Friday, March 30, 2007

running nose, sneezes and tissues one after another.

yucks, i'm going to drop dead soon.
After those dreadful days of dance, BUT i still LOVE dance.

Well, this is the third post of the day, posting spree huh? I'm prolly obsessed in blogging after not doing so for like 11 days [:

I was watching this youtube video earlier on made by ex-bedokviewians
and the volume was rather soft so i turned the knob to it's loudest. Mom's door room was wide open and f words were scolded suddenly,
so mom went,

jie jie arh, ni zhai kan se mo ? kai ze mo da shen !
oh mei you se mo, yi qian de xue zhang zuo de lu xiang.

In english,
xinyi arh, what are you watching ? why is the volume so loud !
Oh nothing actually, videos made by my graduated seniors.


Yeah, mom doesn't speak english and she doesn't communicate in english but it shocked me that she knows the f word. The fact that i use it at home towards them in the past when i was rebellious but no longer now. I didn't expect her to remember it though.

Good thing that mom didn't say anything afterwards. WOSH :D
Reminisces of my beloved, fei zai and his younger brother.

the time when they were born,

and now, i just found out that it's dead. Through my sister's post, when i was busy with dance that i didn't even have the time to use com for the past few day :'(

And just when i was about to post this, i found another one dead :''(

and to add on, dt said i looked like i've lost weight lately ! YAY.
23 march/

School Sports day.

well as usual, bv sports day's a boring and a waste of time day. Just that the most anticipated one is the cheer-leading event cause elizabeth, serena, grace and michelle is in it and ofcoz my beloved dance girls joined too, hauyan and jas.

jasmine and me

Following the end of sports day was daniel, elizabeth and gino coming over to my house to change up and take a short nap before heading to tm for Mr Bean's holiday with fadhli, wesley, zhihao, junyan, erwin and randy. Movie's rather boring but had fun out with them. Thirty one homed with elizabeth, daniel and fadhli.

28 march/


Excused from school at 10.25 am cause the dance girls are going for a dance exchange programme with juying sec and nanyang junior college, which will last for two days. Today's destination's Juying sec and following the make-up, hairdo and lunch, bus-ed to juying and performed there and rushed back to bedok view to perform for our own school together with juying and nanyang jc.

First day ended off quite early with lai lai treating some six of us with bubble tea ! LOVE YOU LAI LAI. Home with hauyan !

29 march/

Second day of dance exchange programme, dance on the move. Last and final performance place is nanyang jc. Their school compound is huge, nice and the entrance resembles the shopping centre. Performed at their school hall which is rather clean and marking the end of dance on the move with some light refreshments at their side hall.

Bus-ed back to school and reached at about two plus and some went home to get some rest while the others stayed in school to wait for 5.15pm to come cause nanyang's performance wasn't the final thing of the day. The worst has yet to come, which is the rehearsal at UCC hall from 8pm to 10pm. So, i slept at Ms Ang's homeroom teacher's table from three to four thirty and woke up to walk about, draw on the board and stuff. 5.15 and everyone started putting on makeups and fake eyelashes again for UCC rehearsal later on. Chinese dance people went with us and they took the 8 to 9 time slot for the stage and for us, 9 to 10. Oh well, we only managed to run through the whole dance for like only twice in that on whole hour or maybe not, 50 minutes cause the chinese dance took another ten minutes of our time. And Ms joyce tham came to surprise us ! Went back to school with everyone feeling rather tired after a full long day and home was with hau yan and ada :D

Cla and me
three of us witht the stupid face :D

me, ada and ling !

more pictures coming up

Monday, March 19, 2007

Escaped school because of stomach cramps this morning :D

Finished some of the unfinished. YAY so proud of myself


Saturday, March 17, 2007

well, holidays are ending.

These march holidays ain't one actually, it's just holiday in name cause we actually have school for the first three days not counting those extra stuff like cca which is everyday and for others, cheer leading. Anyway it's our last year so, buck up man. It's gonna be over soon anyway.

Back to the holidays, dance for everyday but didn't manage to participate after Monday due to my spine. As i was doing the back arch on Monday, my spine was hurting so much that i just couldn't stand the pain and fell right smack on the auditorium hall on my back. Yeah, that hurts, but what hurts even more is the fact that i wouldn't be able to dance now. Injures not confirmed yet and after two sessions of rubbing with the Chinese physician, it seems to be worst only. Got an x-ray this morning and report's coming out only on Wednesday. Please let nothing happen to my spine okay ? I've still got lots more things going on, especially dancing wise.

Didn't go school on Wednesday as my spine was aching like hell from the rubbing the previous day. Dance this week was great as in for the bonding part, conquering the humongous space was rather tough for them. Good job babes. SYF gold okay ? We'll fight for what we deserve. I love the girls can, although they're all rather emotional and they cry out when they feel like, not saying that i don't like that but we're just straightforward people ain't we ? :]

I guess I'll have to go rush my holiday homework already. At least finish them up for my own sake cause it's a 'O' level year.

Jia you 4E1. I love you :]

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March holiday is here, but as you know. Being a secondary 4 student is just a no life person, but six of the 4e1nians manage to inject some fun into those upcoming boring days, right on the first day of the boring week.

Right after the first tiring day of the week full of classes and cca, rushed to meet serena at her house and walked to grace's house and saw grace sending fadhli off at the bus stop. Poor boy, he has tution at 7 and he doesn't want to go for it, but no choice. FADHLI, there still a next time [:

So, leaving with us only 1 boy and 5 girls to enjoy. Gino, rachel, elizabeth, serena, grace and me. Had our canadian pizza and then headed for the pool with marshmellows, hersheys dip, bucket of root beers, coke zero and charcoal, attempting to barbeque marshmellows. [:

Swam, barbequed and cam-whore here and there. Clean up at a public toilet which is for anyone and then left with elizabeth and gino to cab home [:


gino lu, you're the only guy present with 5 girls. LOL.

elizabeth love ! hottie.

me, elizabeth and grace with gino hiding at the back. ["

gino, me, elizabeth, grace. maybelle and rachie outside bbq-ing.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

super teens was fun. i love it and i think everyones loves it too. [:

gracie is right, i believe everyone would be grateful to the trainers in futures.

8 "A"s and pilot cum ballerina future here i come ! [: