Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Continuation of pictures from the previous post (:

Picture that got us laughing like some women

2 of her solo pictures (:
2nd Day of Chinese New Year!
We went visiting at 2 places with Xue'er and family. Super hilarious day with loads of jokes like finally realising Ah neh means brother, Economy stuff, Lang Sai and many other things which I cannot remember. Too drama family and relatives uh, but I love them a lot!

On our way to houses,

At HuiRu's place,
HuiRu took my phone and snapped dozens of photos

Back home
They came over for Blackjack and Daidee, when I asked for a photo, godfather got "bun lak" and he's the banker!
After that photo, I took a look at my cards and it's "bun lak" too! RUN (:


Ok, so after the gambling. Xue'er and I got into camera craze more of web cam craze! Took gazillion photos with my web cam and they are all omg super hilarious! Photos in the next post! (:
It got us laughing till I had stomach ache!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

First day of Chinese New Year!
Po slept at 5am in the morning :D Woke up at around 10 when dad told me that big daddy's coming over already. My house was first stop, then went over to this granduncle's place before heading to granny's place for the whole day, which was rather bored and I slept at my granny's place.

With Shaun at my place (:

The cheeky boy again! :D
PaPa and Yew Hwee
BlackJack + DaiDi
Mahjong at the corner again!
Cousins, look at XiangLong kor kor and Xue'er! LOL
I think we look alike!
I love this cutie!
Cutie's sister
I asked for a 鬼脸 and he gave me this :D
Just came back from reunion dinner at my grandma's place!
Going to update in details after I shower.

I am done showering and uploading those pictures! Super picture loaded post ahead.
Currently super full from the reunion lunch and dinner I had today.

This was our reunion lunch! That cheeky boy stuck out his hand to attract attention!
Scallops Scallops! *drools*
My big bowl of shark fin soup, the ultra big prawns, big pot of sea cucumber with super nice mushrooms, abalone and my little cousin sucking her thumb away cause it's too delicious!
That's my granny's super duper nice dumplings! Plus that the most irritating and naughty cousin ever!
See how big is the prawn as compared to the normal size!
So after lunch was feeling bloated, rotting away and waiting for time to pass before heading out for reunion dinner at my granny's place. I swear eat was the last word i ever want to hear then.

I swear my sister is slim can! Be jealous of her long and slim legs.

Hello, this is my dad! I seriously think that he is very cute :D
And my mom!
Shaun (:
MAHJONG at the end and my happy big family!
Cousins love,

That's the end of Chinese new year eve's whole day of reunion!
And Time check: 12:58AM Happy Chinese New Year.
Cousins and I had a great time planning while they had the steamboat, Xue'er and Xinping's combine birthday celebration, after semester examination's outings, next few day's activities! So fun.

Ok, now it's back to updating about the Pre-CNY reunion at Clement's. Headed over to Clement's place after the lagoon dinner with my girls(Teddy chicken wings very nice!). We rented "The Exorcist" and "One Miss Call" to watch and it was ok to me on that day, probably cause a lot of people were watching it together! I was only irritated or more of cannot take the disgusting creatures in the movies. Esther was more afraid than I am! Slept after the 2 movies and headed to ballet in the morning. Joined the gang back after my rehearsal for our reunion lunch. Kudos to those who shopped and prepared everything! I heard Manfred was the commander! Good Job (:

Kevin, Royston, Po, Manfred and Esther!
Esther headed back to school for some badminton sports fest thing and me to ballet.
Our steamboat setup, thanks Yo babe who brought the gas steamboat thing and Syai's pot!
Syai (:
Another group picture

And I am done with the updates (:
Shaun and my favourite line from the Japanese drama "Nodame Cantabile"!
Go watch that drama, very nice (: