Friday, November 30, 2007

It's 6 days to Ballet Recital 2007 - The Right Step (:

I've got the tickets already, will pass to my friends soon or on that day!

Next few days will be filled with rehearsals. Saturday's class, Sunday's full dress rehearsal, Monday's "Black Roses" rehearsal, Tuesday's technical and full dress rehearsal at Victoria Theatre and Wednesday's going to "Gino's Lorraine and my Gladys"'s ballet performance (collaboration between my ballet teacher and Kampong ChaiChee CC's ballet teacher, so the first day is her performance) with Zifang and Gigi leaung.
Thursday is performance (:
Will take lots of pictures and update!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A tiny bit of 6H (:

It has been days since I updated my blog, so shall mention about our 6H outing. It has been 4 years since our primary school life ended and well, as you can see we're still gathering. Seeing the old friends pulls out the dusty memories hidden way back in my head.

We started with meeting up at Changi Airport, supposedly to send Chenhui off but he was still packing at home. So the lunch and chit-chatting carried on as planned with the 7 of us (Weiting, Leeshen, Huanting, Yihao, Yingherng, Jonathan and me). Ok, we wasted quite a lot of time cause we met up really early, at 11 a.m, and Chenhui was due to fly off at only 3.30p.m, that means checking in at 2.30 p.m. Yihui, Hanyun joined us just when Chenhui reached the Airport at like 2 plus. Embarrassed Chenhui a tiny bit(haha) and well talk-cock about how expensive he was, with LV all over(handphone strap, belt, bag), chatting didn't last long cause he had to rush for plane or whatsoever. Apparently that short time was more than enough to leave those guys( Yihao & Yingherng) shocked and gossiping about his "price" for quite sometime, and well Weiting wants to bring Chenhui home like a teddy bear!

Bye Chenhui! See you soon on 31st dec ?!

Yiren came not long after Chenhui left. Goodness gracious, he's frigging skinny in another term tecko like nobody's business! Well, he's that skinny, wearing skinnies somemore. Can guys just be a little more masculine/bigger size and girls skinner or rather slimmer? We should really swoop sizes with some of the guys. Yiren was even cuter than before, go see pictures! (:

Waiting took up most of our time that day but the waiting times with Hanyun and Yihui was hilarious, Leeshen, Huanting and I laughed our face off with them, not forgetting turning hyper and crazy as time passed. Biondi, Jiaxian (he sat beside me in class right? same birthday!) and Darren joined us at Bedok Mrt and we headed for Heeren, where the guys had wanton mee(Yihao kept saying it's nice but I think it's ok) and then Cinneleisure, for pool. The girls excluding Weiting walked to Wheelock while the guys were having wanton mee cause we weren't hungry and the weather's so humid. Pool game was a fast and quick one cause we're in a rush for dinner at Marina Bay!

Steamboat was dramatic, that butter hates all of us! It was splattering all over our hands and into Darren and my eyes :( We weren't very hungry, just had one round of not many food, like two plates of meat for the 10 of us to share and we stopped eating already. So, someone, whom I can't remember who, came up with the idea of playing that "zhong ji mi ma ?", is that what you call that?, it's just like the number and when someones calls that number he's dead, you know? Forfeit was to eat, that's not a bad thing cause I cooked the food! :)

Left the place at around 10 plus and cam-whore on the way back on the train, go watch videos, I recorded Hanyun's jokes and Darren's one joke but can't post darren one cause we can hear Leeshen on the phone saying her handphone number! haha.

Can we please have another outing soon? Kallang's ice skating ring is operating already, renovation's finally over! 6H and 4E1 please, lets go alright? (:


At the Airport, Orchard streets and train!

Pool @ Kpool

Steamboat! Yihui, standing, and Leeshen(oh she's so cute~) counting money, Huanting doing her smiley face, (from the furthest) Biondi, Jiaxian and Darren, and lastly Weiting cooking.

Huanting stacking cans! haha she had nothing better to do, and that orange-tee girl, she's Leeshen, that cute small girl who cracks us up at random times!

On 400 to Steamboat!

Can-whoring session on the train back home!

Wasting time at the Airport waiting for Chenhui!


The girls plus Weiting, camera lady!

Weiting and I (:

US, in front of Paragon.


Yihui! Grab your pictures from below, (:

Sunday, November 25, 2007


My cousin came back from Australia and is flying tomorrow morning! My sister should be returning tonight, I guess. Today's rehearsal's fine, fun in a way but tiring and draining in another. We had this uncle ___(I forgot his name), who's the lighting person, came to watch us rehearse today so, we did 2 runs for the programs in the first half which is already super tiring cause tango(5 parts) is long. Doing it twice is know. I guess it's a tiny bit too late to train stamina now, but well will try to. Finally got the tickets and I've got a lot of sorting to do now, shall place couples together? (evil smiles) There's only one pair for me to place but they'd most probably change places amongst themselves, so I shan't waste time doing that.

Went out with my cousin after ballet today and walked along with her while she shops. Enjoy your holidays and long Chinese new year celebrations next year for the next 3 months of your holidays in china! Then, all the best in your studies in the, to me dead and boring, banking and finance course. I believe you're smart in numbers, which you have always been.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Badminton update a little too late for now but I will just say something to make the post longer. It was raining and I took a cab to siglap cc, dropping my sister at tanah merah bus stop on the way and it was the day my sister decided to go missing or maybe runaway from home for fun or some other things.

Dad got scolded a few times by mom cause of my sister, well what can I do? Mom's a stubborn person, no matter what we say, she wouldn't listen. That is similar to my sister, no matter how to console or argue with them, they never understand and just after you thought you had finished your piece they will start off on the very same first thing they say again! It's endless. I kinda understand my dad, life can't just stop because my sister ran away from home. He still has to work, my granny too. Life has to go on, for me, slacking at home everyday doing nothing except for answering calls from many asking if my sister's back. By the way, she's younger than me. I can't bear to scream or shout or even debate with my mom about her views or when she screams at my dad or granny cause she's already so upset and worried about my sister and I don't want her to think that I'm also against her at this point of time. Should I say my sister's too naive, still young to know how to think what is right and what is wrong, judging from her age and actions? Or just purely from her thinking and attitude that she did in on purpose, planned it all along or she's such an attention seeker? It may sound bad for me to say that, but I don't jump into conclusions about someone without valid reasons and evidences. Being her sister for so long, though she doesn't tell me what she does or what she's like outside, I've got my ways to know and people who help and care for her a lot in many many ways just to protect her. She doesn't trust us, but how can we even trust her when she's making mistakes time after time, not regretting and not feeling sorry at all.

All I can hope for now, is for her to return. She's someone who'll never learn from her mistakes unless she falls badly, which none of us wish that would happen but I have already stop being in self-denial that nothing would happen, and my dad too. If anything happens, she'll have to settle it herself. We will help but we're prepared for the worst from her stubborn attitude, extreme thinkings and dead rot character since P6. I kinda miss that sister that I once had when she was P5 and younger, cause she's the more obedient one among the both of us and yeah, I got scolding and canning most of the time. She's also smarter and good in her academics, someone who will never gives up on ballet and sees me as her goal in some things. How I wish she's still that little sister that I once had.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Honestly speaking, holidays ain't as great as it seems as compared to going to school. Not implying that studying is fun but at least when you're in school, with your nonsensical-cute-random friends who do hilarious stuff, it's fun-filling.

Bored! Bored! Bored! Bored!

I shall post pictures, random it will be, to make the blog look not so dead,

Gypsy dance,

National day 2007,

Random pictures,


CSTD dance competition 2007,

Two of the Leads for Ballet Recital - The Right Step 2007 (6 dec), Xiuli and Brandon. The other two is Feifei and Xujie,

Graduation concert for the performing arts 2007,

The End (:

Sunday, November 18, 2007


My Romantic Princess a.k.a 公主小妹 extended till a total of 13 episodes not 10!
I just got to know that anyway,
I have something to look forward to every week, except for Ballet and the Performance!

I think I'm going to fall ill soon, that irritating feeling (you know) has been in me since 2 days ago.
Please let me feel ok cause tmr's badminton and ballet.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A neighbour of mine just told me poly's a better choice. Headache :(
Stop asking me or telling me what to do about my life after Secondary school, I appreciate all those but if I don't ask, don't say!
I'm Oh-So-Bored!
Quick, let it be 3.45pm so I can leave house for ballet (:

Anyone wants to play badminton or go out? I'll be dead bored staying at home next week doing nothing except going for ballet rehearsals.

Since I've got nothing to do, I shall type out schedule for the rest of the holiday,

I think I shan't cause I'm really lazy.

Redundant post!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Two days ago was to East Coast to cycle or blade with Gino, Daniel, Eliz, Kiat, Maria, Michelle, Yeonju, Ezekiel, Zhao, Daryl, Yujun, Karwai, Yuxiang, Wesley and FIONA! I just couldn't remember who's the last one earlier on. Woke up rather late, then met the modern dance juniors late, so only get to spend time buying food with them before heading to meet Eliz, Gino and Yvonne.
Yvonne then left for bedok interchange to meet her mom so the three of us went to a coffee shop to eat, or rather Gino and Eliz ate. Then, Eliz changed at home, walked to bus stop, met Gino and Daniel at the bus stop, met the rest at marine cove. Michelle, Fiona and I cycled cause we didn't want to risk falling when blading but bravo to the rest who didn't know how to blade but attempt to blade. All of them fell but none quit Cycling was fun but my butt hurts
, like those feeling when you've got blue black. So, on the way back from bedok jetty, swooped bike for blades with Kiat and blade back with Daryl, Daniel and chenpeng. Fell once at the slop but it was a minor one, thank god Daryl was around. Dinner was at mac and sat beside the beach for a tiny while before heading home (:


Pool party at Gino's house cause Grace couldn't make it :( I miss Grace Ke Xiao'en, I haven't seen you for a long long while! The minority (Daniel, Eliz, Chenpeng, Yujun, Daryl, Zhao, Karwai) met up at cold storage to buy chips and drinks before heading to lulu boy(that's what Karwai calls Gino)'s house. Slacked in his room for a while before Eliz and I headed for the pool first. Serena joined us at around 7 and continued learning how to swim for Serena and I learned butterfly from Peng! Dinner was at Bedok corner with Serena, Gino, Zhao, Daniel, Peng and Daryl. Cam-whore for about 30 to 45 minutes or so till eleven or so before heading home (:

Daniel unglamorised me, I was doing stupid faces and he came up with this (below), showing it to everyone but I don't mind. Laugh if you want to :) Yeah I'm fake! Lip lipo huh?

The ugly me before lip liposuction

After lip liposuction

Today, Serena, Daryl, Gino and I made a trip to Ikea then Tm, got only tins!

My big birthday card from Serena! I love it to bits,

and a cute ballerina drawing from and by Eliz sweetie, she's just oh-so-cute.

I have no plans from Monday to Friday next week except for ballet. Next Sunday's Badminton and Swimming with only Serena, Daryl, Gino and me currently, anyone interested do come! And Grace, COME! I demand you to be there, I miss you!

Have you guys seen the new Gatsby Advertisement, Takuya Kimura's so hot!

The old one's equally hot, hot, hot!

My cousin's school prom photos for us to ogle and admire,

I know, our school sucks! They didn't bother to organise a prom for us at all, not even in the school hall which is already rather yucky but never mind, we shall just get on without it! I've got a pretty cousin right, it runs in our blood! Oh my god, I'm so ego (ewww) like Gino lu THE EGO KING! Joking!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The freaking O levels has finally ended(big smile). Ballet shall be my priority, hurray!

Serena gave me this mega huge card that I'm definitely going to make a big thing out of it. It's super sweet and it has got photos of us, random but date all the way back to sec 1(yes, i have no idea but she still has sec 1 photos)! It was just awwwww(understand?)

I'll post pictures of it later in the morning!
Oh by the way, it's 2:21 AM and I'm aching all over still due to ballet and that mega huge thunderous fall during dance rehearsal on Sunday, I hope I don't hurt my back(cross fingers).

Tomorrow's lunch with dance girls and east coast with my 4E1! YAY.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

O's will be over in 5 days time, well but my life seems to be in a celebration mode already. Yesterday was catching up with ama, desebelle, darren, randy and the all so mighty Jason! Resident Evil : Extinction was marvelous, well kinda exciting though scary at times when the "zombies", alright to be precise 'people infected with the T virus with a craving for human flesh', would appear from nowhere. Overall was great, I'm definitely looking forward for the 4th part, if there is.

Ok, you see. I'm totally not in the mood of studying. Especially when the last two papers are paper 1s, MCQ! We're, I shall say I'm, already half slacking. Scheduling my days with activities, tomorrow's going out with peiwen, buying pointe shoes and other stuff. Friday's well, out with zifang to get ballet soft shoes for performance, then esplanade. For my case, study, zifang's O's over so she's going to enjoy all the ballet videos there. Finally, ama's house for steamboat with the usual, desy ama and gang!

That's only till this friday, next week? Havoc I shall say, class outing, dinner, lunch, outings, ballet!


Sunday, November 04, 2007

Dance rehearsal's full schedule's out, all the way till 6 dec. All of us are getting excited for the performance, planning lunch and movie before rehearsals and performance at Victoria theatre.