Monday, October 27, 2008

I doubt I will be updating that often since school has already started. From next week onwards, when tutorials and labs officially starts, everyone will be too busy to do anything except for to go school and sleep.

So, first week was unofficial school week since we only had lectures, resulting in everyone having long breaks in between.
I have to say that it's really a great time for bonding session! LOL.

Nothing much, had one hour of lecture from 8am to 9am, can you imagine? Lepak with G1 till around 12pm then headed to eat prata for lunch at this Malay coffee shop in between our houses. Their prata nice can! It's at the coffee shop beside Bedok stadium.
I slept my afternoon away, from 1pm till 7pm :x

I spent my breaks with Peiwen and Desebelle! It's the first time we're spending time together like this in campus compound, we should do that more often but provided that our timetables allow.
Oh, Amalina came from NP to have dinner with us (:
Prata from opposite school. Yes, I know I know.
I had prata yesterday but I love food made from dough!
Des is going to say I am so easy to feed, "Just need to give her bread, biscuit and water!" She said it a million times already.

I was left all alone on that day cause apparently all my girls had their own activity. Des went out with her class to catch ''High School Musical 3'', Peiwen went out with her girls and Serena, I think she had some sub-com thing, either TPSU or BSc.
SO, I went out with G1 (:
Teo Heng should expand/rebuild or relocate to a bigger place! It's always fully booked when we want to sing.
So, changed plan!
We (Amjad, Kevin, ZhiLiang, Yolanda, Leck and I) bowled at Safra, while Weng played his PSP cause he didn't want to bowl.
First game - Girls Team Won!
Second game - Guys Team Won!
Overall Best Player of The Day - AMJAD ADABI ((:
Then, played pool since Weng was itching to play.

I didn't go for ballet, was having cramps ):
But, I met up with Amalina and Des in the evening for dinner at Simpang Bedok! Followed by going to Simei for Mr Bean (((((:

Hokay, I think my family seriously has a fetish for steamboats.
Yeap, we had steamboat for dinner again!!! (we had steamboat last Sunday too)
My Dad came up with the best idea ever : PLAY MAHJONG!
As you can see, I was very excited for the game!
So, my granny dug out 6 bucks worth of coins for me to play since I didn't have any small change and I ended up with a winning of 24 bucks! Imma HAPPY girl.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It has been 3 days since school starts. As usual, there's only lectures on week one but this semester there's an addition of CDS tutorials and lectures for week one. CDS lectures and tutorials are awfully late. I had a taste of ending school at 7pm yesterday and had to rush and squeeze for the bus. I want to learn how to drive and get a car!

So, I seriously can't wait for this semester to be over! What a thing to be thinking right now when school just started. G1 keeps me motivated to go to school though. (:

Oh, I have to go for my sister's Meet-The-Parent session with my mom tomorrow!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I seriously hate receiving bad messages. I won't ask why but I really hate how those diseases always choose my friends.
First thing today, I received a message saying that one of my friend's bone marrow can't produce red blood cells! I was and am still hoping that it's a prank on everyone. Life seems so fragile when you have friends who are diagnosed with these kind of torturing illnesses.
I have another friend who found out that he had leukaemia early this year and now another one. I should just go be a doctor and save these people. I want to go get a checkup done and see if my bone marrow can help even though chances of suitable bone marrow is one in a million.
Please, let everything be alright! Just hope that his siblings or relatives have suitable marrow, there's higher chances that relatives will have suitable bone marrow.

On a happier note,
Hope you like the mug. Can i make a wish on your birthday too?
I wish that my friends will be healthy once again.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Zurich Ballet - Cello Suites Winds in the Void (In den Winden im Nichts)
[a small part of it]
They performed for last year's dan:s festival and it was awesome (:
Thanks Bran for sending me the music for this!

La La La Human Steps - Extract from Amelia
I love the music alot :)

Russia Ballet Gala was great, some pieces were really good but some weren't as expected. Well, hope Sylvie Guillem, Svetlana Zakharova or Polina Semionova comes the next time!!! (:

Svetlana Zakharova:
La Bayadere(Must Watch!!!)
Below is her in class, she's super lean and flexible.

Polina Semionova - La Bayadere (Different part from Svetlana Zakharova's)
It's super nice too!

Sylvie Guillem - My #1 Idol (:
Grand Pas Classique
Below in her in Don Quixote, Kriti solo in Act 1. Die die must watch!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hi journal!
I just attended my uncle's wedding, saw many many many relatives. Geesh, my family is seriously huge. Can you imagine? Huge till my uncle's university friend is Ms Juliet Heng's husband which means I just saw Ms Heng at the wedding! Yes I saw her. She said the world is so small. Yes, Singapore is so so so small! The girls and I were wondering if we saw Ms Heng a few days ago but it turned out to be a mistaken identity and today I saw her. She looks the same, tummy's still there although baby is already out but never mind. She still looks young and pretty, still our best best best, most caring, loving and thoughtful teacher.

Lots of pictures ahead.

Mommy was about to close her eyes!

Xue'er and my sister (:
4 of us! Cousins cum sisters (:

Xue'er looks glamerous here.
The 3 of them loves the mirror
We love our granny alot (:

Oh man, Weddings always never fail to make me feel like getting married!

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Desy and I probably just got home from Najib's class bbq/overnight. Many friendly, funny people. Unfortunately we only manage to take pictures after breakfast this morning with 4 people left.

Zac with the nice star backpack!

They love slacking in girls toilet :D

Just look at our terrible eyebags.

Coppelia last Friday with Ama was awesome. It wasn't classical but it was an enjoyable play. Though I'd prefer more dancing parts, I don't have much discomfort watching it. I can't wait for the 2 nights of Russia Ballet Gala on next Wednesday and Thursday.
So the girls(Ama, Des, Peiwen, S and I) met up earlier in the day for shopping. Main motive of the day was to get backpacks. So each and every one of us got ourselves a pretty backpack each at Pennisular.


I did mention Des came over my place and helped paint my doors right? So here are the pictures (:

We had Nasi Ayam! Penyet I will come for you another time.

I have to clarify that the following 2 pictures is not my room! Man, my sister's such an untidy freak. If my room is in this state, I will go berserk.

Swimming last Wednesday with the girls! Des, Peiwen and S tanned while I swam. I hate my swimsuit tan lines now, so ugly. Des and Peiwen were so excited over getting tanner! Don't understand why they want to be tanner.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Beloved Desy helped me paint my house doors today. One door left!
Thanks babe, love you (:
*Desy send water ghost pictures!

Shopping with Des, Pw and Ama tomorrow! Follow by watching Coppelia at Esplanade at night with Ama. Oh yes, Serena has not confirm if she's going yet, shall prank call her!
I can't wait for Saturday cause I will be seeing Leck Hui and Esther, plus some of G1 are coming back from Cambodia, miss them so SO SO much!
Monday! I have a WEDDING to attend, I am on cloud nine (:
Plus point, being able to see my lovely cousins
Next Wednesday and Thursday will be watching Russia Ballet Gala at Esplanade with Brandon, that makes me a happy happy happy girl!
Next Saturday: accompany PW for the night/toning.

Only thing I am looking forward to is my certificate programme cause I will be taking 4 CDS 2 on French & Japanese respectively. Too bad there ain't Korean but Japanese is equally good cause I am getting into Jap dramas too!
Oguri Shun (Hanazawa Rui/Sano Izumi) = KAWAII NE!
Matsumoto Jun (Domyouji Tsukasa) = [: [: [:
Japanese versions of Hana Kimi/Hanazakari no Kimitachi e/花样少年少女 and Hana Yori Dango/Flower Boys/流星花园 rocks gazillion times more than Taiwan versions.
Except for Jerry Yan!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I was busy with my girls and tiny part of my G1 clique for the past few days.
Last Thursday was Kbox with Des and Peiwen.
Friday was singing Kbox again(I almost lost my voice!) with Leck, Weng and Zhi Liang. Followed by dinner at BBQ Chicken which has super nice hot pink seats. Ending off with a stayover at Desebelle's place playing 3-leg Mahjong, watching 1/2 of Van Helsing then sleep.

Yesterday was with the girls again. We ate Sakae Sushi, we used to go Sakae for almost every single event when we're in sec school. I wonder why we didn't get sick of Sakae's food.

I know it's short but I shall stop here cause it'll probably get very narrative if I continue.
My favourite time is here, uploading pictures!

Thursday Kbox (:

Look at Peiwen's long slim legs! Stop complaining you're fat, if not I wack you.

Friday (:

Peiwen complains that this shot looked like she's digging her nose. I hereby clarify that she is not digging her nose.

The advantage of long hands *ahem ahem*

Look Peiwen's so tiny!

Monday Sakae :]

Look at our nice friendship bands!Look at my new planner for next year! I knoe it's a little early but nice right?