Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Polina Semionova, Sylvie guillem and Gillian Murphy are still my favorites :)
Francesca Dugarte is my new idol :)
Though her extensions ain't that great but she does have amazing turns and stage presence.

I have to get 2008 diary :)

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Arty Post

First up,
12 Oct 2007, Friday.
Stuff of the day was my new leotard. Went to costume shop with Zifang before the both of us head to esplanade for Zurich Ballet(Switzerland) performance(Cello Suites - Winds In The Void). It's contemporary ballet with no intermission so a bit draggy.
A clip from youtube, it's the same as what we've watched just that the performance was 1hr 15minutes long and with more people,

13 Oct 2007, Saturday.
One after another was just awesome. With Zifang again, after yesterday's Zurich ballet's contemporary ballet, today's Stars Of Russian Ballet with prima ballerina, Ulyana Lopatkina, from Mariinsky (Kirov) Ballet and other dancers from both Kirov Ballet and St Petersburg State Ballet Theatre. Performance was more of classical ballet with excerpts from many pieces such as Don Quixote, Romeo and Juliet, The Nutcracker, Swan lake's dying swan and a few more.

Two consecutive nights of ballet performances spurred our dancing sensations :)
And all of us can't wait for tomorrow's class!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

ok, graduation day photos when i got the time (:
Random post but hey, I'm kinda starting to miss our class already. NO! I am indeed missing my lovely 4E1. You'd probably have no idea how much fun my class is. A crazy lot, that is.
Just a brief summary of 3/1'06 and 4/1'07,
National day'06 where 3/1 joined a competition comprising stomping, dancing and national day song singing. Spend time under block, after CIP at old folk's home, practising dance with our lovely form teacher, Mrs lai. For your information, we got first (:
Sunday market spent selling the tastiest thirst quenching drink ever(with home-made jelly) to be sold on a bazaar, and no doubt, we got both the best design and the most profit stall. Go! Lord Of The Drinks.
Ok, my memory's failing. Let me see,
Well I shall just mention a bit about our bbq last year. It was a bbq-cum-'elizabeth the world's greatest'-birthday-celebration, that's long. We had a 'wish circle', ok i don't know how to put that but i think they'll understand. Watermelon! I remember that, Karwai and I got a 7 bucks watermelon, I still think I'm scammed by that guy, but it was really huge. And now this reminded me of something, all my tuperwares are still collecting dust at gino's place. Granny has been nagging me since then, yes even till now.
Next gino says Perth trip, refer to last year end's post, it's really long. We sure miss Tania and Constance, do we?
Pool party at grace's house! Does that count? Oh well the 5 of us did enjoy each another's company that night.
Chinese New Year class bbq'07, well I was sick but I'd infer from the pictures that it was definitely a marvelous night for them.
A couple of class outings this year which really strengthened our bond. Harry Potter, Spiderman, Mr bean's holiday.
We seems to have a thing for national day celebrations, this year was our wonderful couple, Eliz and Gino, modeling for the national day look. Well, Second!
Physical Education lessons will no doubt be the most reminisced of all. Girls rugby, soccer, captain's ball, netball, self innovated games and BASEBALL(homerun everybody) !
Just today, after our O chem practical, at the lock up area(ava), total chaos. Gambling dent? Playground? Conclusion? 4E1's temporary HOME! Guys were playing pepsi cola(is that what you call that?), other's were on Card games(Bridge, Bluff) and to conclude the day at lock up area? WHOLE 4E1 PLAYING ICE AND WATER. Fancy us, big kids running around the ava like there's no tomorrow. Hilarious (: Later part of the day was spend at siglap cc playing bridge yet again and basketball!
I love you guys to bits alright! If I were given a chance to chose my school again, for you guys, I will definitely chose BV. Though we'll be going separate ways, we must definitely meet up. Cheers to our future.
Right, I'm feeling sad now.