in to check if we were ready already or stuck in the toilet or something. It took me so long and finally managed to get rid of most of them but i rubbed my face like mad and it's burning hot after that. We headed for the beach and we expressed the artistic side of both of us on the sand. Both of us were so happy when zai(our trainer), who came back first, said that was so sweet =) BUT all good things have to come to an end!!! When the others start coming back one by one they destroyed our precious artpiece :'( zai told them to push their kayak to another side but they didn't listen and just drag it across our artpiece :( he looked at me with a "no-choice" face and gave me a grin. Forget it at least someone said it's sweet =)
the next one was rock climbing i can remember that calvin forever. he was the belator for my group and our trainer was the belator for another group =( calvin didn't want to let ser yuan and me down when we were like dangling in the air after we couldn't continue on but he's a nice guy =)
After that we headed back to the campsite for dinner and night walk. On the way back, we were playing fuzzy wuzzy and the link game on the bus some of'em got it but zai and calvin couldn't nderstand it AT ALL. Night walk was ok after all, jing feng led us and yu jun was the last guy. We had our night debrief and then shower and sleep =)

21st may 2006

Went for nature walk and helen led us throughout the whole walk. She's so fast mann even though she looks old to us. We can't even catch up with her. After the walk was lunch and after that was CRC and ABS. CRC was fun and easy. everything was all right though and when it came to ABS, i'm starting to get tired and was very very sleepy and was like tearing as whenever i yawn i will tear. when it was my turn i went up and was like "the helmet and gloves are so smelly" and my new job was to be a helmet washer at innotrek hahas that's what melissa the EFI said to me =) and i actually went "OMG I FEEL LIKE SHITTING!!!" I was possibly too nervous but when it was my turn to get down it was ok though not scary at all!!! after that was camp preperation and we got 15 points from germaine. then went on for the mass game and dinner before campfire. had campfire and it was FUN FUN FUN!!! Meishi(buddy trainer) is simply so so cute :) after campfire was shower time went to shower and then met zai for supper and debrief with the group.

22nd may 2006

Last day of the camp!!! =( thinking back when i first reached this place for this camp, i hated it so much and now everyone doesn't want to leave this place anymore and we just want to stay there forever and ever. Before we left at the gate of the campsite, i gave the letter i wrote on behalf of my group to zai and took a last picture with him and went home. I actually wrote until 1:30am the previous night and i added the answer for fuzzy wuzzy and the link game. Me and ser yuan were wondering what would his reaction be when he saw that on our way home on the bus. WE WANNA KNOW HIS REACTION OMG!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006

we had ama's birthday celebration on vesak day =)
let me upload the pictures..still got others with peiwen hahas

Friday, May 05, 2006

mr gan's last day in bedok view. today we got to be released from school early at 12 because of the election tomorrow. today was slacky i think. did nothing and i actually forgotten i had duty during recess and went to meet ms heng with rachel and serena. i was suppose to go study with amalina after school but in the end cannot go =(
the prefects, peer leaders and sports leaders will get to go nacli camp. thats what ms heng told rachel yesterday =) YAYYYY !!!
sec 3 prefects were just being informed this morning that we have to prepare another speech that was suppose to be quite similar to the previous one. this one is suppose to be presented by our own to the other 101 fellow prefects and they will vote for the next batch of exco !!! shirley said that the speech and voting will be held before June holidays after our sec 3 camp so we will have to prepare the speech earlier and not last minute and the speech must be 3 MINUTES long :(
i'm so going to die !!!
thats not the end !!! she said that we still have to go through the excos and mr low but we will be safe from the principal hahahhhhs :) she said no need to go through the principal already =)
+ + +
hahas went to ikea with my godfather, daddy and sister.
i wanna earn alot of money when i grow up and buy a big big house and decorate it into my dream house =)
i got the mirror i want from ikea YAYYYS
just got the mirror fix onto my wall and the next thing to add on is the shelf. My room is undergoing renovation. it's going to have a new face YAYYYYYS I LOVE MY DADDY =)