Tuesday, January 30, 2007


to the whoever whom said she hate dance just buzz off.
we don't welcome you to our cca either.

to cla, it's my promise to you.
I've posted :)
Love all of you girls.

Monday, January 29, 2007

picture post for today on sunday's chinatown trip and yum cha !

the cutie
and the sweetie

sister madness

and the happy family, i guess.
dad and mom.
Today was shopping with mom, dad, uncle, aunt, sister, younger cousins. Loads of fun i guess and pictures too. Pictures up tmr cause it's late now and i have to rush homework tmr and it's like 12.26a.m already.

/26.01.07 friday

it's a friday man. We were suppose to have our steamboat feast today at Desebelle's house, but her mom suddenly appeared back in sin that very morning before she went to school. Plan's ruin. Anyway, the boys had match and we won.

After match was lunch at burger king following that, grocery shopping at pp giant for tomorrow's barberque. Marinating chicken was done at Jensen's house and we started our childhood game, playing rubber. You know, those rectangular ones with country's flag prints on them. That was undoubtedly fun.

With Jensen sending us out, we decided to visit Serena's younger brother at her house with Andy and Eugene before heading home.
4/7 next year hor, the three of you.
Bused home with andy and eugene. Four of us had great laughs about lots of stuff like Andy and me being the pilot in future and all the plane crash predicts. -_-

/27.01.07 saturday

ballet made up most of the day with the motive of the class today to be choosing the dance we're suppose to do for exam. It ended up being not enough time to choose and that we have to dance all over again on wednesday, but it's okayyyy cause it might be the last time we're doing the other two dances.

After dance was deciding where to go with limeng, ang xinyi ,cheeping and jiamin. Finally after some shopping at white sands, jiamin and i headed for pasir ris beach, serena's bf's birthday bbq. Bbq was hmmm, okay, fun lah. left at around twelve plus with them still smashing one another with coke, cream, cake and stuff.
Happy Birthday WeeKian !
and thanks jiamin for accompanying me or me accompanying you ? hahas whatever lah.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007



How can I ? Am I getting really that piggish ?
I went home today early planing to like get ready earlier to go for ballet, i wanted to take a quick rest and yet end up sleeping and worst thing is i overslept ! omg.
And now waking up to reliase that it's already 6:54, rushing over now would only leave me with 15 minustes of class cause i need 30 to 45 minutes to go over and class starts at 6 and ends at 7.45.
CAN TIME REVERSE, please. :(

And tomorrow's A-math test and i am so stress now man !
ballet today was suppose to de-stress me ! :(
blame me for the initial thought of taking a quick rest !


Monday, January 22, 2007

Presenting to you, the man of the day. /23.01.07

Happy Sixteen Birthday

ADAM Christian Sanusi !

Firstly, Happy Sixteen Birthday. Eh boy, sixteen already man. So fast. Primary six seems like yesterday. I'll only turn sixteen in like what, 10 more months later. Still remembering those days we went ice-skating, then to yuching house to play. I love those times can. We shall have a grand reunion someday but the kallang ice-skating rink is no longer there. :( Like we very old hor, play until the rink no longer exist. LOL. Anyway, talking about you going sixteen, i shall get abit naggy here. Boy ah, sixteen already, you've lived for sixteen years man, no matter what you did, crapping, wasting time, sleeping your way through these sixteen years, you've definitely enjoyed your life as much. Cause, there's me and all your friends man. hohoho, we're part of your life and learning journey ! woah, i made it sound like we're so important, YES WE ARE. :) I miss minxin and yuneng primary, where all of us were young (not saying that we're old now, we're still as youthful), energetic, super duper hyper active and loose in the brain. I've not forgotten you honey, despite the fact of having you to remind me of your birthday. SORRY. It has been ages since we hang out together, meet up someday and we'll have a make-up session for your sixteen birthday celebrtion, that'll be an image-gone but nonetheless, I still love you & ofcourse miss you.





Sunday, January 21, 2007

today started with me dragging myself out of my bed at 11. Followed by wash up, lunch, then headed for ballet, pointe class at kampong chai chee cc.
Pointe today was FUN, TIRING, EXCITING...

Following that was rushing to long john to meet elizabeth, hanies and gino to do our english project. The whole time was hilarious. All the chit-chatting, drawing, getting the funny slogans, naming our product and company ! Gino Lu with his sudden flash back of drawing memories, and the consistent yanking of him wanting to do art. LOL.

Finished at around 6, and went to shop around bedok with hanies, but to no avail.

that's all folks. today was fun with english groupmates.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

since school reopens there's nothing really exciting to blog about.

hey wait i think there is.

/16.01.07 tuesday

it's official track and field training day so after school was training at bedok stadium.
track is like hell now can. so tough lah.
serena vomited halfway through cause she gulped too much water after running.
As for me, i was burping throughout, wanting to vomit and yet i couldn't. Super uncomfortable. :(

/18.01.07 thursday

I suppose this is the day where we had to take photo for updating school profile.
And yupp somthing really funny happened. zhihao had chewing gums so he asked me if i want. He took out a piece of small rectangular sheet and gave me.
I looked at it then pondered over and asked him if it's the chewing gum and he said yes.
I thought it's something new so i put it in my mouth. OMG, i swear it was so dumb of me to actually think that's really chewing gum can.

Er yah, everybody,
Luckily, i'm not the only one who was tricked. serena was also tricked.
OKAYY OKAYY. laugh at us, we admit we're dumb. But it was funny.
4express1 ILOVEYOUALL.

Lunch was in school with desebelle, then modern dance with the juniors at bedok cc.
I'm aching like hell, but modern dance was fun ! And yes dear modern dance mei meis,
I won't leave modern dance and will try my best to catch up with you all and learn the steps so you all will have a chance to dance during SYF. JIAYOU !

/19.01.07 friday

It's a friday man. I swear i'll be looking forward to every friday from today onwards. Hopefully this will last.

yupppp, friday madness !

After school or after chinese remedial you can say, was parkway with jen, darren, des, cheng and manda. After darren and cheng had their lunch at the food court, we decieded that dinner will be at des house with us, the girls cooking.
So was shopping at giant. LOL. Hilarious day can.
After shopping, jen and cheng went home first so we went to des house to prepare.
Cooking was funny lah, so was dinner but i'm quite lazy to describe.
Grape after dinner while watching channel eight's zhui gao dian, headed home at ten.

Next week's gonna be the guys turn to cook. :)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

today was a boring school day.
had mrs chong's period and we stood throughout half the lesson !?!

study study study like mad for O's !!!

after school was to ama's house to accompany desebelle do something for darren for theier one month (:

Monday, January 08, 2007

today !

School's officially starting and I'm late for the first day of official school, for the first time in my life as bedok view student ! OMG.
Thanks to evan ! LOL. I'm blaming you, I'm just so excited that I'm late. (:
Yep, so met peiwen at stadium bus stop and then waited for des, jen and evan's 31 bus.
Took the bus only for like ONE stop ! So waste money can ! LOL.

Then met darren, andy and weicheng at the street soccer court then headed to school together. LATE ! LOL.
So ran one round around the school compound and was back for class. Rushed like mad up to the fourth level with my heavy like don't know got how many stones inside lah, thanks to TYK's thinking corner.
E-maths lesson was like rubbish ! So not productive can and she's like mad one can. Trackless ?! I couldn't get a single thing. Only from daniel !

Recess was like spent queqing to pay our lockers. Like super long alright.
when it's like finally our turn , MR YAP came and he didn't let us pay !
I know it's after recess time BUT we queued for very very very long man.

Today was COMBUST after school, so Track & Field rocks, JOIN TRACK ! LOL.
Had been screaming these all those while and my throat feels like it's tearing apart now !
Dessert ? snack ? Drink ? ( aiya whatever you call it ) at the market. Called home and found out dad's sick, so packed food for him and went home.

OKAY ! This is very frustrating !
When i was about to reach home, I saw this guy at the mail box there getting his mails. He looks familiar but I didn't bothered to find out who he is so just walked to the lift. Then he saw me and was like walking back and fro and back and fro starring at me ! I swear I was about to turned and like scold him lah ! Then he shocked me by walking like so close sideways to me then like what ?! Pointed to the block number on a torn poster and was like saying 132 and starring right into my eyes ! and it wasn't like for a second or what, it's like ten seconds or more ?! So scary can ! Lift came and i went up, but luckily he didn't came in.
Oh yah and he's living in the same block as me no wonder he looks familiar and it's not the first time !

date back to /0601'07, saturday.'s a saturday ! yeppp, ballet.
So woke up, ate nasi lemak for lunch, then met jiamin and headed to pasir ris.
Followed by ballet from 3.30 to 6.30. dinnered at elias, dessert ice-cream.
Trained back to bedok and walked to geylang football club to meet weicheng and weekian for wc's chinese workbook.
Then, walked briskly home.

/0701'07, sunday.

Sunday's a boring day man, so woke up and decided to go for pointe class today. I walked from my house to bedok inter mac, omg. The weather's like frigging hot can.
So, class. It was like ok, still can make it considering that i didn't go on pointe for like whatttt, a few months. Mac with teacher, angie, limeng, kaimui. Chit-chatted, then homed.
It's like my sunday's super boring can, except for the class.

Friday, January 05, 2007

third day of crappy school day in school wasting time doing nothing but spending time with form teacher .

our form teacher's like shitttttttt can.

ask the girls check toilets for spoil door locks and whatever. like hell lah.
she say she wanna do something for the school then ask us to do this. -.-

after school went to east point with desebelle, darren, manda, edmund, darren lim and eugene.

i was like frigging tired cannnnnnnn.

went home then sat on the sofa and fell asleep until like six plus.
woke up and then showered, ate dinner but now i'm feeling so bad.
nose blocked, itchy throat, headache and feeling abit hot.
omg, i dun wanna fall ill !

Thursday, January 04, 2007

today was the second day since the start of new school term,
met des at bus stop at 6.45 plus then went to school
and changed into bv socks which we've borrowed from amalina.

another day with nothing but boredom.
our form teacher is frigging lame can !
school sucks like hell this few days cause we ain't doing anything productive.
we practically wake early and then go school waste time.

anyways, after school was much better.
supposed to have history remedial, which i don't mind at all,
but it was cancelled cause ms pereira wasn't free.

and yah back to after school, since we don't have remedial so we decided to go for lunch.
waited for des, amalina to finished media and then went rover mac for lunch.
people who went were des, amalina, grace, manda, jensen and of course me.
eh yah, as you've noticed by the names now.

There's only a guy present ! LOL. but he seems okayy with us. hahas

manda left first for training, next was grace cause she had something on and amalina accompanied her.

then leaving the three of us. i didn't want to go home early cause no one's at home so we simply slacked at the mac till like four plus.

then home, but it started raining so heavily that even with the umbrella above me i was still wet like shittt.
shoes, hair, skirt, shirt and bag. you name it, it's wet.
like nobody's business.

sooo yup that's it. now have to go rush finish my geography powerpoint slides.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

first day of school was full of craps.
reunion with rachel, serena, elizabeth and the fellow 4/1 nians'o7.

ilovefourexpressonetwoohohseven. (:

2007 four'one jiayou man !
although Mrs Lai's no longer our form teacher but we'll always regard her as one cause

welovejanefokshiyunalotandalot. <3

okayy, first day of school was nothing much soo
yah that's it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

today was party at ms chien's house, met xiuli, brandon and limeng at elias mall to buy beancurd and a few junk food for the party.
went over to her house then was talk and watch teevee until angie came, and we had chicken rice for lunch and beancurd as dessert :)
beancurds are good for your skin.
feifei and emily came and we watched ms chien's videos. so cooooooool okay.

then was home with emily and then was to nutc shop shop, what a place !

some pictures for moy's wed,

today started with me waking up at eleven plus and my dad shouting at me to start painting my room as everyone has already done so yesterday.

sooo, ate macaroni for lunch then started painting my wall. All the way till four plus, then headed to bedok to get stuffs for jinjin.

then was home for dinner and continuesd with the painting while watching channel eight's a million treasures. :) ilikemalu.
finished at around twelve plus and showered.

it's 1.43 am and i've yet to finish jinjin's farewell present due tomorrow, and her farewell card.

sooo, off i am going to do all that i'm suppose to.

Monday, January 01, 2007

okayy, today was painting the house with the help of uncle joe and third uncle. Of course, I'm a lazy bum so didn't do any today ! :p
BUT, i did two english newspaper article, one chinese letter-writing and one-quater of the second chinese compo out of three i have to do ! and schools gonna reopen in one day and twenty-two hours time. homework not done, omg.
Tuesday will be party at ms chien's house with the intermediate and advance ballerina graduates and cum farewell party for Taijin.