Thursday, October 26, 2006

I'm back at this late hour to blog, due to overwhelming request (serena).

It's like I pontanked school last Friday and yet again ! Stayed at home for the whole day sitting in front of the frigging computer and rot. I mean it I really sat infront of the com for the whole day, except for lunch and dinner ? Yarh ! And plus talking on the phone with Manda who was so "guai" today, didn't skip school and even went for training huh ! (Serena !we really gotta buck up man)

Today was a so so so not productive day ! Actually it could be but in the end nope. Suppose to discuss about tmr's outing cause Manda say she'll be bored at home then till now still waiting for that dotA-pro (Jensen) to reply ! Which is like for 4 hours already ? Since like 8 o'clock ! dotA-pro also don't need to be that indulged in his game huh ? Oh Ya, anyway we'll be going ECP to cycle, even though the poor me don't know how to, after all the teachings from Melvin, Jason, Serena and Xiangluan during the last two'one BBQ. I'm so sorry mann ! Ahas tmr shall be my "BICYCLE ? NO FEAR !" day ! That's a good slogan isn't it ? (:

And now ! We're still waiting for dotA-pro and mel cat ! omg, it's like the next day already ! I'm trying to keep myself up by watching ' survivor: cook Islands ' on youtube which rachel told me. (:
All the way mann xinyi ! LOL ! I'm trying to keep myself up with my madness

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Went to VIVO city for the first time man ! Woke up really early and prepare then went to meet desebelle and peiwen at bedok mrt at 11.30 am. I was abit late though and met them and saw melvin, chun tuan and keith at bedok mrt too !They were waiting for jensen who's still sleeping at home, so we went VIVO first. Reached VIVO and we went to walk walk then saw melvin they all. They decided not to wait for jensen and came first.
Then lunch at this Taiwanese restaurant with super duper nice chicken !

Then melvin, chuntuan and keith went off first to look for jensen. We walked around !
Then went to meet them, after meeting them was walking around again. Then took train to PS !

Then reached PS, walked again before taking bus to katong shopping centre. The guys went to play dota and the girls went to eat the chicken rice over there, after eating, desebelle went home and me, manda and peiwen went to look for the guys and all played counter strike cause we didn't know how to play dota ! Then home and took pictures at the bus stop !

And YES serena's house bus stop is very popular ! LOL

Sunday, October 22, 2006

tang tang tang tang

i'm back !

yep hmm today, was suppose to go for ballet the advance and open class, in the end my parents didn't want to let me go ! therefore, stayed at home.
didn't even go for my gurpo curpo contemporary dan:s workshop ! ):
Daddy and Mummy quarrelled ! Nearly divorce, aiya whatever lah i can't be bothered already ! It's not the first time anyways.

yeppy holiday on tuesday ! And i'm going out with manda !
I've decided to clear my room today, rearrange the desk and stuff but didn't change that much. My room's super clean and tidy now, erm not the table cause it's full of papers and stuff. I was too lazy to pack those papers, there were too many for me to finish. Tomorrow's monday and we're going back to school and tuesday no school ! Then wednesday and thursday collect report book ! And finally friday no school (: BUT have to go back to school for two more weeks or so for intensive lessons for next year's O levels ): Aiya you know my school lah so kia shu of course must go back. Then after intensive, YAYS the geography field trip to australia ! Hmm can't wait for the day ! Going with serena and dear geography partner elizabeth (: and many more. Amanda's not going ): I'll miss you man.
Oh ya ! pray hard no one retain please !

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

it has been ages since i last blog :P
i shall start of with some pictures we took today !
we went for an excursion by the chinese department for sec 3