Friday, March 27, 2009

Ballet exam is over (:

Look at our super neat hair! :D

Shaunnnie (:

O.o and we went fishing on Thursday!
First time fishing with friends :D

The sun was very hot, look at my sunburn! I am hurting now :(

Kevin emo! HAHAH No lah!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Good luck to my girls, Angie, Li Meng and Jia Min. We can do it :D
Dance like Polina, Zvetlana, Sylvie Guillen, Julie Kent, Cojocaru tomorrow :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ohlala (:
These are pictures taken when we were practicing for the class with the pianist.
And Jasmine, here are the info:
Open day is on 28th March, Saturday
Time is from 4.45pm to 6.30pm
You know where is it right? :P
Drop me a message if you are coming.
Oh, and my examiner is Ms De Wit (:

Limeng and Jiamin :D


Look, you're now asleep and I secretly took this picture. Ok, he actually tricked me twice! I thought he was really asleep the first time and so I started whining and he suddenly gave me the victory sign -.-! The second time was while I am looking through the pictures to post, he suddenly sat up and stared at me, I thought he was gonna sleep walk or something and then he said, "You got tricked by me again!" zzzzzzzzz

Loghead! I love you still :D
A proper picture of you alright? :)

The cousins went over to Shaun's place for stayover yesterday night!

The four of them while we were on our way back to Shaun's place ((:
I was the fastest one, so I got the comfy position! :D
HAHAHAH Look at our faces! We really wanted to play Mahjong, don't get us wrong!
Yes, I don't like UNO stacko, such a noisy game! LOL

chips chips chips (:

Bedok interchange for lunch this afternoon before heading home!

And later during the day, Shaun came over to stay at my place!!

Weeeee, I dragged him into my web cam craze! I think Xue'er, Shaun and I are alike. We love to take stupid pictures. LOL

We heated up Chee Cheong Fan, drank rumbutan and pineapple water and shared a cup of maggie! SO FILLING!!!


After the supper, I introduced to him NOBODY! :D
We started watching videos on youtube and learned or at least attempted to learn the dance!
Repeatedly watched the video for more than a dozen times just to get the steps right! I guess we were super comical earlier on too!
Oh, and I showed him Kim Hyun Joong dancing to he's group, ss501's song, I'm your man
and yes, that's my new favourite song now!
He agreed with me that Hyun Joong oppa dances very nicely!

I found more 4E1 super duper wooper
random funny/hilarious/unglamourous/nonsensical/comical/whatever word you can think of(!)
videos :D
Will update soon with those videos (:

Ok, I got to wake up at 9am tomorrow,
Shaun and I are going to accompany granny for checkup and I think I might not be able to wake up on time!
Look at the time now :S

Sunday, March 22, 2009

I LOVE 3/4E1 (:

randomly dug out the old videos of my secondary school class :D I miss those times.
Our PE lessons where we played the self-invent "captain's ball" game.
Cannot run with the ball
You can body slam or attack the person with the ball
Guys cannot attack girls (that explains why the guys are surrounding the girls who are cat-fighting on the ground)
But girls can attack guys! HAHAHAHAHAH
Ok, I think all of us got "molested" LOL, game what. Boobs, chest, face, thigh, hahaha I guess we were all too engrossed in the game! It was really fun playing with everyone :D

This video shows the tiny part of our class(6 of the classmates) who took literature! HAHAH Can see why they like lit, i guess! Love them to bits! Super hilarious. :D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

Granny is ok already (:
I think I am going to start watching Boys over Flowers to kill time!
Oh my, tonning kahkis(minus clement and weilun cause they're probably forever free) faster come back from camp, chalet and be free from work!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I AM BACK! With a lot pictures, like seriously a huge pile.
Ok, picture galore!

Desebelle's birthday party (:

Hi Han Liang! LOL

I think the best thing in BV life are them!

O.o Tim sang for the opening of the night's activities!

Des said that we were her bodyguards for the day.

I am Jason's only ally, other than Ama but she wasn't there that nigh! LOL, He loses to Des all the time :D

Look at how happy she was on that day

Secondary school table plus Dehong and Zach (:

The "basketball" gang! LOL

Des's beloved poly family

Can you see the Happy BDay?

Stayed over at Des's place after the party (:

Stayover at Clement's place with Leck, Kevin and Manfred. Leck came over to my place at around 9pm before we went over to Clement's at 11plus.
We did grocery(Fruits) shopping at the Shop and Save when we reached Serangoon and we had loads of fun laughing like some mad women at everything we say.
Bridge is the IN game for us now, other than Mahjong and Big 2. Weilun introduced this hotel626 game which is freaky. Oh, I stayed awake throughout the night can!!! :)

Ohkay, Leck and I got bored and played with my webcam just now when she came over to my place after our Student Leadership Programme course.

and I quoted from S, "this can be your FB(facebook) profile picture!" LOL

Oh my, I am finally done!!!! (: