Thursday, August 30, 2007

have been wanting to post for a very long time, like real ! I just couldn't bear to see my blog die off just like that so I'm back.

updates, date ages back
Ballet Under The Stars (BUTS)
It was awesome with the lovely babes who could really find a way to enjoy themselves during the whole outing even though not knowing much about ballet. And all I could say was I'm very proud of Rachel Ng, who tried her very best to appreciate the dance-s that night ! Well done Rachel and of course to the girls who did a great job in getting food and drinks done for the picnic.
Lucky me, this outing gave me a boost in my health though reaching fort canning not well. Ok ! I shall complain a bit about the taxi driver. He was darn terrible can, I wasn't feeling well in the first place and couldn't bear to miss this outing so yeah met amalina and xiangluan at the taxi stand before kfc. When we got a cab, told the uncle fort canning hill and he asked,"which route ?" as though he knows every single route to fort canning so we said,"the fastest one." And you know what, he didn't even know how to go and so he followed the mrt track all the way to fort canning. My gosh, that ride made me want to puke the moment I got off the cab.

Career Seminar,
FUN FUN FUN. It's wonderful to see how we'd most probably look like 10 years down the road when we all start working ! Boys maturing into men and lovely office hotties wannabe :D Outing after which was awesome too, where there's 4E1, there would definitely be fun and laughters due to us, the smart geeks who do nonsensical stuff !

Commonwealth Society of Teachers' of Dancing competition (CSTD)
OMG ! It's the day where I got my first ever medal/trophey/recognition for ballet and it's a feeling that I adores most ! Firstly, I still haven recover from my illness but my team mates and Ms Chien gave me the strength to dance. Though they didn't do much but I want to dance well for them, and thanks to the lovely mom wannabe, josse, who accompanied me after my performance and got me mints and tea which made me a lot more comfortable. Everyone danced well that night and I believed it's a good exposure for every single one of us. Anyway, our team, the gypsies, got 2nd. Congratulations Adeline and Brandon ! Much love and thanks to my most beloved ballet teacher ever, Ms Chien, she gave us this opportunity to be able to get this trophy ! I LOVE YOU MS CHIEN :)

that's all for now i guess, i'll be back SOON (like really soon) for more updates :)