Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Saturday is my official Ballet fever day.
oops ! today's wed, i've got my days all mixed up just because today i had ballet :D

Woke up unusually late today. 11.45. Eh the person who needed the morning call today very suay but luckily not very late, only 15 mins. :D

Met desebelle at her house bus stop again ! then headed to pp for lunch while waiting for manda to finish her dragon boat thing at bedok reservoir. So yeap, lunched at MOS and then met manda, melvin, chun tuan, hanliang and then waited for manda to collect her phone. bus to tm to see shoe for my dress for my friend's wedding and got it at charles & keith.

I was late to meet my friends at the studio to run through and just in time for the class. CARVANA for dinner with limeng and jiamin then home !

after this it's gonna be
hua yang shao nian shao nu - episode 2 and
rock paper scissors - episode 14 on youtube. :D
taiwan dramas rocks lah !

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

It's the Work Our Ass Off Day !
but it didn't turn out to be so ! :P

Met desebelle at her house bus stop at 11.45 and then changed bus to siglap. Crossed the overhead bridge and waited for the bus. boarded 43 which is the wrong bus and that dear girl only realised it after a few stops. I can't be blamed cause i don't live around that area and i seldom go siglap. Yup, alighted the bus and changed to 12.

Studied at siglap mac with darren, cheng, desebelle and manda, which was not productive at all ! Except for the last minute me, trying to force myself to do at least one more amath question then darren and i did ! We started at 1 plus and ended the study session at 3.3o. Ended early cause we wanted to PLAY POOL ! :D

Played pool till 6.30. We had played more then we had studied today. Dinner was katong laksa outside serena's house and then parkway for a walk and pictures with christmas decoratives outside pp.
Pictures :D

Long post ahead on the trip ! Didn't really have the time to upload the pictures so yeah here's the post and pictures ! But ofcoz there's lots more but i chose some.

The best shot of the whole trip ! ( i personally think so )

and i'm back from ausse ! the country i love and enjoyed myself lots (:

Those six days and five nights over there was great, even with those small hiccups here and there.

Started the first day with me waking up late to meet peiwen and proceed to the airport. Supposed to meet des and ernest at the airport at 6 but got there at 7, just in time to get the air tickets and do the check-ins. Darren, andy, weekian, weicheng, jensen, evan, manda, jason came to send us off !

andy, darren, manda and weekian left first cause the three boys have basketball training and manda nuer has track training ! ):

headed for bugerking for breakfast with weicheng, evan, jensen, peiwen, des and serena. and serena's missing weekian ! went in the departure hall and rushed to meet the whole group and we're late ! got scolding from ms ong and then after that okayy le ! Ms ong's super nice and funny. We all love her.

Reached Perth at 2 plus ? I guess. We received a warm welcome from our bus driver, Tania, and tour guide, Constance. We love them too ! First day was shopping for the whole day ! First was to some factory outlet of nike, adidas, converse and some other shops. After shopping without any goods, we hoped on the bus to carousel shopping mall. A super duper big shopping mall with K mart, cotton on, bay bay, rebel, and lots more shops. Bought some shirts and off we went, to our hotel and get some rest for the next day.

The following days was activities such as sandboarding, fremantle market for shopping, pinnacles desert,dog cemetery, wave rock, albany, bridge, gaps, tree top walk, busselton jetty, cape leeuwin lighthouse, jewel cave, kings park, whispering walls, wind farm, blow holes, gloucester tree climbing, margaret river chocolate factory, valley of the giants, bluff noff.

significance of the cape leeuwin lighthouse
it's up for geography purpose ! I'm doing my work !
cape leeuwin lighthouse !serena, me, gino ! breakfast at cape leeuwin ! wind is strong :D
bridge ! it's a nice structure.
our small jacuzzi :)the happy me upon seeing our sumptuous dinnereagle boy's pizza for dinner ! (=
the mad visitors with so much influential that all of us turned mad !
moooo !smile ! headcount for nightwalk ! ofcoz it's not included in the schedule.
kangaroo !serena, melvin, chuntuan ! they're trying to imitate my stretching moves ! :Dthe threesome taking pictures in ausse wave rock toilet ! hahaswave rock ! nice right ?by the way, it's a dog tomb !the pinnacles !wind mills ! holland village ! the three best room buddies ever ! madness ! our bunk ! missing roommate. serena --> camera lady our illegal gatherings at the lobby late at night ! worst thing is, chips = fats ! omgsand boarding ! Serena and me !

Monday, November 27, 2006



Woke up at 10 plus today and went back to sleep at 1 till 5 plus ! Suppose to go out with mummy, but she end up sleeping the whole afternoon as well leaving my sister awake using the com for the whole afternoon. What an unproductive day ! Went out with mummy at 6 then bought dress for limeng's wedding dinner and now leaving with the shoes. Mummy told me to go see with my friends then got nice ones ask her go pay money ! :) Shun bian bought the cake on our way home whhich was funded by our daddy and his only present for her is a kiss ! Lousy sia daddy ! Iron clothes, eat cake then post now SLEEP !

Tmr's gonna be the most productive day ! hopefully. :p

Monday, November 06, 2006

SENTOSA OUTING !!!! (05/11/06)

presenting to you , the pictures of the day (:

trained to habourfront,
all-time favourite -- reflection ??

that's me !

peiwen and i :p

bus to sentosa,
darren and andy with the cake <33>
des, xin, wen

with my cap and wen's shades :)

two of them (=

esther siaox :)

cake ! loves ! thanks !


the ladies who went :)

and on our way back, they're all obsessed with serena's shades,
zilian #1 -- DARREN ZENG

zilian #2 -- ANDY CHEW

zilian #3 -- JENSEN LIN

and the threesome zilians :)

dinner at VIVO's long john's silver,
manda and i <3> manda's the best yeah !

it's us again !

three of us !

the six years relation ! :) look more like gays *oops !*

woots ! weicheng bioing chio bu ! (:

and the lovely couple of the day !

plus two posers of the day !

and presenting to you, three couples of the night !

group shottttt ! <3>
thanks you guys !
for being present today to celebrate my birthday in advance at sentosa (:
i heart you all ! <33
and will always remember the happy and funny times we all had together today !