Wednesday, January 30, 2008

k ! I realized that I'm so in love with the font of this template right now that I just feel like blogging more over here than wordpress. Actually wordpress one is gorgeous too but this one is so cute !
Before I finally decide where to continue, I shall just blog here and import the post from wordpress meanwhile.

A few of us went shopping for New year clothes at Bugis-Chinatown on Sunday, which i supposedly had a good haul. Jac came over to my place to discuss about our JAE which left her staying over and us not sleeping until next morning 7 plus cause we couldn't make our decision on the 12 choices. Finally from 11pm till 7am, we managed to submit JAE at 7 plus.

So, my 12 choices are out,

1 -- Biomedical Science (TP)
2 -- Hospitality & Tourism Management (TP)
3 -- Aviation Management & Services (TP)
4 -- Leisure & Resort Management (TP)
5 -- St. Andrew's Junior College (Science)
6 -- Nanyang Junior College (Science)
7 -- Tampines Junior College (Science)
8 -- Veterinary Technology (TP)
9 -- Integrated Facility Design & Management (TP)
10 -- Interior Architecture & Design (TP)
11 -- Aerospace Electronics (TP)
12 -- Psychology Studies (TP)

I'm so sorry Serena, I told her we'll end up in TPJC together cause my results can't guarantee me an entry to my Hospitality & Tourism Management but I end up choosing a science course in TP instead. I love Science, more than Business so that boils down to me making that decision - To go into Biomedical Science. My cousin made the same decision too, so hopefully we can get into our first choice successfully. I really hope Serena can get into the choice she wants too. Being selfish, I hope she gets into TP so She, Grace, Elizabeth and I can be schoolmates again and we can have lunch or whatever in any of the canteens together !

I'm rather not myself nowadays, I LOVE SUN, and I want to get tanner. I realized that being slightly tanned is pretty, being fair is nice too but you have to be super slim. Color contrast ! Fairer color makes you look fatter.
I shall start swimming since I have the time now to lose weight! JAC, go swimming again soon, your side or mine, both also can ! Let's tan and lose weight together.


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Howdy people, as you can see I've changed my blogskin! The previous skin's original owner's photobucket bandwidth exceeded so you can't see any of the background image. I'm just so lazy to go to search for a new one and re-edit again so chose a simple template from blogger.
I'm sick of having to change templates and some problems that blogger has so I've created 2 other alternatives, Livejournal and wordpress.

My Livejournal
My Wordpress

Livejournal will mainly be about ballet, for wordpress, I've imported all the past blogger posts to wordpress but still can't put myself to delete this blog.
The only minus point of wordpress is that I can't put tagboard. So check back to see where I will decide to continue blogging.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Should I be sad or happy?
Well, O level results came out yesterday. I scored pretty well for most of the subjects or I should say very good for every single subject except for 1. You must be thinking that's great, more than enough for my R5 and R4 cause I got 8 subjects but that's not the case.
That 1 is more than enough to kill me. That bad! Some will probably say, at least you didn't fail but that's not the case. I'm sad, I'm depressed at that point of time when I saw C6 for that subject. Not that I aimed to get A1 but I didn't expect it to be that lousy.

Combined Humanities -- A1
Chinese -- A1
Geography -- A2
Mathematics -- A2
Chemistry -- A2
Additional Mathematics -- B3
Physics -- B3

ENGLISH -- C6!!!!!!!

L1R5 : 14
L1R4 : 12

Enough to pull down my overall aggregate, enough to pull me away from my desired course, goodbye Tourism and Hospitality. I'm so confused now, should I go JC or head to Polytechnic and try my luck to see if I can still get into my T&H.
Maybe I should just follow the usual route that everyone used to take, Pri-Sec-Jc-Uni, and buck up for English for that 2 years. I shall start reading now, speak proper and good English. So Everyone correct me if I'm wrong when I speak to you. Please let me get into TPJC, let Serena get into TPJC's arts.

I'm so tempted to just head to NAFA to dance my life!


Friday, January 18, 2008

Pictures of Sentosa trip are up!
As you can see, we had a lot of fun, climbing SILOSO structure, being monkeys.

Thursday, January 17, 2008


met up with the lovely ladies at 9am at bedok and with Maybelle hopped on our train at Aljunied. It was ok, we played volleyball and did actually managed to play a proper game with the help of 2 'professionals?'. Maybelle, one of the pro-who's-name-i-have-forgotten and I won! Lady luck was on our side. Left the scorching sunny beach early(bye Mr Sunshine*wide grin*), at around 3pm, for Vivo window shopping.

Pictures up soon when i got them from Des and Serena Maybelle.

Meanwhile, a ballet picture will do

Did I mention? I got sunburn rather badly and it's ugly cause I'm wearing a tank top, so the tank top tan line's very distracting. On the other hand, thank god I wore a top and not only with the bikini, cause my arms and skin on the two shoulder blades that were exposed hurts and itches badly now!

I am so dark now :(

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TP open house was marvelous! Although their campus is a little bit on the small scale side, the students there seem like a family. Everyone seems to know one another, or to say, they are friendly and cheery. This feeling is somewhat similar to when you're in a Secondary School, where school compound is small but yet welcoming and gives you the feeling of a 2nd home. Smaller school does have it's advantages right? Alright, after going TP's open house I'm now 70% set on going to TP but the sad thing is TP doesn't have "Integrated Events and Project Management" :( So should I go SP or TP? There are still "Tourism and Hospitality" and "Biomedical Science" in TP but still.
After blabbering so much about the two polytechnics and the courses, who knows, after I get my results I might end up in a JC!
*Please let the results be out soon and hope everyone will get excellent results!

I re-painted/re-furnished my house with my dad. IQ110, come to our house to see our new living room colour, it's done by only dad and I for merely 2pm to 7pm and we're done. We painted twice, so it's counted fast for the 2 of us. Ok, Qianhwee, my little sweet cousin, helped out a tiny bit too. My house is green-y now, it looks so refreshing, bright, broad and embracing during the day. New year comes a New colour, best of luck to everyone.

I spent the past 2 days tiding up the living room, great accomplishment by me, you know. I'm so proud of myself now, I'm not being ego here but my living room is so clean and neat, so pleasant-looking. Not to mention, I tidy the pile of shoes at our doorstep and my room as well, I'm so efficient today. I'm so hardworking right, NO! This is what I do to kill time and boredom, well but it's definitely worth. There are lots more to do so I won't be bored for the 2 weeks till Chinese New Year.

I'm giving myself a treat for the hard work, I'm going Sentosa with my girlfriends tomorrow! Amalina's going to lend me the Korean drama -- Coffee Prince. I've another thing to occupy myself, but I think I'd most probably finish it in a day or so cause I hate having to wait till the next day to finish and I will no doubt think about what will happen next on my bed till I can't sleep. (:

2e1 chalet is coming up soon, coming Sunday! I can't wait for it.

And lastly, I LOVE BALLET!

Friday, January 11, 2008

8 Jan'08 Tuesday,
I went shopping! With Serena, at Kallang Leisure Park's sportslink then Parkway. Thank you Maybelle for the company and comments.

9 Jan'08 Wednesday,
Lunch with Serena, Grace, Kaiwen, 2 of Kaiwen's friends and 1 cute boy, Daniel. Serena had to bring along her brother cause he was being naughty for not going to school and ended up being left at home by his mom. Naughty Boy, but he was really hyper and stuff.

10 Jan'08 Thursday,
Wild Wild Wet with Serena and Xiangluan! Whole lot of fun and laughter, I love the both of them so much. Hokkien prawn mee at White Sand's food court was "saliva-dripping" and "drooling" delicious. I want to go there again.

11 Jan'08 Friday/Today,
I went for SP's open house with Gladys today. Met up with Luan and Rachel Yee there, I'm quite tempted to go for Biomedical Science now, but my Tourism and Hospitality :( and now SP has a Events and something management! Oh my, they're all calling out for me! Can I study all these together?

Am going for TP's open house with Serena tomorrow, hopefully after tomorrow I'll be able to come up with a decision but whatever it is, the main thing is O's result! Please let my L1R5 be low, like 10 and below! PLEASE.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Before that, Serena and I went to Kallang Leisure Park's sportslink to visit Elizabeth and Yvonne, where we saw Xiangyi and Daniel. I reserved a pair of Nike casual wear and will be going down on Tuesday with Serena again to get it cause there's new stock coming in today, so we're going down tomorrow.

After which, we went to Bedok corner for dinner as usual and we headed home earlier than the previous time cause the JC kids have school today.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

4E1 POOL PARTY 2008!

Venue: Grace's Place
Time: 3.30pm

Address: Blk 505 Dunman Road Paradise Palms #15-03

We should be meeting up somewhere and head over together after getting some snacks and drinks. Dinner will be calling mac/kfc/pizza delivery.

Friday, January 04, 2008

I went for job interview today with Gladys and Jacqueline!
I saw Adam on my way back to bedok to meet Des and Daxin, sorry for not being able to recognize which one you are. He's voice changed, looked a tiny bit older! Is that good or bad? If it's bad, don't come and kill me if you see this!
Met up with Des and Daxin for a short while before heading home and then met them again at night.
Daxin's going to become a bald guy already!

With that, I leave you with this beautiful picture

Thursday, January 03, 2008

I just got home from a long day. Window shopping at Orchard, Far east, Bugis, ended up getting a pair of sandals which was a good deal. I shall search Ice lemon tea to help Serena get her shoe! Tampines and White Sands have, I shall pop by on Friday when I go down to Pasir Ris for job interview (:

4E1nians met up today in the evening to visit Zhiyong at SGH. Seeing the state he's in just breaks our hearts. Though we were quite awkward and didn't utter much, deep in our hearts we hope he recovers.

I shall head to my dreamland now, cause I'm gonna help out in school's dance tomorrow from 9am till 10pm.

By the way, Happy 2008 (:
Good year ahead, I hope

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

I've just enjoyed myself for the past 3 days.

29dec, Saturday
Ballet was just awesome, do I need to elaborate anymore?

30dec, Sunday
The cousins went to Kallang Leisure Park for kbox buffet dinner. 6pm to 10pm! We sang our throats out and ate to our fills. It was great being able to come together again. It seems like we always miss buses, last trains or whatsoever every time we go out. After kbox, we went bowling. Then, the bus thing (:
Shaun came over to stay.

31dec, Monday
We went to East Coast for countdown barbecue party, too lazy to update. Countdown party lasted till next morning!

1Jan 2008!, Tuesday
Slept upon reaching home for almost the whole day.

Tomorrow's going to visit Zhiyong and then should be able to head for chalet with Serena. Thursday will be Dance Night for Bv (: