Monday, March 31, 2008

I figured out dual screen when my cousin, Jac, came over my place to stay over for 2 nights last Friday. It's just an extended screen to the original one but it's so awesome, you can watch shows on the extended screen then do your Msn talking meanwhile on the other or vice verse.

We went back to school to collect our much long awaited 'O' level certificate, but mine has decided to not follow me home and it's sleeping in Chuntuan's bag now.
Peiwen, Chuntuan and Mel headed for Citylink leaving Serena, Desebelle and I, who continued visiting some 2 gorgeous teachers, LAILAI and ANGANG. Imagine how happy they will be if they see this. (:
School's mee sotong is still as delicious as before, oh my god, I'm missing BV's food. The two then stalked me home! HAHA no, they came my house to slack. We: watched 'Alone' on, I did very pretty manicure for Serena and Des headed to sleep after 'Alone'. Then, S and I: had mini kbox with aid of youtube, played 2 person 'Big 2' with sweets as winning prize while watching 'My MVP Valentine'. (:

Mom bought a dress and a pair of shoes for me (: I Love You.

Tatas people, let you see my baby photo! HAHAHAH.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've forgotten to add on the previous post:
JIAYAN, I will be going for Speech Day so I can accompany you till 5pm. Love Ya !

Well, our family went for a mini reunion session at my granny's place today. Present were First aunt & her 2 daughters, Second aunt & uncle & their son, Third aunt & her 2 kids, Fourth aunt & her 2 daughters, my grandma, grandpa plus my mom, dad and my sister.
Played Mahjong, chichat-ed, ate and planned the next outing.
I love my big family (: Jac, right ? Ah, I just remembered we never go for a walk just now.

I'm seeing my girls tomorrow, to collect O level cert, visit teachers and cut hair. Hmmm, should I cut my hair?

I shall go shower, practice my solo, then VIWAWA if my viwawa buddies are viwawa-ing later!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Firstly, I'm so sorry girls. I will not be attending TP's Freshman Orientation Camp cause it clashes with our BV's speech day and I really want to go for the speech day.

Secondly, my ballet teacher just told me today that I will not be dancing trio with another two girls, instead I'm doing a solo. OH MY GOD! I am scared, I'm really scared. What if I fall on stage, what if I suddenly forget what to do, what if I... Well just all those negative stuff, to be exact. I'm a little not willing to do it, I'm afraid something might happen. Furthermore, for my age my category would be above 16, which means others who are, let's say 21 will obviously be better than me. Maybe I'l just embarass my self there uh ? Hope Ms Chien will send another girl to compete in the same category as me, so I probably will have a company during the competition.

Thirdly, I finished learning the Solo I'm suppose to dance for CSTD today. It's a nice solo, with a lot of extensions and grand gete en tournant. And my stamina sucks, I will have to train on them which means, JAC - you are needed, and you're like what, sitting beside me now. :)

Let you hear my Solo's music,

Sunday, March 23, 2008

I guess I shall do some updates before it accumulates till it gets so hard to update.
Shaun's birthday surprise didn't go as planned cause he went to bed unusually early, or perhaps he's whole family went to bed early on the 21st, which just nice was good friday.
So, I spent my good friday at home, rushing his birthday board from 2 pm till 10.30 pm, showered upon completing it and rushed out to Bedok Interchange to meet the rest (Jac, Xue'er and my sister) at 11.15 pm. See, I'm in such a rush that I didn't even take a picture of the pretty board, not the cake and no group photo or anything!
Ok, we reached his block, the rest wrote on the board, had the cake done, was about to go up at 12 am and this was when we realised that he's snoring right away on his bed. So, our plan of knocking on the door and him coming to open was ruined. In the end, his mom opened the door of us and we surprised him at his room door instead !
Watched a horror movie on channel 8 before playing Mahjong, Taiji till daybreak!


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peiwen and Serena accompanied me back to school to help lailai tutor her sec 2 kids today. Stepping back into school as a graduate makes me feel so much better.
Headed over to Citylink in search for Peiwen's brother's friend's birthday present, I shall be a nice girl :
Newyork Newyork for dinner(?). Peiwen, Serena ! Diet. As in, the diet is for me. Next time don't tempt me, must help me.

Alright, everyone seems to be in a viwawa-wahjong-craze now and there's bv sports day, dress day, freshman camp and so on coming up.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm finally done settling polytechnic enrolment items. Des, Peiwen and I went back to SATA to collect our medical report and it should be in the postman's hands on it's way to TP.
Peiwen, Randy and I have just signed up for TP's freshman camp. The bunch of us plus Des and Serena sre currently being high in our msn conversation, so hilarious. I must be saying lame and stupid stuff in the conversation right now but people in the conversation, I love you all.

Des, Serena and I went swimming today. Exercise = Lose Fats ! Girls talk in the water towards the end when we got so tired from swimming to and fro. Yay, I love gossips or I mean exchanging-information sessions.

Tomorrow's going back to school with Peiwen and Serena, for tutoring session to the sec 2s on algebra, I can see Lailai tomorrow !

Monday, March 17, 2008



"Bull Fighting" has ended, next Taiwan drama for me shall be "Fated To Love You". Current Korean drama is "Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung". I shall try my best to update on a daily basis, provided that there are events for me to talk about, and I'm thinking of doing a chinese one after the English one. Ok, I shall do it since I got spare time.





Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm going to do an ultimate update before I leave my house later cause it's going to rain now. Thia ultimate update, I realise, dates all the way back to Chinese New year cause I didn't mention it at all, but I'm not going to. It'll be way too long a post.

Yesterday, Des, Peiwen and I had our pre-enrolment medical checkup done at SATA. Thank god we went there rather early got 37, 38, 39. It's pretty exaggerating but about 20 minutes later the number hit 100. Overall, the checkup was fast. Except the waiting for your number to be called part. Mac breakfast and took Ez-link photo before falling right onto my couch the moment I reached home all the way till 9pm.

10th and 11th,
Hey, oh my god, you've reached 17 already sounds so old compared to 15 or 16. Did you have the most memorable and fun time with us on those 2 days ?

The Birthday Girl,
Plans started from 10th morning, to meet at my place for pasta lunch making for Des, with the attendance of Serena, Peiwen, Melvin, Chuntuan and myself.
So after lunch was with us heading to Far East to shop for her present and Des working. Caught "Rule #1" with the addition of Ama, Jensen, Weicheng, Andy and Randy, the movie was awesome. The storyline was great and the horror/shocking/disgusting scenes were scary(?), I can't say anything cause I practically didn't watch most of the ghosts scenes just those committing suicides ones. Shawn Yue is so hot, well yes Peiwen, I was drooling over him.
So after movie, Jensen, Weicheng and Andy left. The all frightened and awed by the movie ones headed with Des back to her house for Movie Marathon/Pajamas Party, with Darren and Weicheng joining us with the cake to kick start the MM/PP.

Pajamas Party,
Sentosa for the girls on the 11th, it rained so we spent most of the time waiting for the rain to stop then play cards on the beach, take photos, and got told that we couldn't get into the water cause there's thunder predictions and it rained again. We concluded the day with Mahjong at Peiwen's house where all of us were already dead tired with puffy eyes.

The Foursome,
With Peiwen, the ultra cutie
With Maybelle, the pretty lady
I only took 1 picture with our lovely birthday girl,

7th March,
Mahjong with Serena, Des and Weicheng from 9am to 1pm then Rachel Ng taking over Weicheng at 1pm and us ending with a series of card games, to be exact, bridge.

My mom got my Acer Lappie today.

5th March,
Rachel Ng, Rachel Yee, Serena, Melvin, Chuntuan, Peiwen, Des and I caught "The Leap Years" at VIVO. The movie was ok, storyline is pretty new but not very interesting, I got a little sleepy halfway through the movie.
Dinner was at lagoon after the Rachels left.

27th Feb, Xue'er's birthday.
The cousin who's same age as my sister, I will celebrate with you when I go over to your place for stay over! I will see you very soon, Shuan's birthday. HAPPY FIFTEEN BIRTHDAY !

23rd Feb, Jialing's birthday.
The modern dance girls together with me, the old graduated one, surprised the birthday girl at her place with cake and card which made her so touched that she teared. Following that was Bugis with those fellow youngsters, which was obviously entertaining and fun.
Shout out to Jialing,

Friday, March 07, 2008

Am I getting my Acer baby tomorrow or Sunday ?


Jac, Uncle Joe, Mom and I went to the IT show today, for our lappies so will probably be getting it either tomorrow or Sunday.
Our enrolment package has finally arrived, it's sort of confusing but I've already figured out the entire process and am very keen to start on with everything. Finally there's something to occupy my free time!

Tomorrow's another Mahjong-craze session at my place with Serena, Des and Weicheng from 9am to 3pm.
All the best to all the gamblers!