Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh yes! I know I know I know how frigging long I haven't updated this lag-to-the-max space of mine :D
I flipped my organiser and managed to dig out some photos to aid this post :D

So, the most recent event before Christmas is [I am STILL sick], since 20 Dec 09! Super long isn't it? Wonder what's wrong with the medicines, all not working at all :S

Anyway, Christmas Eve was spent counting down with DPSXA plus Wenjie and Eric. Town was in a mess and curse those who spray foams straight into people's face!

Ohkay! So, on 13 December 2009!
Xavier got married to Esther (:
Our first cousin to get married and you know! hahahahh Po is going to go crazy over marriage once again! SO BLISSFUL AND FILLED WITH LOVE (:

Can the wireless stop connecting and disconnecting while I am updating this? It will probably give me a heartattack if this suddenly goes missing! I swear I will not update this space forever!

Parents and Granny went back to China while my sister went to Philippines with Vanneza and I stayed in Singapore cause I STILL HAVE SCHOOL! But having the whole house to yourself is good! and bad. Bad thing is, it's so scary! but other than that you have good friends to accompany you (: Esther and Leck! HEHE it's always either mine or leck's! and I know EADGBE :D

Plus, my 18th birthday (:
I actually really believed Peiwen that we're just gonna go Des's house stayover and have dinner at Simpang cause I was very lazy to travel! Plus the BBall people and Ama, Nana (: Much Love!

Next post will be real soon! I promise!
My New Year Resolution for this blog:
To update this space frequently! :D

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Ballet Gala Evening with Paloma Herrera was awesome (:

We watched...

1) Ashley Bouder & Simon Ball

Ashely Bouder with Igor Zelensky instead of Simon Ball in this video,

2) Mizuka Ueno & Naoki Takagishi

Mizuka Ueno in this video,

3) Lorena Feijoo & Tiit Helimets

Lorena Feijoo in Paquita in this video,

4) Iana Salenko & Marian Walter (they are married!)

Iana Salenko & Marian Walter in Flower Festival in this video, the same piece that they dances yesterday (: My favourite of the night,

5) Paloma Herrera & Sascha Radetsky (omg the guy from the movie, Center Stage)

Paloma Herrera with Angel Corella in Don Quixote Pas De Duex,

Yuan Yuan Tan was unable to perform :(

But there's a video of her in Nutcracker,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watching Paloma Herrera tonight! :)

DDCT interview later, sucks!
I got sudden craving for Chili Cha Cha

Sunday, October 25, 2009

School is taking a toll on me!

Only second day of school and Interview plus Assignments are due on the 2nd week of school, what is this.

Anyway, seeing the rest back in school was fantastic (:

Celebrated Candy and Esther's birthdays in school. Refer to FB for pictures!

I am going to catch Paloma at Dans Festival on Tuesday, NAFA at Dans Festival on Friday and Gladys's SP dance concert next Friday!

I am so sorry Desy, Puiwen and Nana, I won't be free on the next 2 Fridays already :x

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Cheryl (((:
PF rocks, Coffee rocks, you rock even more even though I am always alone in the room!
Have an awesome 18th alright? Coffee at Siglap soon! Miss you.

I strained my ankle during class just now and I can't find my ankle guard :(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Comm Service projects cleared!
Welcome Back to School banner was awesome (: Look out for it when school reopens!
Polyforum BBQ at Chris house went well, saw the much missed PF people.
Active Aging Roadshow proceeded smoothly as well, good job people (esp Choo and Kevin)
Des and Peiwen had steamboat at my place on Tuesday.
Me decided to go for Royal Ballet School's 2 day Master Class with Zifang, so excited!
Hope HITAS goes well cause it's gonna be fun. Right, Zindy, Casey, Qi Yang, Val and Choo?
Captain's ball training with sub comms helped burn my fats, they were good. Goodluck for Temasek League Series yeah? My thumb is still hurting from the training. I'm sucha weakling :(

Next week is gonna be a bomb!
Last week of holidays and it's all packed with activities (:
Monday - Bonkers Meeting > Temasek League Series > Ballet
Tuesday - ASC Retreat (:
Wednesday - ASC Retreat (:
Thursday - ASC Retreat (:
Friday - ASC Retreat > PolyForum HPB presentation > Meet Des & PW > Secret*
Saturday - Royal Ballet Master Class
Sunday - Royal Ballet Master Class

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hiho world! Ok, A LOT OF THINGS.

Ok, National Brisk Walk is over! Really owe the rest of the Main Committee and Sub Committee members (: Despite all, I enjoyed perspiring the whole night with them!

Genee Ballet Competition was wonderful (:

Even though we celebrated Gao's birthday in advance. I still want to wish her here (:
Happy Belated 19th Birthday Dear! May PF group time travel and hug hug forever :S

And Happy Belated Birthday to Emily!
Woman, no matter what happens, we'll forever be there for you.
One pill a day alright, don't overdose :D
We're all just a call away when you need us!

National Brisk Walk (Fitness Assessing)

Magical Autumn, Welcome Back Banner, Active Aging Roadshow for the rest of this week!
Po is charged :D
cause I have my whole Applied Science SC ((((((:

and I miss my DPSXA dearly.
(caught FAME with AMA! Nice show. We're going to watch Nine and Michael Jackson's movie together. YAY)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Lack of updates, I know!

So, the Post-Poly-Forum(PPF)craze is still on. Outings so far, 3, within the span of 6 days after PF. Seriously, a bunch of nicest friends, budddddds and SIAO EHs!

I finally had dinner with Jiamin after ballet on Saturday. Very long since we end class together and eat! YAY, more to come cause she's coming back to my class (:

Siang Long, Shuan(Hubby lol!) and I caught Final Destination 3D at iluma, so disappointing! I anticipated much much much more gore :S
Left the cousins for a while to find PF people at Orchard ((((:
Meet the cousins (including Xue'er) at Paragon then we decided to have overnight Mahjong at my place! Slept at 5am :D

PF people (Amir, Amirul, Lionel, Chris, Min Yi, Mu Ming and I) met up at VIVO on Wednesday for a surprise for Gao's 19th birthday and caught Time Traveller's Wife!

National Briskwalk project is this weekend! Can't wait for it to be over (:

Saturday, September 19, 2009

PolyForum was a bomb (:
Digged everything that happened! Outing soon please.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ok, I shall attempt to blog a little before I seriously lose track of what had happened.

I remember going to Lagoon with Desebelle and Peiwen on Friday after my meeting in school for Teddy Chicken wings and my oyster omelette! Enjoyed the wind at some pavilion nearby with those 2 little JIE JIEs before heading back. These 2 were laughing at how they got themselves screaming and running away from just a tiny weeny crab that they could easily crush with their feet(even if their feet were small)!

I also remember sending Darren off to my half hometown a.k.a cheena pop country C.H.I.N.A! I guess this was the day when Peiwen got to know that my mom is from China after being more than 4 years of friends.

Today was the first day of Pre-Polyforum and it is already killing me. I felt so sleepy the moment clock hits 4pm, which is not even dismissal time yet! Probably I am still and won't forever be used to waking up so early and sleeping so late. I am adjusted to sleeping late. Tomorrow's going to be home help at some elderly's place, I like!

Anyway, Des and I visited Peiwen Jie Jie in the evening and Peiwen Jie Jie passed me a bag-ful of clothes that were too big for her. She's really tiny, you know! I think I can crush her without much force. And Desebeller Jie Jie is forever excited over the same thing, I hope 9th comes faster before I die from hearing all those random comments and hype from her.

There's slumber(Jersey) party tomorrow at Serena's place with a lot of people(I hope they turn up. If not it'll be an all girls thing, which I totally don't mind at all too.)
This Saturday's gonna be best, till it can't get any better! Ballet at 3pm to 5pm then watching the long awaited Genee Ballet Competition ((((((:
Gonna perform on Sunday for some Open House thing and Monday will be to Malaysia for residential stay of the polyforum!

Well yeah, so till I am free again (:

Happy Studying Darren (: See you in 6 weeks time!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

This was some time back!
Probably Main Examinations period?

Miss this girl lah! I want Simpang (:

Woo and I went out with Peiwen on Tuesday!
Shopping and caught Bandslam, love my girls but the other 2 working and 1 busy.
Sentosa today was fun (:
The girls had the tan they wanted! So, Yes! I am super sad cause I am burned and tan now :(
But all in all, it was super awesome.
Used the links from Chuxuan's photobucket cause blogger is giving problem. That explains why the pictures are so big.
Hehe there were showering photos on her blog but her blog is private. HAHAAH






More on Facebook (:
I think Facebook is rather useful!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes! Exams are finally over (: But this holiday won't be as free as previous ones though. Even so, I think ASC people will make this holiday entertaining and fun! Plus poly forum, there's Cheryl, Stacy in my sub-sub-group, Choo in my sub-group, Leck and Lutfi in poly forum too!
Plus my girls, who will most probably be busy working except for Peiwen, so I am meeting her tmr :D
I will pray hard that I will have time to update.
Sentosa this coming Wednesday with Chuxan, Solana, Theng and gang (:

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Anyone wants to come to watch CSTD competition?

Venue: Nanyang High School
Date: 22 August 2009, Saturday
Time: 6pm

Tickets are at 10 bucks!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sunday, August 02, 2009

2 versions of Assassin Tango (:

This girl has super-hyper extended legsssss!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am going to be so busy! :X
For the next 2 weeks or probably all the way till after exam.
Tomorrow onwards is going to be crazy.

Remaing of this week:
Fri - HITAS Meeting + Minister Dialogue
Sat - Ballet
Sun - Ballet

Next Week (3Aug):
Mon - HTECH Lab Test + FPATH Quiz 2 + Ballet
Tue - AIMM Tut Quiz
Wed - Secret Mission (will update when it's over!)
Thurs - Studying with Zifang + Comtemporary dance workshop + Secret Mission!
Fri - Shopping with cousins for cousin's present
Sat - Rehearsal for Ballet performanc + Start of Family chalet (CLASHHHHH :S)
Sun - Family Chalet

Next Next Week (10Aug):
Mon - Ballet performance + Family Chalet (CLASHHHH :S)
Tue -
Wed -
Thur - Ballet workshop
Fri - Due date for Law (50%!!!) project + YOG countdown event
Sat - Ballet
Sun - Ballet

Next Next NEXT! Week (17Aug):
Mon - Due date for CSAS project + Ballet
Tue -
Wed -
Thurs -
Sat - Asia Pacific Dance competition :X
Sun - I am finally free to concentrate on the remaining 2 papers :D

Even though it's scary but I miss the feeling of dancing on stage!
2 opportunities cominggggggggggggggg :D

ANYWAY, Backtrack a bit!
I haven't got the time to blog-wish the birthday kiddos,
2 July - Adriann, he's finally 18! I bet he waited till he's neck is super long already.
5 July - Limeng ((: I wasn't at Ballet that day. Love my balletmate (:
14 July - TaiJin's 20!!! Don't worry, you still look younger than me and as youthful as ever
17 July - Lutfi turns 18!
18 July - Jiaminnnnnnnn! Another Ballerina :D This kid has finally turn 15 (OMG so young please)
19 July - JiaHui and Edmund Lim turn 18!
20 July - Syai's 19!
29 July - Elizzzzzzzzzzzzz babe is 18 (: Happy Belated :D

and and
upcoming one,
31st July - Lulu boy and Lyrad oh (hahahhah he loves it reverse) this 2 bud are turning 18!! (: