Friday, December 29, 2006

I couldn't login the frigging blogger for the past week thus, not blogging. Not quite used to it but yea, I'm back with lots of things to say. Imissmyblog.

date back to 22 Dec, it's Adeline's baby boy's arrival. Congrats dear ! Hope your boy will grow up to be a handsome and witty young lad. Today was collect-next-year-school-skirt with serena and then to bedok with her to check stuff and then find oven supposedly for baking cookie and in the end found out that we could work with the small one still surviving in serena's house cause mine had died long long ago which is equally small. After that was back home, while she headed for her escape.

23 Dec was supposed to be baking cookie day but sadly i couldn't make it. So sorry, but i think it turned out good with my dogie's help.

crappily lived a few crappy days and it's 28 Dec !

28 Dec 2006 Thursday,
woke up super early at 4.30 A.M, prepared and met peiwen at stadium to hop on her cab to changi airport to send ericko off. After dragging and dragging and lots more dragging, ericko's finally on his way to embark on his very new journey in his life. TATAS and take cares.

Then was rushed home to change, and went to dhouby ghaut, paragim with my younger sister to play pool. Han's for lunch at park mall and she left to find her beloved bf, when manda came to accompany me till it's time to meet my ballerinas for the wedding dinner. So, trained to bugis to walk and walk and whats more other than walking, nothing ! Met emily at bugis mrt, send manda to her bus stop, met taijin and hop on her cab and headed for the hotel.

Reached the hotel just in time for the solemnisation ceremony, I seriously think that li meng and wee thoe got the couple look in them okayy. They got the similar humour in them too, such a sweet and loving couple over there. I was so touched when they said their vows. OMG, tears of happiness and joyness for limeng ! I suddenly feel like getting married, you ren yao wo ma ? :) Then was slacking around with our ballet teacher and some ballet mates of hers, but we all knew one another, from 6.30 till 7.30 when the dinner starts.

Viewed their colage of photos of the couple and they're so sweet can. Entrance of the bride and bridegroom and we were sitting beside the pathway so we get to throw rose petals, and the ballerinas from "ballet table" were yelling and wooing for the couple, cause we're all young *all nods heads*. Then was dinner and halfway through was video on the ceremony in the morning fetching the bride from JB to SIN. Then was re-entrance with an evening gown changed on. Super nice and barbie-like, it's mustard green and it's unique and princessy. something close to serena's blogskin color. Then was them going around taking pictures with the guests. When it's our table's turn, angie came up with an idea that as long as we hit the glass with our chopsticks, the couple must kiss and stay there till we stop. LOL. Mere fun adding programme for the couple. :) Continued with the dinner and left after chit-chatting awhile and took a final picture with the newly-weds with a couple of us doing ballet pose requested by the bridegroom ! Home was by emily's bf's car. TY em and bf. Hope to see it's the both of you soon !

pictures will be up as soon as i get'em form the bride cause the bride wouldn't have the time to cam-whore with us like as usual.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Past few days was stayed home and rushed 微笑 pasta on youtube. Super Duper Wooper nice !

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Paint the lovely housey day for me and my sister. Woke up at around 12 plus and started on the tiresome job for the entire day till 8.45 p.m. We're just eager to finish up the 4 doors and door frames, and see what will my parents react when they come home. Mummy said the color combo was yucky, she doesn't like it but daddy said it was nice ?!?!?!??!?!??! What can i do. I have to say something, the color not i choose one ! NOT ME ! I wanted pink and purple.


EH ! That's me on the ladder up and down, early in the afternoons !
Dinner was chicken rice and THIS ! YUM YUM (: MR BEAN
TADAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! The final product ! The color is abit weird !


Had Roti Prata for lunch cause i only woke up then, so skipped breakfast. Then was down to get paint for door and door frames, the first step to giving our house a new look ! And started on the frames for today with 2 done by the end of the day at 5 plus.

Today was all this !

SATURDAY 9.12.2006

Ballet at Pasir ris then dinner with the girls at Elias Mall. Limeng, Angie and kaimui went to spotlight to shop for limeng's wedding ring pillow and guest book while me and Taijin went to White Sands for pre-shopping's window shopping for data. Meanwhile, enjoying our Ben & Jerry. White Sands renovated and there's lots of great deals there !

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Serena, this post is specially for You ! (:

爱情魔法师/Magician's Of Love

User : faithz17
episode 12 onwards, but I'm not sure if the videos are put private. If you cant find under that user try adding her as friend or subscribe to her videos. If still cannot then ask me for my acc details then login to watch.

New Taiwan series :

Rock Paper Scissors/剪刀石头布

User : kit3free
Not completed yet cause it's still airing in Taiwan.
It'll be uploaded every Monday to Friday. Currently it had been uploaded till ep 19.


User : kit3free
New series which just started being broadcasted in Taiwan, once a week on Saturdays. Uploaded till ep 3 only, but it's worth watching and waiting for.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Yesterday's Ballet day. After Ballet was Flamenco & Guitar performance at Singapore Arts house. It was at the chambers but abit weird for Flamenco to performed there.

The first half was the Toa Pah Yeo Guitar Club's performance, thought it would be quite boring but it ended up better than the Flamenco second half.

After the 10 minuts intermission was the Singapore Flamenco's performance, we've already decided that if the first piece was like yucky we'll leave and indeed it was.

So, we left !

Waited for Jiamin's parents to come fetch us and they were like lost over there cause they couldn't find the arts house. So, me, being the elder one, deicided to go for a meander along the singapore river. We walked towards the river passing Raffles (: and there's this Q bar and it seems to be holding some party. Eh ofcoz we couldn't go in. It's a BAR !

And by judging the two weirdly dressed man. We wouldn't dare to go in !

But i really really want to be 21 now !
I wanna party-all-night mannnn ! xoxo

Eh then Jiamin's parents came and brought us back to bedok, dinner was

KFC !!!(sorry serena !), it's practically all fats, I KNOW ! And yah after that was home.
Ang xinyi, Jiamin, me ! @ the chambers


Went to visit my ganny at Pasir Ris but in the end, she's not at home. So, staye there till like 5 plus then went White Sands for dinner.

Eh, dinner was,
SWENSEN'S - Fish & Chips, Sticky Chewy Chocolate and plain water.

OMG ! I gonna become a FAT FAT FAT woman someday ! )':

Ohh Ya !

Btw, Singapore's woman table tennies team got sliver, they lost to China's team.
For swimming, only Tao Li got bronze medal for her event.

Pictures and then off to watch Asian Games on channel 5,

Uncle Joe, Daddy and Mummy
Eh, all my plain water for making up with those heatiness after that ! my sticky chewy chocolate !Dad's Berry Delight and Sister's Frost Chocolate !


Saturday, December 02, 2006

Serena's posting now and so am I.

It's so boring staying at home. With all the thoughts of 'yessssa I'm going to do my holiday assignments today', which i failed to do so everyday for the past two days. And now still up at this hour posting while watching 2006 Asian Games DOHA opening ceremony.
I want to go horse - riding ! some very very random thoughts of mine.

Yesterday was stayed home and rot like hella and today's so too. Ever since after the Perth trip, I'm back weighing a hell heavy of 56 kg ! omg. Disastrous. but but but, guess what, I weighed myself today and i'm 52kg. I know, I know, there's nothing to be happy about cause 52 is still a great number and I swear i'll improve. Serena ! I can do it.
4teeees here i come !

I shall go back to my Asian Games opening ceremony at DOHA.
Then tmr is Saturday ballet fever ! xoxo
and watch Flamenco Performance @ Singapore Art House.