Thursday, July 31, 2008

Should I cut bangs/fringe? HAHAHA
Adrian told me that i should bob my hair. Well, I did had the thought to cut short very long time ago but still didn't. So, I don't think I will snip off my hair now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Warning, ultra pictorial post ahead!
I know I ought to be mugging for Biochemistry now since there's a quiz like tomorrow, which is less than 12 hours away and I've yet to start on it. Furthermore, there's Human Anatomy and Physiology quiz on Friday. Dang! I am so dead.

Anyway, Ballet Under The Stars (BUTS) and CSTD competition are over. The few days filled with Ballet was definitely awesome for me, and I believe for the rest too.

Xiuli, Bran, Crystal, Crystal's boyfriend, Ms Chien, her 2 daughters and I caught BUTS together on the 25th. Yes, the day or 2 days before CSTD competition for all of us. I just realised I mentioned about BUTS in my previous post already. So, pictures (:

CSTD competition was held in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Lee Foundation Theatre. Their dance studio is seriously huge, we should have just gone to NAFA, right Zifang? For the previous years it was held in Overseas Family School school hall so the stress and performance level wasn't that high but this time round, we had proper stage and everything. Zifang, Taijin and I watched the competition on the first night to cheer on our seniors! Eh Bran, saw that? Senior leh! Ok, so we were more nervous than anyone else, even more than the feeling of ourselves being on stage. Seriously, I was trembling during all of their dances and Zifang was all excited getting ready to clap and stuff. We didn't even have time to think what would it feel like the next day when it's our turn. Everyone did a great job on that day. I especially love how every single one of them presented themselves on stage. Even though there were hiccups here and there, I really enjoyed watching my seniors dancing their hearts out on stage. I think that's what Ballet, or probably any type of dance, should be. Ms Chien taught us well.

When it was finally Trio (Zifang, Ellen and Crystal) and my turn on Sunday. I have to admit that I was both nervous and excited. We had a very last run through in the studio in the morning before Zifang and I head to Bugis for lunch. Standing at the side stage watching Trios dance their dance was so freaky. You see, I was nervous for them, air conditioner was freezing cold, there were so many other competitors there and the worst thing is, they all look so intimidating! The competitors were like from Philippines and Thailand and they all looked so fierce. Well, after the Trios were done, I was officially the last one who had yet to compete. Thanks Zifang, for being there. She accompanied me to the side stage and walked me over to the other side when it was almost my turn. If not for her, I would probably not dance as well. Having a friend beside you right before the second you exit onto the stage is the best thing ever. You don't feel nervous, at all! I felt majestic on stage, full of energy for my jumps (too much!) and I really did enjoy my 1minute 52 seconds on stage. Thanks Zifang! None of us won, that's sad, but competition was really strong though. I believed everyone of us had a great time (:
Thanks Leck, Kevin, Adrian, Candy and Wye Weng for coming down to support! Love you guys to the max!!!

Thanks you Ms Chien. She made all these possible and she'll always be the best teacher all of us have ever met!
Rehearsal and Competition pictures (:

Ms Chien's Summer School girls! :D

Ms Chien's giving out lucky charms (:





Trios, Zifang's nice pose.

Ellen's powerful jump!

Ms Chien!

Competition Day

Friday, July 25, 2008

I have a very not updated blog.

I am seriously too lazy to say anything. Rehearsal was awesome, everyone loves the stage. Ballet Under The Stars today was great too and the lucky draw got me 2 ballet books. Tomorrow's the first day of competition, all except trio and I will be competing tomorrow.
All the best,
Pas De Duex - Vanessa and Bran
Solo - Xiuli
Solo - Melissa
Solo - Bran
Enjoy the stage tomorrow!
And jiayou trios and me (:


Sunday, July 20, 2008

New blogskin's by my sister, she's talented isn't she? (:
That fat girl in the big picture is not me! LOL It is lah !
I shall demand her to change that picture soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I can't wait for Ballet Under The Stars (BUTS), can't wait for competition though I am very very nervous still.

Happy Birthday Taijin
Happy Birthday Jiamin
Happy Birthday Lutfi!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Please kill me!

Preview for CSTD competititon is this Sunday, competition itself is next Sunday! NEXT SUNDAY!
I didn't know time flies so quickly. I've yet to sew my new pointe shoes, have yet to break into them, have yet to practice my solo till it's perfect. My dance sucks now, probably due to the stress. My god, plus the tests and quizzes!

Bye, I am going to do all I can (:
Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I am back!

We(Adrian, Wyeweng, Kevin, ZhiLiang, Benedict, LeckHui, Candy and I) went to downtown Ehub after school on Tuesday for a post celebration as we had to go for sports club thing today. So, we revisited our childhood times, played arcade and pool before heading to Kbox at 7pm to sing our hearts out all the way till 11pm (:
Oh, Candy, LeckHui and I made cheese cake and chocolate waffle cookies for the post celebration and Adrian likes it alot(right?)!

And army infantry came to TP! I know I sound like a kid but we had fun listening to the officer's explanations, looking at those humongous tanks and taking picture with the "Bush a.k.a Sesame Street Big Bird", which I was initially scared off but initiated to take a picture for memory since I don't think I'd possibly get to see it again!