Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas! (:
I am at my cousin's place now! We went to Pulau Ubin this morning! HAHAH Weird place for Christmas uh. It's like a mosquito army can, millions of mosquitoes sucking your blood! Irritating, but overall the trip with them was super fun (:
Pictures (:

Shaun, Kris and Me (: I love them!

I have no idea what I was doing!
Ok, Shaun and I got so irritated by the mosquitoes we resort to using cigarettes to repel the annoying insects!

That's our Big Dad(Shaun's dad)
They were tango-ing with the plant(?) our big dad gave to us!

See how big the leaves are, Shaun's owns Kris's by alot can!
They got hyped!
OH MY, look at how many horrible mosquito bites there were on my leg! I almost died resisting the urge to scratch. (My legs are itching so much as I type!)

AND I couldn't resist the temptation to dance! (:

and ending off with our weird pose of the day! LOL.

On the 22nd Dec, DPSA met up for a short while to gather for pre-Christmas gift exchange! I am too lazy to type but I miss my girls so much, look at pictures k?

Adilah so cute can!

Ok, so I became their non-professional manicurist!

Group Picture! (Including Adilah)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Friday, I caught Nutcracker with Amalina and Taijin. Haiying didn't dance that night, I was super sad you know! But Chihiro played Clara this year and together with Robert, they were awesome. Surprisingly, Park Na-ri did Sugar Plum Fairy, she was very technical which is very good but i didn't feel that much joy as compared to watching Chihiro dance (:

After Nutcracker, I headed to my big dad's place for stayover and set off for Malaysia's Keylong the next morning with Jac, Kris and Shaun. Keylong trip was fun (: It was pretty clean just that I couldn't get use to the toilet, not that it is dirty. It's even cleaner than Singapore's coffee shop toilets!
Us at Changi Checkpoint waiting for the rest.
We arrived at Malaysia checkpoint after about 45 minutes boat ride! Super Windy.
Our Big Daddy! We all love him lots!
Yup, so we took another boat from the Malaysia checkpoint and arrived at Malaysia Keylong after another 20 minutes. They were bugging me to help them take photos with the doggies once we reached the place can! So here are the pictures in a collage. 3 doggies in total!
Ok, so she was saying,"世界那么大!"(a line from a Chinese show featuring places from all around the world) -.- right?!

OMG, the fishes are really big ok! Like A4 size paper!

Isn't this doggie cute!(only with the fish bone, it's TOO hyper to be kawaii)

So, Jac got her first fish! while Kris and I got none for the whole day and night and it made us super sleepy, the chilly wind added to our "sleepy-ness" too.

Drama Highlight of the Trip : Kris Dropped Her Slippers into the Sea!
It goes like this, the both of us were fishing at one side of the Keylong then she said she wanted to put her legs out(like dangling out kind). So, she stretched her legs out then I told her, your kind of slippers, later drop into the sea. After hearing that, she retract her legs and this was when she kicked the rear edge of her slippers onto the plank and "POP" it went into the sea. It got some uncles so busy, busy trying to retrieve her slipper from the sea! LOL.

Halfway through the noon, we couldn't resist the scorching heat outside and we turned to Mahjong, my all time favourite! and I won (:
Our steamboat early dinner! Plus we had steam fish, black pepper crab before this and BBQ with squid, octopus, prawns, stingray and chicken wings after that!
Sunset (:

Sunrise (: (from my cousin's camera cause apparently, I lost some of the last few pictures during transfer :( I am super sad now cause they are really nice sunrise and pictures taken on our journey back!)

Ok, I got to go and sleep now! It's like 3:52am and I have to go out with my girls tomorrow!