Thursday, December 27, 2007

Click on the following link to watch
Don Quixote Pas de Deux: Paloma Herrera & Angel Corella
Angel Corella's turns were stunning! Paloma Herrera's balance, movement and her arch will make you drool!
I've not been updating for ages already cause well, life seems to be filled with last minute outings and stuff which caused me to be unable to remember the sequence of what had happened for the past few days.

Well, I shall just do it day by day then,

Saturday, 22nd Dec, was me attending ballet as usual just that class that day was utterly small. Cause: Jiamin's at Malaysia, Angie's at KL for short holiday, Limeng went Malaysia as well, Adeline had wedding dinner and it was her baby boy's birthday! (Happy 1 year Birthday Gabriel!) and my sister had compulsory church service. So left with me, Candice, Eunice, Paula and Deborah. Class was fun, we sweat it out and enjoyed ourselves as usual.

Monday, 24th Dec, Christmas Eve! The cousins: Jac, Kris, Joresar, Shaun and Me. We met at around 7pm at Orchard for our countdown gathering. Caught 9.45pm's National Treasure at Shaw house and the show ended exactly at 12midnight!
Merry Christmas :)
Ok, National Treasure is awesome, plot much better than the first one and it is hilariously good. Catch it everyone.
Back, the cousins were still in a celebration mood after the show so instead of catching the last train at 1.30 am, we decided to catch the first at 6.15am, which we thought was at 4 plus or 5am in the morning. So we headed to Cineleisure to book an X-box room where we slacked from 1.15am to 4.45am before walking over to Somerset Mrt station. That's the time where we found out that train service only starts at 6.15am and Kris just saw a Night Rider 7 past and that's the last bus! We waited for 14 at the bus stop for like an hour till around 6 plus, boarded the bus when the sky was dark and alighted when the sun rose. Reached Bedok Stadium at 7am and everyone came my house to shower.
We didn't end our Christmas sleeping upon reaching my home! I left with my mom right after showering to get breakfast for all and after breakfast, Jac, Kris and Me, followed my dad to ChaiChee to mend his tooth, then to one of his friend's place and home, all by foot! We are super, aren't we? Walking didn't just end off there, had our lunch at home before leaving house to walk again to pick up dad's big big pulley car? (I have no idea what it's called) Sitting in the car just makes us feel sleepy. On the way to Jac and Kris's place to pick up their mom, my aunt, Jac and I fell asleep. Well, understandable. So, we slept throughout the whole journey, to and fro. Dinner was pasta by...ME! :)
I was snoring away right after shower at 8 plus!

Wednesday, 26th Dec, I went to school with Jialing today to watch the girls rehearse! All the way girls. Work hard for Dance Night on the 3rd ok? Put up the best performance ever. Pull through all these rehearsals ok! It'll be over soon.

Playfulness gets me no where, yes literally! I'm having terrible headache probably due to loss of sleep during the Christmas countdown, thus being unable to go to school today to help out the girls in their full dress rehearsal.
I managed to drag myself to school to pass Daniel donations for Zhiyong. It's just so heart wrenching to hear such a thing happening on our friend. Please let Zhiyong recover, let him be AB+ so there might be a chance where my bone marrow can help him. Even if there's only 1 in a million that's suitable, I'm sure we're all more than willing to try out.
Heard from Ms Goh, when I went back to pass the donations, that O level results will be out on the 25th Jan. Stress! All the best to all BV O level'07 students!
Chit chatted with Ms Goh, Daniel, Rachel Yee and Xiangyi and it made me feel a little better, as in my headache.

I met my mom in the evening to trim my hair! And my mom insisted that I should cut away 3 inches, the decision was not mine to make so..! :(
It's so short now as compared to before.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alvin and The Chipmunks soundtracks I found on youtube.
I love their voices :)

Christmas don't be late


Bad Day
Just manage to get on this video on youtube, which I watched previously on channel U before. 蕭敬騰's voice's super duper nice, I don't mind him singing to me all day long. :p
He's very cute too! hahaha

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Last Sunday was shopping with my mom, I love my mom! But she's so random, don't know if it's a good thing or not. Bought quite a number of stuff and had steak for dinner with my mom only cause Xinping went off earlier to meet her friend.

Monday saw my cousin, Jac, and I making our way down to Toa Payoh HDB hub looking for Kelly Service's office. Hopefully they'll be able to get administrative job(the guy said so) for us. Following that, we headed to Ang Mokio HBD hub to catch a movie and walked around. Alvin and the Chipmunks was great! Love the three chipmunks, Theodore, Simon and Alvin! Love them :)

k, I did a manicure for myself!

I do hope that I won't need to do house chores with my manicure, of course I don't need to! But have been doing them these few days to help ease my granny's workload! So, I will continue doing them, and I got blister on my finger today while sweeping and mopping the floor. The first time I finished both at a go, no wonder that blister pops out! Pain :(

My sister's sick! She has been vomiting since 2 days ago. She told me she ate a strawberry doughnut which tasted really weird but she still finished it in the end. What's worst, she don't know where the doughnut's from! And a few of her friends(quite a handful) are not feeling well too! Hopefully someone complains about that shop if I know I would definitely complain for my sister. Can't stand this type of shop, don't even bother to maintain freshness and cleanliness in their food.

I Love Ballet,

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm sick and still haven't recover yet, probably due to the weather and the nice food by my uncle, or actually me eating lots of junk food.
Jacqueline and Shaun stayed over at my place for two days, they came straight after watching my ballet performance. Surprising me when I reached home (:
Truckloads of fun for two days and night.
Then came weekends, which was bored to the max cause it's a week break for ballet.
Stayover-s are just so addictive. We can't get enough of the previous ones so Monday, sees us(Jac, Shaun, Me) marching to KFC to meet up and for lunch(I'm already sick). On the way to Shaun's place for stayover, we saw uncle Joe a.k.a god father :) So, marching along with us was him. Shaun's place we went!
Spend wonderful 2days1night at Shaun's with drooling delirious food by his dad!
Returned home on Wednesday and started contacting people for jobs and arranging job hunts but cancelled it again cause Zifang's going for PAE, not working, Gladys couldn't make it and I'm still sick.
Finally managed to see some light in finding jobs, called the person Xiuli introduced and we(Gladys, Jac and I) will be going down to the office to hear more about the job he got for us and settle some stuff perhaps. So hurray, hopefully we can bid farewell to boring days at home!

Should I cut my hair since ballet performance's over?
I want short hair, but will miss my long hair.
Hebe or Jolin's short hair?

And there's ballet tomorrow!
Can't wait :p

With that, presenting to you, Drew Jacoby,

Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Right Step was marvelous though I didn't perform to my best, I did enjoy myself a lot with the companion of many ballet-lovers and friends like Adeline, Zifang, Gladys, Emily, Jaime and so on.. It will go on forever, practically everyone involved in "The Right Step".
I love my ballet teacher, Ms Jenny Chien, forever!


Project Tango,

In the quick-change room,

Snapshots during performance,

Mermaids and Music Box,

Enchanted Forest,

After Performance,

Many thanks to all who've came down to support me and the performance(Serena, Rachel Yee, Daniel, Eliz, Yvonne, Gino, Ada, Jialing, Fangqi, Daryl, Karwai, Rachel Ng, Xiangluan, Amalina, Desebelle, Darren, Weicheng, Melvin, Jason, Randy, my cousins and family!)
It's really great to hear that you all have enjoyed the performance and some love it to the core! It does gives us great boast in our dance passion.
Thanks Zifang and Gladys for helping me with clothes and stuff after both of your Tango!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Kampong ChaiChee's performance was great (:
Love the hip hops, mostly because the kids were so adorable, and Gladys! Though she's not lead but you can see the way she danced, it's just wow!
Zifang and I were there to support her and Gino went to support Lorraine.

Zifang and Gladys

Me and Gladys

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Yesterday's rehearsal was fine, just not enough time for blocking and it dragged till quite late. Most of us were busy changing in between so didn't manage to take alot of pictures, but Adeline helped me video-ed Tango and Zifang video-ed Gypsy and strawberry fairy dances.

Project T,
it got cut off halfway cause my mom called me. Adeline recorded using my phone, so it's not very clear.
ok, I had forgotten to add, I love to see Gladys and Zifang dance! Gladys's the one at the front corner dancing in the 1st part and the center girl in the very last part of the dance in Part 2. Zifang has a lot of places but the one with the long extensions is her.
Part 1,

Part 2,

Monday, December 03, 2007

I have no time to update and I'm definitely looking forward to 6th dec. It has been long since I've dance on a stage, almost a year? Like duh, It's an annual performance what.

Saturday's ballet was cancelled cause there wasn't any class.
Sunday's full dress rehearsal was crap, all thanks to the tailor and a parent who's like not thoughtful at all! Dare to bully my ballet teacher, can you just just disappear!(My ballet teacher wouldn't want me to talk bad about anyone so disappear will do) All of us just can't stand her, YUCKS to the max! Ms Chien, we support you (:
Today's rehearsal was cancelled cause Gladys's preparing for her performance on wed and she said we're ok! So, kbox-ed with Jiamin and Limeng from 2 to 5.30 and walked around.

Good luck to everyone for the long day tomorrow! Full dress rehearsal at Victoria theatre :) and some other stuff before that :p
Will try to take a lot of photos tomorrow with the costumes and stuff and update if I'm not tired when I reach home!


Sunday, December 02, 2007

I got this from Fangqi's blog, anyone wants to go with me? I shall ask Zifang (: and Gladys! Anyone wants to go please tell me! Will ask my girls if they have tickets.
It's on 3rd Jan, 8pm at NAFA LEE FOUNDATION THEATRE!
Tickets at 6 bucks, please support!

Friday, November 30, 2007

It's 6 days to Ballet Recital 2007 - The Right Step (:

I've got the tickets already, will pass to my friends soon or on that day!

Next few days will be filled with rehearsals. Saturday's class, Sunday's full dress rehearsal, Monday's "Black Roses" rehearsal, Tuesday's technical and full dress rehearsal at Victoria Theatre and Wednesday's going to "Gino's Lorraine and my Gladys"'s ballet performance (collaboration between my ballet teacher and Kampong ChaiChee CC's ballet teacher, so the first day is her performance) with Zifang and Gigi leaung.
Thursday is performance (:
Will take lots of pictures and update!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A tiny bit of 6H (:

It has been days since I updated my blog, so shall mention about our 6H outing. It has been 4 years since our primary school life ended and well, as you can see we're still gathering. Seeing the old friends pulls out the dusty memories hidden way back in my head.

We started with meeting up at Changi Airport, supposedly to send Chenhui off but he was still packing at home. So the lunch and chit-chatting carried on as planned with the 7 of us (Weiting, Leeshen, Huanting, Yihao, Yingherng, Jonathan and me). Ok, we wasted quite a lot of time cause we met up really early, at 11 a.m, and Chenhui was due to fly off at only 3.30p.m, that means checking in at 2.30 p.m. Yihui, Hanyun joined us just when Chenhui reached the Airport at like 2 plus. Embarrassed Chenhui a tiny bit(haha) and well talk-cock about how expensive he was, with LV all over(handphone strap, belt, bag), chatting didn't last long cause he had to rush for plane or whatsoever. Apparently that short time was more than enough to leave those guys( Yihao & Yingherng) shocked and gossiping about his "price" for quite sometime, and well Weiting wants to bring Chenhui home like a teddy bear!

Bye Chenhui! See you soon on 31st dec ?!

Yiren came not long after Chenhui left. Goodness gracious, he's frigging skinny in another term tecko like nobody's business! Well, he's that skinny, wearing skinnies somemore. Can guys just be a little more masculine/bigger size and girls skinner or rather slimmer? We should really swoop sizes with some of the guys. Yiren was even cuter than before, go see pictures! (:

Waiting took up most of our time that day but the waiting times with Hanyun and Yihui was hilarious, Leeshen, Huanting and I laughed our face off with them, not forgetting turning hyper and crazy as time passed. Biondi, Jiaxian (he sat beside me in class right? same birthday!) and Darren joined us at Bedok Mrt and we headed for Heeren, where the guys had wanton mee(Yihao kept saying it's nice but I think it's ok) and then Cinneleisure, for pool. The girls excluding Weiting walked to Wheelock while the guys were having wanton mee cause we weren't hungry and the weather's so humid. Pool game was a fast and quick one cause we're in a rush for dinner at Marina Bay!

Steamboat was dramatic, that butter hates all of us! It was splattering all over our hands and into Darren and my eyes :( We weren't very hungry, just had one round of not many food, like two plates of meat for the 10 of us to share and we stopped eating already. So, someone, whom I can't remember who, came up with the idea of playing that "zhong ji mi ma ?", is that what you call that?, it's just like the number and when someones calls that number he's dead, you know? Forfeit was to eat, that's not a bad thing cause I cooked the food! :)

Left the place at around 10 plus and cam-whore on the way back on the train, go watch videos, I recorded Hanyun's jokes and Darren's one joke but can't post darren one cause we can hear Leeshen on the phone saying her handphone number! haha.

Can we please have another outing soon? Kallang's ice skating ring is operating already, renovation's finally over! 6H and 4E1 please, lets go alright? (:


At the Airport, Orchard streets and train!

Pool @ Kpool

Steamboat! Yihui, standing, and Leeshen(oh she's so cute~) counting money, Huanting doing her smiley face, (from the furthest) Biondi, Jiaxian and Darren, and lastly Weiting cooking.

Huanting stacking cans! haha she had nothing better to do, and that orange-tee girl, she's Leeshen, that cute small girl who cracks us up at random times!

On 400 to Steamboat!

Can-whoring session on the train back home!

Wasting time at the Airport waiting for Chenhui!


The girls plus Weiting, camera lady!

Weiting and I (:

US, in front of Paragon.


Yihui! Grab your pictures from below, (:

Sunday, November 25, 2007


My cousin came back from Australia and is flying tomorrow morning! My sister should be returning tonight, I guess. Today's rehearsal's fine, fun in a way but tiring and draining in another. We had this uncle ___(I forgot his name), who's the lighting person, came to watch us rehearse today so, we did 2 runs for the programs in the first half which is already super tiring cause tango(5 parts) is long. Doing it twice is know. I guess it's a tiny bit too late to train stamina now, but well will try to. Finally got the tickets and I've got a lot of sorting to do now, shall place couples together? (evil smiles) There's only one pair for me to place but they'd most probably change places amongst themselves, so I shan't waste time doing that.

Went out with my cousin after ballet today and walked along with her while she shops. Enjoy your holidays and long Chinese new year celebrations next year for the next 3 months of your holidays in china! Then, all the best in your studies in the, to me dead and boring, banking and finance course. I believe you're smart in numbers, which you have always been.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Badminton update a little too late for now but I will just say something to make the post longer. It was raining and I took a cab to siglap cc, dropping my sister at tanah merah bus stop on the way and it was the day my sister decided to go missing or maybe runaway from home for fun or some other things.

Dad got scolded a few times by mom cause of my sister, well what can I do? Mom's a stubborn person, no matter what we say, she wouldn't listen. That is similar to my sister, no matter how to console or argue with them, they never understand and just after you thought you had finished your piece they will start off on the very same first thing they say again! It's endless. I kinda understand my dad, life can't just stop because my sister ran away from home. He still has to work, my granny too. Life has to go on, for me, slacking at home everyday doing nothing except for answering calls from many asking if my sister's back. By the way, she's younger than me. I can't bear to scream or shout or even debate with my mom about her views or when she screams at my dad or granny cause she's already so upset and worried about my sister and I don't want her to think that I'm also against her at this point of time. Should I say my sister's too naive, still young to know how to think what is right and what is wrong, judging from her age and actions? Or just purely from her thinking and attitude that she did in on purpose, planned it all along or she's such an attention seeker? It may sound bad for me to say that, but I don't jump into conclusions about someone without valid reasons and evidences. Being her sister for so long, though she doesn't tell me what she does or what she's like outside, I've got my ways to know and people who help and care for her a lot in many many ways just to protect her. She doesn't trust us, but how can we even trust her when she's making mistakes time after time, not regretting and not feeling sorry at all.

All I can hope for now, is for her to return. She's someone who'll never learn from her mistakes unless she falls badly, which none of us wish that would happen but I have already stop being in self-denial that nothing would happen, and my dad too. If anything happens, she'll have to settle it herself. We will help but we're prepared for the worst from her stubborn attitude, extreme thinkings and dead rot character since P6. I kinda miss that sister that I once had when she was P5 and younger, cause she's the more obedient one among the both of us and yeah, I got scolding and canning most of the time. She's also smarter and good in her academics, someone who will never gives up on ballet and sees me as her goal in some things. How I wish she's still that little sister that I once had.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Honestly speaking, holidays ain't as great as it seems as compared to going to school. Not implying that studying is fun but at least when you're in school, with your nonsensical-cute-random friends who do hilarious stuff, it's fun-filling.

Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored!

I shall post pictures, random it will be, to make the blog look not so dead,

Gypsy dance,

National day 2007,

Random pictures,


CSTD dance competition 2007,

Two of the Leads for Ballet Recital - The Right Step 2007 (6 dec), Xiuli and Brandon. The other two is Feifei and Xujie,

Graduation concert for the performing arts 2007,

The End (: