Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Firstly, so sorry Daniel !
and it goes like this, i was wearing Daniel's watch for the day and was returning him after he was back from the literature play at somewhere else and to my horror, i found out that the glass looked like a spidergram. oh my goodness, how can i ? It's Daniel's watch, the uber nice and kind person in the world and not someone i hate. aww, that breaks my heart. Oh yeah, teared a little over the watch, watchie I'm so sorry to you too, I've disfigured you :[ This proved how rough am i, no matter how it was disfigured. It's my fault not taking care of it well enough. I guess I'll have to be more feminine.

Okie, super teens today was alright, but a little too long to keep us hyper and attentive all the while. It's like 8am to 9pm with quite sufficient breaks in between. With the accompany of grace, elizabeth and hanies sweeties everything for the day was great. It made the talk not as boring as it ought to be later the day.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

okiedokie people. Common test 1 is officially over, done with all those stress that cause pimples.

Tmr, thursday and friday's superteens workshop from 8am to 9pm, uber long can.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

oh well everyone, Chinese new year holidays are over in about another 8 hours time, back to school to study. This year's Chinese new year was spend rather calmly. Calmly as in, not much fun and off visiting everywhere cause dad's vechicle died on him last minute on the new year eve's eve.

So, there was two reunion dinner on the eve. One at home and the other at grandmother's house. Home one was mom's side in the afternoon with my granny whipping a sumptous meal for us and grandmother's house one was steamboat round the table.

Chu yi was spend going grandmother's house to bai nian, cause everyone would go her house on that day, to save much trouble, everyone just gather at her house on every single chinese new year's chu yi.

Chu er was supposed to be at grandmother's house again cause all the yi po and cek gong would go her house and yes, everyone would just gather at her house again. But, had a small tiff with mom so whole family ended up sleeping at home and concluded the chu er with a mini last minute urge of steamboat from sister.

Chu san, which is the last day of chinese new year holiday was dad's friends coming to our house for majiong session. Dinner as usual was by my granny and all i could say is YUMMY, i love her cookings the most. Healthy, light-salted but yet tasty haiya it's just heavenly.

And tmr's school, follow by going to uncle's house to pay a respect to some relative of mine whom i've never seen before cause he has passed away even before i'm born. Following that will be ballet at pasir ris, then home preparing for the commencing common test next day.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.

Spend one whole day of chu yi at granny's house playing tai di, majiong and black jack with the cousins.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

It's chinese new year's eve, which means reunion dinner all these are equivalent to meeting cousins.

There was a 6H gathering and it was marvelous, despite the fact that we've wasted much time deciding where to go, walk around and stuff like that. People who were present, jo, karen, hanyun, huanting, weiting, yiren, darren, eddy and chenhui. [: After like another year of not seeing one another, the gathering was talk all you want, play cards, teach bridge, bowling and pool kind of things.
6H bbq during march holidays. Can't imagine we could actually get rather close after three plus years.

mom's nagging at me for using com where as others are preparing for reuion and spring cleaning.

Friday, February 16, 2007

updates, updates, updates.


hello everyone, i'm back.

Right, after three days of mia from blog, two days from school and one day from msn, i am officially back.

Alright, main cause was gastric flu, which caused me to vomit like a hell of five times on valentine's day starting from early morning 4 plus am. crappy ain it ?
Yah Yah, and there goes my v day spending time giving out chocolates in school, which i enjoy doing the most. And the next day was spent at home too. :(

Sunday, February 11, 2007

hahas. I'm getting too lazy, so not going to blog about the past few days but it was fun.

Updates will be on the upcoming events,

16 feb 07

4express1 pool/bikini party [:
- starts right after school's CNY celebration at gino's house
- bikini/swimming costumes/tee-shirts/ whatever you want to wear
- bring extra clothes
- change only after the bbq at night
- bring your own food, snacks, we might be ordeing mac
- only 4e1 and mrs jane lai invited

4express1 bbq [:
- starts after pool/bikini party at around 6 plus
- other teachers invited
- till anytime you want ! [:

Hey dear beautiful ballerina, it's your birthday and it's a ballet class day. Sweetie, many things have happended but you know it that we'll be there for you whenever you need us. Many a times, you choose to tell us things that were more to yourself and we really really appreciate that cause you make us feel like we're the ones you trust and believe in always. Ballet is what we all love and enjoy the most. It's a bliss to have met you through ballet and share the same interest in what we're doing. It just seem so nice to get together during ballet classes after one whole day of work and as for me, school, with so much stress and to destress during class. Which i think it's really helping us alot. Laughs and jokes after class during dinner or lunch are good for souls, be it at elias mall, white sands or even bedok inter. The intermediate exam is the main cause of our great bonding and i miss those times. Fortunately, you chose to do grade seven with us, otherwise we'll not be as close now and i'll definitely miss you alot. I'll always enjoy ballet with you, limeng and the other girl's presence. Hope you'll have a happy life waiting for you ahead despite of all those that have happened, believe in yourself. As what ITE always quote, Future lies in your hands. ( not sure if it's correct but it's something like that, future and your hands )

Saturday, February 10, 2007

to summarize for the week,

i can't remember what i did for the past week.
just the usual, went to school, went for cca, went for ballet, went home after school. Yesterday was err, I'm quite lazy to type it so till next time.

what a redundant post !

Monday, February 05, 2007

It's the first day of another week which I've been yearning for on Saturday and Sunday but after waking up, I realised that I'm totally wrong about my yearns. :( I'm so draggy early in the morning and I'm uberly slow today in preparing myself for school.

School was nothing but full of boredom during lessons of course. Four'one's frigging high today. Starting from morning exercise. Gracie and I were practically high on sugar content and yes, it didn't last for long, or maybe quite long but not the whole day. Oh, and our class super cute alright, we actually decided to walk in a row according to register number cause it was Ms Tan's period and we just want to spike her. It ended up with us reaching her class without her presence there. The classes that we passed by must have been thinking, " Is this class mad ? " LOL. Yeah, we're probably loose in the brain !

Recess was RUSHHHHHHHHHH-the-physics-workbook time and guess what, Mr Zaldy had to deal with a defiance student who kicked and spat at him, therefore physics period was gone. What's with kids nowadays, there's an increasing number of fights occurring in our school and all of them are so bloody, one with the eye bleeding. :( get well soon okie ? And and, Mr Angulia came to relieve and he said, " I could imagine the celebration last Thursday when i was absent! " and the "geologists" of the class went, " NO ! Your period was spent very wisely on doing social studies source-based questions. " and he went, " REALLY ARHHHHH ? " Mr Angulia's super duper cute alright.
Mother Tongue was awesome cause i actually got a super high score of 65/70 for my 2nd mock test.
English was interesting too cause it's Mrs Lee (:
Actually, we have great teachers for all our subjects man.

Ohh man, and after school was eating lunch with hua da jie, whom I've never seen for ages and he has already become a hokkien kia ! Like ah beng, but you're still my most respectable HUA DA JIE ! [ It started from us watching Jacky Wu's Ruhua show ]
Slacked at pp with Jensen and Manda, waste time waste time ! It was actually me who didn't wanted to go home and so we've decided to go play board games but in the end, Darren and Desebelle's not going so it was cancelled, and because it was a last minute not wanting to go, they had to put up with me as i didn't want to travel all the way to parkway just to realise that we're all heading home ( as for me, back to bedok ) while Jen and Manda are near parkway/katong peoples. Therefore, walked to burn fats at PP.

Thought I would be taking a lonely bus ride home but to find out that, ADA had tuition and she saw me at the bus stop, so home was with ada and we had a meaningful / mature / wonderful / entertaining chit-chat session. HAHAS I LOVE YOU ADA ! (:

Millions and millions of thoughts are running through my brain, studies are killing me and what i could clearly think of now is ballet (:

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ballet Open House /2007
*yes i know it's des's birthday

Venue : Pasir Ris Elias CC
Date : 10 March 2007
Time : according to who you which grade you want to watch
Admission : Free-Of-Charge

grade six : 3.30pm
grade seven : 5pm

An overview of what are we always doing in ballet classes and see your friends in leotards :D

Ballet Performance /2007

Venue : Victoria Theatre
Date : 05 December 2007 [Cast A]
06 December 2007 [Cast B]
Time : To Be Confirm
Admission : $25, $20, $15

Cast A = Pasir Ris Elias CC ballet group. Teacher - Ms Jenny Chien
Cast B = Kampong Chai Chee CC ballet group. Teacher - Mrs Lim

Saturday, February 03, 2007


/02.02.07 friday

School ended with the stressful chinese test scheduled every single friday, followed by rushing out of the class without waiting for Elizabeth, thinking that everyone's waiting for me but end up only Jensen's there. So, we end up waiting for the rest for like very long cause manda did her test uber slowly.

Bused to pp giant with Andy, Jinna, Weicheng, Jensen, Manda, after a commotion with two corner stones church people but it's not much of a commotion afterall. Peiwen boarded our bus at tpjc bus stop and was groceries shopping after that.

Steamboat at Jensen's house was much fun, with 1st batch leaving alot of food for the 2nd batch, and with Jinna playing with QQ, heshe's such a cutie. Loves <33 Since Jen doesn't know his own pet's gender so heshe will do.

Bused home eventually cause we couldn't get a cab and Edmund Seow, Eugene, Weicheng and Siyang walked me home from bus stop, many thanks !

Thursday, February 01, 2007

School this few days were as per normal. Just that there were two teachers who weren't present today, Mrs Hua and Mr angulia, hopefully they are having course and not sick.

So, Mrs hua's period was spend on discussing fourexpressone's bbq cum pool party and Mr angulia's period was spend on doing source-base questions for Mr yong.
Very productive :)

After school was cca, modern dance with the girls and it was of much fun and laughters. When we're leaving, Mr yap suddenly pop out at the studio wanting to find our coach, but he left already so some of the girls chit chatted with him talking about the socks, uniforms and stuff, and hopefully he could do something after the forum he wants to hold, and he sounds rather pleasant when talking to'em not like as usual when he looks so stern, i think he should smile more in school, at least that's better.