Friday, November 28, 2008

I am still sick -.- !
The diarrhoea thing which was replaced by my illness is coming back. Oh my, I am so going to die.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am sick! -.-
Yes, 2nd time since I came to TP and I hate it. I better recover by Saturday so I dance properly since performance is coming and ballet exams, still far but I want perfection especially in ballet.

So, I won't make it on the headlines. (LOL)

Maybelle dropped by earlier on to revise her French and just left for track.
I fell asleep while waiting for her on the couch and she tapped my face till i woke up, don't know how long did she do that uh! HAHAHA
I thought it was my granny asking me to eat dinner. LOL
Babe, good luck for the test tomorrow (: See you on Friday!

Monday, November 24, 2008

There's French test and Japanese presentation tomorrow!
Wish me luck, I'm most probably going to die halfway through.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

By far my best record, finishing a dance in 5 minutes (:
Hopefully I will be able to remember everything and dance well on 7th Dec!
Rehearsal will be on 2nd Dec. Totally can't wait for it.

Well, so for yesterday, met Leck after ballet for HPI lab report and dinner with 2 of her friends at Xin Wang.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Meet my 2 of my many buddies in school (:


I think organizers are the best thing ever!
It helps you remember things for people who doesn't blog for such a long time and am trying mega hard to remember what happened for the past 12 days! Ok so i totally forgot what I want to say while counting how many days I have not blogged.
So, backtrack...
all the way to 8 Nov. G1 had CIP in the morning all the way at Singapore Discovery Center, I shall skip all the details. Meet the cousins for an early celebration in town before I had to leave them cause Zifang and I are going to catch Gladys's dance concert! So, headed to SP and met Darren and Melvin there. I almost believed that they were really performing when they told us the other time -.- They are such good friends who's actions will entertain you so much that i felt like dying standing with them on the train from Dover to Bedok!
Cousins (:

On 9 Nov, which is my birthday, met up with Ama, she wanted to wish me and pass me present cause she won't be able to go for lunch with us later on. Thanks for coming all the way down (: So, Swensens for lunch with Des, Darren and Maybelle and lepak after that. Dinner was steamboat with the family!

Ok, fast forward a little to 14 Nov, CNN day!
Stayed at Leck's place the night before, SECRET (: Met Weng at Pasir Ris to get the things to be sold and headed to school. CNN was a blast, I mean G1 is the Blast. We finished selling our drinks at like 3 plus?! when CNN was supposed to end at 5 plus! They gave me a surprise belated celebration. Thanks (: Esp Leck and Kevin, came up with what green tea thing -.- "Love you 2 deep deep too" LOL
After CNN was Parkway with Maybelle and Ama. Ama got a new piercing, we slacked and slacked! Ama, send me pictures!

CCN = cap day (:

Saturday was the day when Maybelle got injured by this guy who only cared about scoring the goal! Selfish! I accompanied Ama to some woman's place at Novena to get her kitten for her sister, teddy is it's new name now! Shall show you the picture when i get it from Ama.

Sunday, say bye bye to my cannot-slide-close phone!

20 Nov, Thursday. Taijin came back due to some very funny reasons which got Kevin laughing like erm like...nothing, just plain laughing.

And yesterday, we went to visit Maybelle. She's much better now compared to the first few days. Overly obsessed with her Gossip Girls now and totally refused to go to school. Don't worry, you're still very pretty ok? And I am very sure can recover one! Don't entertain any other thoughts.

A new addition of ghost in our clique, No Face Ghost! I shall go find other nicks for them

Friday, November 21, 2008

Ok, I know I haven't been updating for quite some time!(Ama, you too. updateee)
I've got alot of events to update on(I think). So, I will be back tomorrow to update all at a go (:

I am going to perform at Eunos cc for some dinner event. I love performances and I love learning dances which are out of syllabus, totally can't wait for it though it'll be on 7th Dec(one day before term test)!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Congratulations ZIFANG!
Good job babe. She got 82 for her Intermediate exam (:

Speaking of ballet exam, I am finally taking my grade 8. It took me long enough to reach 8, finally ending the "grade" syllabus!
I am so excited for examinations cause I want to advance to even higher grade so will be able to learn more exciting stuff (:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Nah, here's your BIG name (:

So, the previous week was boring.
Except for Friday! Pw, Des, Ama and I met up for dinner at Lagoon, slack at beach, walked from East Coast beach to Bedok interchange and ended off with slacking at Bedok!
Pictures ((((: