Tuesday, April 29, 2008


EH I slept right when I got home today after school! SHIOK SHIOK.

Monday, April 28, 2008

I have an ugly shorts tan-line on my legs. My face and arms are so tan now!
I don't like it.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

OH MY GOODNESS, the weather is extremely hot and humid.
Why can't global warming be global freezing instead?

I've forgotten to add, grocery shopping today for 4E1's overnight bbq on Wednesday with Elizabeth, Rachel, Fadhli, Yujun and Jasper. It was great to see old friends once again and Rachel, Eliz and I were so excited during the shopping till we even showed off our cute TP mass dance to the 3 SP guys, and telling them how fun TP is.

I can't wait for Wednesday!
Week 1 in school was pretty fine just feeling lethargic almost all the time, probably because I couldn't change my sleeping time from early "morning"s back to usual and had been waking up early everyday cause lessons all starts at hell early hour.

Friday's movie screening and Saturday's mega-turned-mini Sentosa outing went well and we enjoyed ourselves.

The only picture I have in possession,

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

HEY PEOPLE, A8G1 is doing fine lately (:
We just celebrated our 1st classmate's birthday today.


Random pictures of the week,

And a picture with Des cause she said, "take picture so you can blog!"

There's movie screening thing on Friday and Sentosa trip with AS on Saturday! Des, be happy cause I am going for both. (:

Next up,
27th April, Sunday, 12pm at Bedok Interchange Sheng Shiong.
Anyone interested to come along leave me a message.

4E1 BBQ 2008
Date: 30th April, Wednesday
Time: confirm again soon, will mass message everyone.
Venue: East Coast Park Area C, Pit 27

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I'm bringing SEXY voice, Yeah~

It has already been days after AS orientation and my voice is still not back. It's 2nd day of official school and the 1 lec and 2 tut I've attended are seriously boring to the max. APEL and CSAS tutorials are more like CME lessons ok. MSt 1 was only an introduction and they released us early this morning.
A8G1 has been looking good so far and am looking forward to more fun and laughters in this class.

Sunday, April 20, 2008


So today was karaoke and celebrating Jac's birthday (: I was so high over the mass dance the whole day, practically dancing everywhere! and that FUJI APPLE THING, it was just a briliant cheer to counter the other one.
HELLO people, I am back!
Internet has been giving me a whole lot of problems resulting in me not being able to do a full and proper update, and till now I'm not even sure if I can finish this post at a go cause it's going to be really really long.
(There the Internet connection is gone, and it's back)

Go AS go, we go we go.

Orientation for AS was fun filling and awesome, pardon me I can't really remember every single activities but will try my best to update. So day 1 was ice breaking games, I should call it, for respective classes. Then cheer learning sessions at the LT and games at the sports complex and area around it.
Day 2 to Day 3 was full of activities from night to daybreak. Candy, Yolanda, Nathan and I headed to school for Dragon boat at 7.30am on day 2 where others only need to report at 4pm. We were dead tired by the time Dragon boat training finished and it got even worst when we couldn't get any rest cause everyone's cheering everywhere around the campus. As expected, the four of us, could barely pull through the whole night of activities. Day2 to 3 was watching LC skit, learning mass dance (omg I'm so in love with the mass dance, rar), doing the Chicky dance and running about in the sports complex, followed by campfire, AS Jam and Hop, lastly Cluedo. I fell asleep right after I got home at 7am and slept all the way till 4 pm!
Day 4, Friday, was inter-school.
AS, AS, ASASAS. We're the ONE We're the CHAMPION We're always NUMBER ONE AS!
Eh so was all the games, Olympia, Regatta and Cheer leading competition. Ok, so total of 5 major awards, 4 went to business school, AS got 1 and the rest went back empty handed. Uh, it's so unfair alright! I have to admit that they're really strong in Olympia and Regatta but the most spirited school award should be given to us, or Engine or even Design school. Ah well, at least we still got a Cheer leading award :D Jam & Hop with Des, Peiwen, Rachel Yee, Yvonne, Eliz and Jason and left at 9pm for dinner then headed home with Eliz and Von. That marks the end of the whole orientation.
Now orientation's over, I miss our lovely/funny/hyper/caring/sweet... OLs! Oh my god, I really miss the 4 days with them, can school always be like the orientation week? hahaha.

See my class,


A8G1 + RACH,

I'm really sorry Melvin, I didn't go for the makeover of Serena's room cause I wasn't feeling well. Hope she likes the furnitures we bought and your painting + curtains (:


we're not in the same class, omg I am still so sad. UH, see you in a while (:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

3 days of Orientation has passed, my CP for our class is great, she seems so friendly and nice, so bravo. Our class bonded well and hope we'll all get closer for the next 3 years. OLs are awesome too, just I'm feeling a bit sick right now due to the vigorous orientation activities. It's so "hiong" that I actually lose 3 kg since day 1.

Tmr's last day of orientation, go VALIANCE, go G1!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pictures update from yesterday. I didn't go with the girls and went with my family instead but it rained halfway. -.-
See my 2 cute cousins!

OK, I got to go prepare and leave for des house plus sing k later on with the girls. O.o

Saturday, April 12, 2008


My big toe nail is hurting like nobody's business, sooner or later it's going to drop off. :X
SPEECH DAY PHOTOS (grabbed from Eliz)

We were so proud of Daniel. He got the Student-of-the-year award (:

That a point of time where we got really mad at those guys who were so obsessed with their PSP.
And I've forgotten to add, TP Applied Science called me at the end of the Speech Day and told me my class, A8G1. Is any one in the same class as me? Des tell me what class you're in after you know! My cousin's in A8G2, omg different class, I'm so disappointed.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's Speech Day.
Wesley, Yujun, Eliz and I met up before Speech Day for movie at Tampines. We caught "Run Papa Run" which was really great. I love Louis Koo, he's so amazing in the movie, his fatherly love shown in the movie made him so awesome. Rushed back to school for registration and got seated. Speech Day was as usual, nothing much, but it was the feeling of being back in school with some of your classmates and seeing your teachers and juniors that I was there for. The school gave us a plaque, certificate and Times Voucher, which came in such a right time, I just went Tampines's Times and saw this really pretty notebook with old vintage prints. I guess I can spend it the 25 bucks Times voucher on the notebook and some books or pointe/dance magazine if I can find them at other Times bookshop.
After Speech Day, we strolled to the mini "stadium" below Eliz's house to slack and take pictures. Pictures will be up when I receive them from Eliz.

Next up event to meet up with the 4E1nians will be our 4E1 BBQ.
4E1nians, THE BBQ IS ON!

4E1 BBQ 2008
30th April (Wednesday)
East Coast
Anytime you want, it's overnight BBQ.

Anyone who has the teachers' numbers please give me their numbers or inform them that there will be a BBQ.

The teachers list are as follow:
1) Ms Tan Yee Kim
2) Mrs Jane Lai
3) Mrs Christina Lee
4) Ms Pereira
5) Ms Goh Ying Ying
6) Mrs Ezekiel
7) Mrs Sobana Cheong
8) Mr Shah
9) Mr Tafran
10) Mr Daniel Yong
11) Mr Zaldy

Thursday, April 10, 2008

All my girlfriends plus 2 brother are in TP's freshman camp and they'll only be back on Saturday night. Except for Philana, Eliz and I, we're super cool people who don't go for Freshman camps, not considering those that are compulsory.
Tomorrow's Speech day and before that the 4 of us (Wes, Yujun, Eliz, Me) are going to watch movie. Finally there's a MINI outing, Speech day will mean that we can get to see some classmates too PLUS Von's eyecandy. Eliz, do you think he will be there? LOL
Save the last dance 1 and 2 are nice (:

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Does anyone knows where can I get Pointe/Dance Magazines in Singapore?
I want Feb, March, April 2008 Issues and for the rest of the year too.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My mom just told me she paid for some member thing with her dance teacher at Fengshan cc which allows them to use the studio anytime they want when there's no one using it. She told me I can use it for my ballet too, that means another place for me to dance and more dance time with proper studio (:

Girls came over to slack at my place and today was manicure session. The miracle solvent revived many of my dead nail polishes!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Stay over at Jac's place was awesome, so on Thursday night I met her at Yio Chu Kang Mrt station, which is like frigging far from Bedok, and we took bus 72 to her place. I only had like 5 small paos that day, so hungry can. We watched tv, chit chatted and planned for Friday's activity. Friday was a workout day, we walked from her place to Hougang Mall, the distance is some sort like Tanah Merah to Bedok, and walked back after she paid for her poly ez-link card. We went for a mini grocery shopping at Hougang point's FairPrice Xtra for our lunch & Dinner which were fruit salad and potato salad. Yummy!
See our potato salad,

Played Badminton, dinner, showered and slacked till 10 plus when my Dad came to pick me. Ok, and a funny thing that happened at her place. I was stuck in the toilet after my shower, I couldn't open the door and there were only me and Jac in the house. I called for her and she was outside trying to kick open the door a million times but didn't succeed. DANG, I was like thinking oh my god, I will have to be stuck in the toilet till someone's back which is like I don't know when. Jac called her mom for help and that was when Xue'er (her younger sister) came back and merely just gave the toilet door a slight push from outside and it opened! Hahaha, by then the frantic two of us were like !!! And we continued laughing non-stop :D

And I had a "nightmare/sweet dream?" ok, more of nightmare. First, I dreamt of Lailai, Angang and Jensen! hahaha. It goes like this, I was waiting for bus for ballet at interchange then Lailai and Angang came, coincidence. The bus came, but the bus driver wasn't there, we boarded the bus still and waited for the driver, Jensen then appeared out of nowhere and sat at the driver's seat. He's obviously not the driver but he said he wanted to drive for FUN! Ok, then following was roller coaster, into some dark dark tunnel then hitting cars, I almost had a heart attack! And I woke up.
When I fell asleep again, the next dream was about my family. Not like what's happening in reality at all. I was sobbing so hard cause all of them scolded me about something which my sister did. I cried so hard that I thought I had an Asthma attack!
GOOD PART, I have no idea at which dream which part, inspiration came and I designed a nice pretty flowery bracelet, I can vividly remember the design and shall try to draw it after my ballet later.
After all those scare, have I loss a kg or something?! If not it's so not worth, being scared for nothing, or at least let me reduce a kg from the lack of proper sleep yesterday night!

4E1 people, help spread this message if you guys come across this entry!

30 April (Wed) to 1st May, holiday (Thurs) or
2nd May (Fri) to 3rd May (Sat)
Either East Coast, Gino's or Grace's (I have to ask them first)

Message me if you're coming & indicate which 2 days you guys prefer (:
Reply asap alright!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

4E1 people, help spread this message if you guys come across this entry!


30 April (Wed) to 1st May, holiday (Thurs)
2nd May (Fri) to 3rd May (Sat)

Either East Coast, Gino's or Grace's (I have to ask them first)

Message me if you're coming & indicate which 2 days you guys prefer (:
Reply asap alright!
It's gonna be a picture galore later on.
The girls(Peiwen, Desebelle, Serena and I) had a Dress Day!
Very briefly, we went for lunch, shopping, movie then home but we took pictures like mad yesterday, leaving us with a gazillion number of pictures to upload.

The girls,

See our kuku faces :D

We're going the unglamorous line that day,

Then, our normal smiles (:

Lastly, our group photo