Sunday, June 29, 2008

I just got this picture from Zifang and it's the only picture with the 3 of us together. It was NJC dance concert 2008 which Zifang did very very well :)
Let you see the queen of 'dancing multi-types of dance'!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

First week of school past fast. Lecky, Kevin and I had discovered a new area, not really discovered just that we've found a place of our likings for lunch, which is, opposite school! Ok, not very exciting, it's just opposite school. So yeah, it's probably the company that made it fun, we'll psycho the rest to go with us the next time.
MILK, JUICES & YOUGURT JUICES were drinks of the week!
We are NOT lactose intolerance, ok that came from biochem :D

Friday was watching Singapore Ballet Academy's performace and it was great. I love 'Wanted', nice choreography and music. The kids were so awesome too.
I couldn't make it for the overnight mahjong with the girls, so sorry. I need to rest early to perform well for saturday rehearsal, I will meet up with you all soon! Miss ya (:

Today's Ballet was great, we learned our first solo which is compulsory. Grade 8 is going to be fun cause syllabus comprises of only 6-7(?) barre exercises, 1 entrance group exercise, 1 compulsory solo, 2 classical solo(choose 1), 2 Freemovement solo(choose 1), 2 character solo(choose 1) and finally 1 finale group exercise.
So, we're going to learn 8 solos and I prefer solos to exercises. You can express yourself more in a dance, exercises too but it's more fun to do a dance (:
Conclusion, there are 8 solos for us to learn, YAY!
and I'm feeling slightly better doing the competition solo en pointe but it's still not good enough.
go xinyi!

Tomorrow's competition rehearsal, open class and grocery shopping with lecky and candy for baking. We're going to bake something, we've yet to decide, for Adrian for his birthday.

This post contradicts the previous but I still hate wordy posts.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post i hate wordy post.

so i shan't post.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My dad is the boom! BABOOM ~

Continuum by Singapore Dance Theatre was nice, A8G1's bbq or more of a stayover cause by the time Kevin and I got there, only Wyeweng, Eric and Leck Hui left, was awesome too.

Saturday's ballet was lousy cause my toe was giving me problems. As you know, my big toe's nail has dropped out so, the new one is only half grown. Meat over the nail when you're en pointe equivalent to hell.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sentosa with the girls on yesterday was as usual. What can you possibly do with only 4 girls plus Amalina joining us when it's near end. So, usual which includes talking in the water, attempting to swim but the water yesterday was so SO low, slacked around, taupok plus lesbian galore (that's according to Des)

So yeah, introducing my 2 new love to Des, S and Peiwen!

Bae Yong Joon, though he's 19 years older than me, I am absolutely find with it if he wants me! LOL. Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi was awesome, just the ending sucks made me felt a little waste of my time watching but never mind, Bae is in it.

And Lee Philip, OK, he's much better as in he's only 10 years older than me (grins). He was also one of my eyecandy in Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi ok!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Mega ultra long post ahead, right Peiwen?


Jensen Lin, 07June
S, Peiwen and I actually called him at 2 am this morning and sang him birthday song, when we were at Peiwen's place for stayover. Though he most probably won't come across this, I still have to say, study hard for O's this year and come TP cause TP rocks.

Weiting 06June
Rocker, we've known each other since P6 and now we're in the same poly so 6H outings and meet up in school more often alright. We should go Kallang and ice skate again like when we were in primary school.

Back to updates for the past week which also happened to be the term test week. Last week was mostly going school for an hour for test then off we went, to anywhere we want and I had to say it was such a big accomplishment that the girls (Peiwen, S and I) met up every single day from Monday till today for this week. Des was busy with her clique so we spared her, but we still LOVE you a lot alright! So, meeting for 6 consecutive days equals to a hell lot of pictures for me to update and of cause for me to type cause too many funny, idiotic, lame shit things happened when we were high.

2nd June, Monday

That day marked the first day of our 6 consecutive meeting days. P and I headed to Century Square's Storm for P to get her hair done, followed by a mini shopping with me getting a bag from Isetan and spending my $35 Times voucher on a notebook with very nice prints and 5! magazines. All those done while waiting for S to meet us for studying at my place.

Peiwen tried to make me bend down so she could look taller, but I refused

In the end, she still managed to

S and her hair pleating session

3rd June, Tuesday

We planned to meet up every single day with the main idea of studying but we always failed to. You see, how can we study together when we would always end up chitchatting and dreaming about our future business! HAHAHAHA, hilarious.

Najib, the famous artist

and his masterpieces

4th June, Wednesday

Obviously, it was another day of meeting up to study day but failed. Venue was Peiwen's and we ended up surfing the Youtube for karaoke songs to sing.

5th June, Thursday

Peiwen and I had our very last paper for term test ended at 10am and we decided to go back to BV to collect our testimonial but they didn't give it to us cause the year book was not ready. So, we wasted a trip back to school. After that, they headed to my place to slack for me and Peiwen while S studied for the last paper which would be at 5pm. Peiwen left at 3pm for her checkup and S left at 4.30pm for her paper, then Peiwen came back at 5pm to slack and left at 6pm while S returned at 6.30pm and we went jogging after watching "Fated To Love You" till 7.30pm. Ok, I feel so monotonous now.

Peiwen LOVES my screen saver

6th June, Friday

Des came over to my place so early in the morning! Mahjong starts at 11pm and she reached at 8am/9am?! Mahjong with the girls was LOVE, I seriously love mahjong. It's the best invention ever and my girls will definitely agree with me. We headed over to Peiwen's place to stayover at night and Des headed home cause her mom's coming back to Singapore.
The three of us watched "So Close" and "Naked Weapon", followed by "2002" but by the time we watched "2002", Peiwen and S were already asleep. Oh my, I was actually, for the first time, awake longer than the both of them!

Look at those 2 in the background


The stupid faces that are on our phone wallpaper or screensaver now