Saturday, August 30, 2008

Past 2 days were a blast!

Thursday night's swimming was fun but I still failed to encourage Peiwen to overcome her phobia of water. Serena came at 8 and got real excited in the pool swimming and moving here and there.
After swimming was dinner, or rather supper since it was 10 plus, so we settled down at this Malay shop along one of those Kembangan roads and had cereal chicken! It was yummy just a little spicy.

We went back to BV on Friday to visit the teachers. It feels good to be back in BV seeing the teachers. Lailai is still as kiddy and Angang too.
We had a slight delay in school and thus was late in meeting Desebelle darling at Cine, so when we left school, we gave her a call and she didn't pick up. After a few tries, we concluded that she's angry and didn't want to answer our calls. By the time we got there, she's still not answering our calls. We sat for 2 hours waiting for her and our imaginations ran wild. From "she's definitely angry with us" to "oh shit how are we suppose to find her is she ok?" to "could something happen to her".
Then, 2 hours later, she mass messaged everyone there who called her gazillion times: "-.- you all really think i so childish uh.accidentally fell asleep while waiting for you all. Just woke up wor. Wat time the show".
My god, I tell you everyone was like "CHEY!", made Peiwen, Serena and I worry for nothing, my heart dropped to the bottom, as in like thank god nothing happened!
Someone suggested to watch '4Bia', so I spent money sitting in the cinema and cover my eyes except for the subtitles throughout the whole movie, YES throughout the WHOLE movie! Ok, to be exact, I lifted my hand to see a scene where the girl had already dug out her eyes and they were on her hands, that's the only scene I dare to watch. What a way to scare myself and make myself ache and cramp all over cause I was crouching in such an uncomfortable position. I swear I would never ever in my life watch any horror(ghost) movies except for draculas, vampires, werewolf and thriller kind.
After movie was stayover at Peiwen's with the girls and Junyan. Played Mahjong, watched 'Full House' and I slept again.

Pictures will be up soon!

I have ballet later, so excited. It's Taijin's last ballet class cause she's flying back to Canada.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mathematics & Statistics was killer, blame myself for sleeping, eating, watching television and other except study. Bye A, hopefully a B but there's definitely something to call for a celebration, HOLIDAYS!

S and I cooked our very own Alfredo mushroom cream sauce with roasted garlic pasta. So, Peiwen and I will be heading for a swim while S goes for her touch rugby and join us after that!
Shall accomplish 10 laps later. (:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

BC wasn't as tough as we expected. 40% can, right kevin?!

Last paper tomorrow, PO is excited for holiday activities ((((:

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I want to dance. I need to buy new leotards, soft shoe and jelly tips for big toe. (:

HAP down, 4 more to go. PIPC and OC rocks, Mst ok, BC irritates me!

Friday, August 22, 2008

I met the girls for 2 days straight! (:
Yesterday to study and today, slacking. What a thing to do when we're just done with the first paper, but who cares! It's our weekly Friday, right girls?

So sad, Li Jiawei lost to Guo Yue in the bronze medal match. She cried when she was interviewed and I cried too?! It's her last Olympics :(((

Anyway, thanks to Serena and Peiwen, I am getting all so excited about a lot of things that I just can't concentrate on studying tonight. Next Thursday's swimming, Friday's outing with the girls plus the guys, stayover after that watching either one litres of tears or FULL HOUSE (:, Malaysia shopping and finally Singapore budget shopping(it's budget cause we'll most probably be broke after the Malyasia one!). That's not all, there are still unplanned, draft ideas like Sentosa, party with girls and guys, pajamas party, movie marathon, overnights and Mahjong, all of them will definitely take place during the holidays.

The song is so cute, Serena and Peiwen nod heads in agreement! (:

Study (:

Overdue CSTD photos,

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Studying at Leck's (:

YO's birthday ((:

Lab sessions :)

Ever changing house!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

HURRAY to China, Singapore and Michael Phelps (:

China (((((:
TT won, Gymnast won, Badminton won, Diving won. Gooooo China, my half hometown since mom's from China. Call me a Chinaporean (Right Zhihao?)

Singapore's TT got 2nd, a medal since 1960. They did well and did us proud.

Michael Phelps. Although I still prefer Park Tae Hwan, it's undeniable that Phelps is just too great. I watched the presentation ceremony of his 8th(!) gold this morning and they showed some clips. Mom said he's the dragon king's (龙王, you know those chinese tales live in the sea king) descendant and newspaper described him as having dolphin-like body.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I am at PUIWEN darling's house now (:

CRAZYYYYYYYYY! I love stayovers with the girls.(Girls, see this)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Korean drama, My Girl, ost - Never Say Goodbye ((:

and Lee Jun Ki dancing Tango at his fan meeting! He only appears at the middle. (:
Random, I want to learn Tango and Latin!!!

and and Lee Jun Ki singing Foolish Love (((:

I want her legs, ok the extensions. o.O

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I have a sudden urge to post pictures of all my hunks (:

Bae Yong Joon (:
Philip Lee (:
Park Tae Hwan (:
Lee Jun Ki (:
Jerry Yan! (:

New taiwan drama "Hot Shot" with Jerry Yan in it. It has nice songs too.

Monday, August 11, 2008

I am here to introduce to you my new eyecandy/love (:
South korean, 18 years old, a marvelous swimmer, nice smile, nice body (!), cute face, nice hair....
I am not that obsessed, but he's just good (: I shall be generous, let you see him.
Enjoy! (LOL)

Melting :D

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Past 2 days were spent very wisely! I spent my time gathering with the rest of my humongous family and staying over at my big mom's place.

Happy Birthday HuiRu!
Happy Birthday Big MOM!
Happy Birthday Singapore!

Speaking of National day, BC lecturer added an extra 2 hours lecture on National Day, can you believe it?! Who goes to school on a public holiday, furthermore it's National Day!
So obviously, I didn't attend but many thanks to Wye Weng!
Thanks Weng, for helping me collect notes and writing *hint hint wink wink*s, sweets I promise.

Olympic has officially started (:
I am filled with excitement and happiness, can't wait to watch everything broadcasted!

(I miss my girls alot! I will be there next friday.)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

I am sick, again?!
Thanks Leck and Adrian for walking me home yesterday after school, they were afraid I might faint on my way home. Love you both (:
So, I feeling slightly better right now but there are 2 quizzes tomorrow. PIPC and OC, at least better than BC or HAP.
I shall go study hard now and hope that I am well tomorrow to conquer those 2 papers.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Congratulations to Kai Mui (:
Her new dance wear online shop is officially up, so everyone go support her. I went to the website for a glance and it's really very nice and the items are so awesome. I shall psycho my mom to buy stuff later when she's back from her ballroom class.