Saturday, June 30, 2007

Ballet classes resumed today, and beancurd for dinners are much missed :D and I miss the smooth beancurds, YUMMY!

ohkay, gypsy dance today was very productive and announcement of grade seven results...
81/100 Distinction! :]/:[ ???
not as good as last year but still a distinction so must I be happy or not, NO! I have to strive for better performance, better dance, better techniques, better flexibility(almost boneless type), better extensions, better turns, better own-interpretation of dances, better expressions, and more which obviously includes better results.
Thanks eliz though for motivating me with your jiayou. It's much appreciated than my mom's, "I don't want to hear this, just come home and tell me that you're ready for O's and confident for the exams." What a dissapointment,BUT it's okay, I don't need any recognition of my hardwork from anyone. BUT REALLY THANKS ELIZ!

I'm happily satisfied with my own ability to not care about my mom's critics for the very first time and made a big woohaa out of it with her. I'll definitely prove her wrong someday.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Lunched after roadrun today at macdonald's with serena, rachel-xiangyi and luan-junxian. Roafrun was running with rachelyee. She accompanied me when I'm supposed to accompany her to walk instead. Then, home.

ohkay! I've just rewatched "Memoirs Of A Geisha" and the music's damn nice :] Watch the video! John williams's a superb composer. I love that piece, it really gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. Violin represents the chairman whereas the cello represents sayuri(the lead geisha), wonderful concept!

Monday, June 25, 2007

It's the start of term three and all the teachers are going, "It's the last stretch!" Well, it gets us pressurized to hear and be reminded of, but oh well I guess we'll just have to bear with it for the remaining 3 months. Yeah, and I heard that MT oral would be this thursday for the first 12 and so on. Thank god it's MT that I heard if not i'll do be seen speaking to myself in english cause my english's really bad, speaking wise but writing wise is not any better either. HAHA so i'll most probably be seen in a poly next year as english is essential and rather important in JCs.
Had our "hunt" for 'anything' and 'whatever' with rachel and serena but ended up with soya bean drinks and beancurd instead. HAIYAH it always ended up with something else other than 'anything' or 'whatever' and to think of it, we only had'em once together despite having so many 'hunt'sss, but spending time together was much missed during the holidays! LOVES!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

I just replenished my lost beauty sleep during the dance chalet yesterday and the day before.

Dance chalet was much fun! The girls and guy met up at 11.30am on 19th June for grocery shopping. People present at grocery shopping were Jiayan, Laywei, Hauyan, Ms Ang, Lailaia, Mr Teo and me. Jialing came with the cake halfway through and we bought tons of food for bbq.
Lunch at bedok kfc, angang, jy, lw, fang followed teo's car to the chalet while jialing and me took a train down to white sands and was picked by teo and ang there.
Checked in and get the food done before watching TV and played games. Mr Tan, ang's husband, came! Yanyi and hsueh ting came too but they left after the water bomb and bbq.
Started fire at 6 with jialing and Mr tan. Started bbq-ing and lailai came with teo after leaving halfway through the grocery shopping. Certificate presentation and cake cutting for celebrating belated birthdays for angang and lailai. Water bomb after everything and gosh, everywhere was wet. Yes, literally everywhere. In and out of the chalet.
Showered in twos with jialing and jiayan head start, lailai and me, hauyan and fang. Then laywei alone, and angang.
Slacked awhile before jialing, fang and I followed angang and Mr Tan out in Mr Tan's car. Bought food at nearby coffee shop and Tan brought us to changi village to see ah guas! LOL.
Ghost storytelling after snacking all the way from 3am till 5am. Headed for a short nap with jialing while the other girls chitchatted, teachers slept too.
Woke up next morning and checked out at 9.45am. The girls got a ride from Teo and Tan down to white sands and had our breakfast at MacDonald's before heading home.


certificate presentation!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

ohkay people.
Today and tmr are suppose to be rush holiday assignments cause next week would be totally packed, except for friday which i don't think i'll probably get my hands on any of them considering the facct that it's suppose to be a have-fun-all-you-want week before schoolo reopens. So, shoo you assignments from my brain!

This week left me with fond memories and for a sec four student having only two weeks of June holidays, i'do say it's all worthwhile. Best holiday ever of cause in contrast to the hectic school days.

I shall sum up everything this week,
Monday was chalet preparation with hauyan and jiayan, meeting up to discuss about chalet and go sheng siong check out prices for stuff.
Tuesday's our last dance practice for this month and we obviously had fun cause it's dance! catwalking with confidence to the center of the room then dance the contem routine we've learned.
Wednesday was a stayed-home-rush-assignments kinda thing but end up slacking the entire day.
Thursday, pool with elizabeth and fadhli. Wonderful of course! Walked about parkway and left at 7.30 to meet mom at bedok kfc for dinner. I saw sf at pp! random.
Friday was supposed to be sentosa with the girls, unfortunately it rained so wasted one whole hour standing and sitting around vivo to decide where to go. Ama house for harry potter then met the boys for Fantastic Four.

Upcoming week's gonna be fantastic too cause
Monday's one day amazing race at sentosa with elizabeth, daniel, gino and fadhli.
Tuesday to Wednesday's goona be dance chalet!
Thursday's outing with primary school besty, yanlin, kelvin and my sister.
Friday's free.
Saturday and Sunday to malaysia!

random stuff,

photos are from hauyan's blog :]
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Sunday, June 03, 2007

hello people !
I am back :D

okay, see if i can remember what had happened since 19 may. We had a dance performance on the 19th may with odessy dance theatre, our instructor's company. It was a rather good experience for all dancers and mom, dad and auntie came to watch. We had a great time interacting with the juying dancers since we were sharing the same dressing room.

and I can't really remember what happened for the following weekdays but 26 may was Josse, my fairy godmother's wedding, and geography challenge prelimary round at NUS in the morning with eliz, gino, hanies and fad. Met the fellow geologists in the morning and Ms farhana drove us there. After challenge went to tiong baru plaza(??) for lunch and walk about before taking a train together back to bedok. Took a shower, slack abit and changed up which took me rather long considering the fact that I've started one hour before I'm supposed to leave house but I ended up late still. Wedding was gorgeous with great lightings, stage, butterfly theme, butterfly broch for all ladies guest, tiny notes with personalized message for everyone on their tables, sword bearers, performances and great food !

O levels mother tongue on the 28th may, 无可奉告.

Bv bazaar on 2 June, 4e1 as usual finishes early cause we ran out of stock for the third time and decided not to replenish anymore. Candies are great stuff for carnivals, some class please take over our idea next year alright? I'll do wish to munch or chew on some candies when I go back for the bazaar next year.
Missed emerged cause rachie couldn't make it and I suddenly felt weird going alone, so sorry grace!