Sunday, April 26, 2009

This is friggingggg funny!
Imagine now, at this hour, broad daylight with a scorching merciless sun.
I received this from Zach...

I was chatting with him on msn and apparently the LIGHTING hates him ALOT! :D
It's gonna be another picture loaded post ahead!

Before that gonna add on more things to my past few days.
After Serena's chalet, we cabbed back home and I took a quick shower(actually I don't think it was quick, 30minutes or so?), laid on my bed for awhile before heading to school! Saw Dinee at the bus stop(YAY-NESS). I was having bad headache so it felt good to see someone I know :D

Btw, i just finished my FPATH online assignment which is madness! I am at Dinee's place and she's sleeping already :D
Went out with Candy - home - met Dinee and Jialing :D - Home - Dinee's place

Sequence of event following school on wednesday,
School - Tampines Mall - Bedok(Phoon Huat to get ingredients) - Dinee's place(Baking Espresso Cheesecake Brownie but I was sleeping) - Home - Clement's place(Overnight, Card making) - Home - Bedok Interchange - Dinee's place(Card making) - Bedok(SKP to search for party hats) - Tampines Mart(Drinks and failed attempt to find helium balloons) - School(Fariza's birthday celebration) - Home(SLEEP)

Jialing ((:

Candy! Becareful of ah peks ah :D

Ok, S and her hair.

Stayover at Clement's

Look at this, how can we not call you pig!

From Dinee's place (:

that big fat cat which I saw on the way to phoon huat!

Look at this PIG! Sleeping everywhere

haha Qai was very funny.

Very nice muffins by Yolanda :D

Uncle, it's not that I anti-social. Don't know who's the one who started saying don't want to take pictures with ghost uh!