Thursday, May 29, 2008

Tomorrow's National Junior College's Dance Concert - Aristal. Zifang, good luck for the performance tomorrow. Brandon and I will be there to support you and I know you know we're going. I can't wait to watch the dance concert, every single dance performance never fail to keep the tests out of my brian.

There is Biochemistry Quiz 1 tomorrow and Term Test is next week, 4 science subjects to study, huge workload for science students!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I am back with pictures and post.

Stayover at Peiwen's was as usual, a lot of cranky and funny stuff. Esther joined us this time, Serena was stuck to the com and obviously Peiwen got crazy(peipeiwenwen right?) Ok, I fell asleep so don't really know what happened. I only knew I did their nails again, we took a bundle of pictures and watched 'Devil Beside You' with Esther continuously thinking of her *ahem* and kept on linking the drama to *ahem*. I fell asleep that the end of episode 1 and they stopped at episode 3. Following that, all of us migrated to the living room to sleep cause Serena told me there were lizards in the room and it crawled on me when I was sleeping, tell me you're crapping, Serena. I was sleeping so when I heard that I was like, "Oh ok".

Ballet today was fun cause it was en pointe but my toes are seriously dying, I mean the nails are going to drop off soon. We learned most of the pointe exercises so we can practise it on our own during the 3 weeks break. Assembles Piques and Emboites got us laughing like mad cause Ms Chien said that we look like we're doing some hand wave when doing Emboites and it looked like one of the emoticons I saw on msn.

This emoticon,

And thanks Taijin for taking so pretty pictures,

Saturday, May 24, 2008

VJC MAJESTIA 23 pictures,

We stayed over at Peiwen's house yesterday for our usual friday gatherings, pictures and post soon.

There is ballet later on and today's open house for the little kids, so ballet timing is changed and extended from 6plus to 9plus. 3 hours of joy awaits me! Happy dancing later (:

Thursday, May 22, 2008

VJC's Majestia 23 was brilliantly brought across to the audiences who were present just now. I had to admit that VJC's symphonic band was so awesome earlier on, the pieces they played touched me a little. First time being in the Esplanade concert hall, the hall is very small as compared to the theatre but it is cosy and comfortable. Listening to nice music in such magnificent environment was just wonderful.
Daniel, great job! We were looking at you all the while (:
We love VJC's Symphonic Band. We will definitely support you again next year!
(pictures will be up when I get them from Maybelle tomorrow)

B-boyz & Ballerina,

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Date: 21st May 2008
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Esplanade
Highlights: Machu Picchu and Star Wars Trilogy

Prepare for a long update on it tomorrow night if I'm not tired when I reach home.

Daniel! All the best for tomorrow's concert, we will be there to support you.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I was flipping through my organizer trying to locate events that I've yet to blog and my god, there were so many. I've to spend the 15 minutes or so, to narrate everything, upload whatever pictures I have in my hands and wait for Peiwen (YES! she just came online) to send me the rest of the pictures before I can upload them.

Alright, starting from the oldest event.
It should be the belated celebration of Ama's birthday(13May).

Hey darling, HAPPY BELATED SEVENTEEN. It's belated now but I wished you on the day itself already. I miss you so much, must keep in touch alright. You're the only one in our clique who's not in TP, but thank god we stay near one another. We can gatecrash your house anytime we want. You, over there in NP, don't spend too much time with Zarifah until you forget us uh! LOL. I really miss those days where we would sit and slack at the fitness corner, get drenched in the rain and chitchat in the rain. So ancient right? Time flies uh, we should go back to the fitness corner someday. Hope you enjoyed the belated celebration with us. See you soon.
Much love,

Belated celebration was dinner at Parkway Parade's Sakae Sushi, with the attendance of 7 cool people (: Jason, Weicheng, Desebelle, Peiwen, Serena, Amalina and I. I felt great to be able to see them again, actually it's only Ama and Weicheng since the rest are all in TP. You 2 transfer to TP lah!


Next, Kevin's 17th birthday celebration.
HAPPY SEVENTEEN BIRTHDAY(19th May) in advance. I'm sorry I won't be able to make it on Monday for the outing, forgive me alright. Hunk of the day for 16th and 19th OK!
Fariza got her friend to help us bake a cake for his birthday, thank you so much, it tasted really awesome. We gave him a muffin and pretended that we didn't have time to prepare anything before surprising him with the actual cake. There were smashing or cake, but Leckhui and I missed it cause the balloons that we got for him flew up to 2nd storey. The balloons got us climbing all the way to 7th(?) storey, the highest, and walked all the way down again.


Finally, the usual Friday meetups with the girls. As usual, we slacked, chitchatted, had dinner. Serena and Peiwen came over my place to stay over and I gave them a mini manicure session again.
I can conclude that these 2 woman are the craziest on earth, they got me laughing like mad for the whole time where I kept on refusing to allow Peiwen to go shower and forced her to try clothes. She seriously looked so funny when she gave me that i-really-want-to-go-shower-cause-i-feel-so-dirty fake-angry face while Serena was practically changing and changing like a fashion parade.
After shower was the manicure where I was already half asleep cause I was so tired and I fell asleep right after both of the crazy woman's nails are done. They were 2 mad woman that night, pulled my blanket away for a million times to wake me up making me zhao geng like nobody's business. So they dominated my room for the night, Peiwen on the bed, Serena and I on the matteress but she kinda managed to squeeze me out of the mattress onto the floor.
So, after Serena and Peiwen left in the afternoon, I saw these 2 again at night after my ballet. We met up at Bedok stadium for jogging. Oh my, I seriously miss the Track&Field trainings we had, I miss running with the rest and I love the feeling of being on the stadium tracks again. Thank god I've decided to run despite feeling so weak after my Ballet. By the way, Ballet went well like it always did.

I just got to know that there will be a competition preview on the 18th July, if I didn't remember wrongly. It's just 2 more months to Asia Pacific competition, woo I better start working double-ly hard.

Meet up plus the stayover plus jogging

2 of my girlfriends stayed over at my place last night and we're going breakfast now + gym tonight (:

updates soon.
you know i won't blog without pictures.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I'm a little tired now but I have to blog if not PEIWEN darling will kill me cause she's coming over to spot check later. I'm just too lazy to talk, so a pictorial post with a few words

First up,

Celebrated Mother's Day earlier on.
I LOVE MY MOM A LOT! and my dad too. Can you see how much my dad likes to open his eyes big big and stare at the camera, act cute sia! HAHAHAHA

Pictures from our Friday meet ups (: