Saturday, July 07, 2007

Officially got our ballet results air flown from England. LOL
Distinction but could have gotten better results than this, 81/100, I guess next should be advance II, since we won't have time to get ready before the grade syllabus season after our year end performance, since it's during march to may.

Please let days past quickly till 21st, CSTD dance competition (:

Thursday, July 05, 2007

HELLO people!
Haven been blogging for days but not considered long either, school has been taxing these few days and think it'd be like that till after O levels. Hanging out with rachel and serena getting more often, we're studying. YES! We're serious about our O's ok! And I'm going to study hard to prove that I'm really a 236 psle student not tyco! LOL, futhermore getting better results would be able to stop my mom's naggings about me taking too many ballet classes not studying at all.
1) Ballet Under The Stars(BUTS)
Fort Canning Hill
20th - 22nd July
picnic starts at 5.30pm
performance at 7.30pm
>>rachel yee, if you're not going, we won't be going! Joking lah, try to come okay love, had never watched any ballet performances with my-love-ballet babe before alright?

2) Career Seminar in school :D
17th July
>>have to go search for formal working clothes :)

3) Harry Potter 4E1 outing
After career seminar
>>ohhh I LOVE 4E1 :D

4) Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing(CSTD) ballet and dance competition
21st July
Overseas Family School, Paterson Road
>>All the best brandon and adeline, we can do it :D gypsy dance love!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

This post is dedicated to everyone from dance.

Hello girls,
I definitely miss dancing with you girls and after reading the latest post from Ada's blog, I'm missing dance even more. I promise to visit you guys whenever I'm free.
YES, I miss everyone, including Mr Tan.

The always hyper girl, one of the contributors to all the fun and laughter during dance. I definitely miss your sudden burps and we're influence by her, cause we(me, jialing, miaowen and jy) burps more often! HAAH I really really love you lah girl! So fun having you around. How's your monkey going on??? :X Dance more to lose weight although I really don't think you need to but you always insist. Wonderful dancer with great potential cause I think you do! So dance your best to a principal role or soloist :) Be the best alright???

YEAP the same-as-me-ballerina-doing-modern-dance! LOL, but she definitely has potential for it too, as I've heard from your Ms pang(ballet teacher) you aren't really consistent in going for your ballet classes right? Girls ah, I really want you to know that being a ballerina ain't an easy thing, there will be a period of time where you'll feel like quitting or just skip ballet lessons and not feel a tiny bit guilty at all. I know you ain't like that now but just a word of advice that it will occur someday cause I've been through it and my other friends too. That's the main reason why as the grade ascends, you will find the class getting smaller and smaller(remember what Mr Tan said?) You're really really a wonderful dancer and definitely able to bring out the dance in your very own style no matter in ballet or contemporary. Very unique and pleasant to watch so dance your life and always enjoy dancing and don't see it as a burden.

Really strict chairperson but very responsible. Incredible spine and nice back aches! I know sometimes it's hard on you to get everything done but do your best. I believe you can, anything you can still come talk to me and confine in me. I'm really happy the other day that you still do tell me stuff about dance club and I do hope I'll always be regarded as a member although I'm no longer with you guys during practises. When dance sessions are hard and physically highly demanding just believe that dance is what you enjoy the most strive for accurate timings, movements and styles. I hope you'll really find your most joyful moment in your life not being to dance to fulfil any one's demands but to be dancing because you simply love it. I know you ain't the type for ballet so contemporary alright.

hello girl, I'm missing those times when we head back home together with bubble teas or other stuff cause I'm always munching something even though I always complain to you that I need to lose weight. But always remember what I've told you about. Be confident and dance beautifully for the rest of your 2 more years, if possible, I'd hope it'll last till forever. I shall spread my dancing passion to everyone! :D The macho girl, dance like how you enjoy running in your primary school life alright? I believe you will and you'll be successful in future. All the best in everything okay? If you have any problems just give me a call and I'll pop by since we live so near.

YAY! The hardworking and lovable girl in dance, very independent and responsible too. You're always very into every single activities of dance and motivates others a lot. I can still remember during the nafa lee foundation performance, you danced even though you were really sick and on medication on that day, your team spirit's greatly appreciated! Keep it up alright, keep the dance team together no matter what, including the sec ones for this year and next two years alright? Try your best to get everyone together and keep the team spirit we all had going!

Although I've only been under him for 4/5 months but he's still very much respectable and helped me a lot. He's really strict but I admit the fact that I really did learn a lot from him, teamwork which he consistently reminds us of and techniques. Credits goes to him for how flexible I am now, making some ballet big jumps I'm doing now in my ballet competition dance much easier, flexibility wise. Anyway really appreciated his reprimands, yah! I have fat thighs but I'll lose fats and make them small, yah! my back leg for jetes are always not straight but I'll train till it's straight, yah! my spine's giving me problems cause I never take care of myself but I'll take care and do proper warm ups, warm downs and stretchings, yah! I have doubts when dancing unleash with my spine problem but I'll remember what you said, "don't leave the girls alone", yah! I'm rush-y during dance and I've learned to enjoy the music and dance gracefully! There are lots more but just to show how much he had done!

But not forgetting Ms chien! MY BELOVED TEACHER FOREVER :) Any idea why everyone under her just love her? She cannot be described by words, I really mean it. YES! She's that great. She's the reason why my love towards towards ballet's never ending and only getting more and more overwhelming.

Unintentionally added about Ms chien although this post's dedicated to the girls, but she's really important alright? And if I do continue it shall be never-ending too! LOL.
All the best to my dance team and I'll definitely support all your events so remember to inform me alright? :)