Thursday, April 26, 2007

I've decided to post the very last post before Mid Years cause I just got alot of stuff to say.

First up is my ballet exam, it's over and it feels pretty funny not being in grade seven anymore. Anyway, I greeted the examinor wrongly, Ms Flower became Ms Moore. But, overall was great, didn't made any mistakes. So, let's wait for the results which will be out during July.
Advance 1 and Gypsy role for year end performance at VCH up next !

Happy things aside,

We had our dance syf on the 25th, well I could have done much better than we did. I think I'll just put it aside.

shoutout to the dancers,
I know it's very difficult for us to accept the fact that we have to just settle with sliver but hey girls, that's not the end of our dancing journey. We'll work double hard for the next performance and all upcoming ones.
I love you all !

Friday, April 20, 2007

okay, I've decided to blog since I'm using the com and have nothing much to surf on the net. well, today's speech day !

To start off, I had a super wooper special and marvelous dream last night. It kept me bright for the day. eliz, hanies, grace, fad, right ? shhh. [:
School ended at 10 due to the preparation for speech day. So, we had chem and mt only, or rather chem only cause mt teacher didn't come.

Dancers gathered at locker and proceeded to bedok cc right after school. :] So united alright. And I sprained my ankle a tiny bit during yesterday's practise but ok now. YAY. Practise was hell for me, being pin-pointed and was asked to do and do my runs and solo steps. The girls kept going hang on, hang on while watching and came to console me saying dt's like that one sometimes moodswing but well, I know jolly well how I fare. Girls, thanks for all your concerns and encouragement but I'm not one who'll be defeated so easily. [: My determination all owes to ballet instructors and friends.

So, Speech day performance was a success for us, at least dt's happy with it, according to rachel, it's atill abit messy, we will work on it yeah.


Monday's ballet exam which means rushing after mid year oral. Wednesday's modern dance syf, ucc, judges. Here we come!

3 days to ballet exam, 5 days to syf !
less than two weeks to mid years !

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A new week has started. Term 2 is indeed busy, speech day, syf for all performing arts, mid year clashing with the syf dates, some more not bringing in the point that it's 'O' levels year.

Updates for the past few days, Sunday was a stay-home and do all the homework day but it didn't turn out effective, so plans ruined.

We had our napfa 2.4 km run at bedok reservoir on Monday after school, gracie, hanies and I decided to run together and gracie and i were aiming for a 14 or 13 for me if possible but sadly, hanies didn't feel that well that day and after starting not long like 1 or 2 minutes she had gastric, so we practically slow jogged the whole 2.4 but well we passed. But do you think we'll just settle down with this timing? Of course not, thinking that it's gonna be our last napfa cause poly doesn't have. So, we're going to RERUN during PE on Thursday. YAY, rerun YAY, 13 here i come.

Following 2.4 was grace's house to slack with ama [: hohoho, we shitted at her house and talked about our prom night ideas cause Jon most prolly's not going to care about us. Yeah, it's just our fault, we weren't cooperative AT ALL. Left at around 8 thirty with ama for home.

As for today, speech day full dress rehearsal after school and thus, dance is cancelled. Quite a waste of time cause syf's coming you see, and we didn't really do well cause our school stage's too small as compared to the other spaces we always practise in. That's not the main point, well it seems like our p just doesn't accept dance in our style cause it seems revealing to him, that's what's written all over his face. VP seems alright with it and appreciates everything. Our society just need to open up more and I'm not only referring to p but the reaction we got when jl does her opening solo all the while, it's a form of ART. So, there's nothing funny about it and i personally feel that our girls worked very hard, they don't deserve all these reactions after all those hard work they've put in. No wonder Singaporeans say those who do arts will be starve to death. What rubbish ! This answers the question why Singapore can't be like UK or other Caucasian countries which Singaporeans always admire and "copy". Not the fault of the government but the population. That's all for this I guess, shan't continue anymore if not I'll go on non-stop.

Had been informed about another event on the 19 May, performance at nanyang fine arts academy cause dt booked the theatre for us. 20 April, speech day. 23 April, ballet exam. 25 April, modern dance syf. GOSH but WOOHOO, it's all dance.

and before i forget, this Saturday's jl's ballet exam.

Hey the ultra soft, looks puny but not really, flexible like no body's business ballerina, AH CHONG aka CHONG JIALING, all the best for your grade seven exam this coming Saturday, luck 7 Saturday. I'll give you all my luck and I will say for sure, " JIALING's GONNA GET A UBER HIGH DISTINCTION FOR THIS EXAM ! YAY"