Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am going to be so busy! :X
For the next 2 weeks or probably all the way till after exam.
Tomorrow onwards is going to be crazy.

Remaing of this week:
Fri - HITAS Meeting + Minister Dialogue
Sat - Ballet
Sun - Ballet

Next Week (3Aug):
Mon - HTECH Lab Test + FPATH Quiz 2 + Ballet
Tue - AIMM Tut Quiz
Wed - Secret Mission (will update when it's over!)
Thurs - Studying with Zifang + Comtemporary dance workshop + Secret Mission!
Fri - Shopping with cousins for cousin's present
Sat - Rehearsal for Ballet performanc + Start of Family chalet (CLASHHHHH :S)
Sun - Family Chalet

Next Next Week (10Aug):
Mon - Ballet performance + Family Chalet (CLASHHHH :S)
Tue -
Wed -
Thur - Ballet workshop
Fri - Due date for Law (50%!!!) project + YOG countdown event
Sat - Ballet
Sun - Ballet

Next Next NEXT! Week (17Aug):
Mon - Due date for CSAS project + Ballet
Tue -
Wed -
Thurs -
Sat - Asia Pacific Dance competition :X
Sun - I am finally free to concentrate on the remaining 2 papers :D

Even though it's scary but I miss the feeling of dancing on stage!
2 opportunities cominggggggggggggggg :D

ANYWAY, Backtrack a bit!
I haven't got the time to blog-wish the birthday kiddos,
2 July - Adriann, he's finally 18! I bet he waited till he's neck is super long already.
5 July - Limeng ((: I wasn't at Ballet that day. Love my balletmate (:
14 July - TaiJin's 20!!! Don't worry, you still look younger than me and as youthful as ever
17 July - Lutfi turns 18!
18 July - Jiaminnnnnnnn! Another Ballerina :D This kid has finally turn 15 (OMG so young please)
19 July - JiaHui and Edmund Lim turn 18!
20 July - Syai's 19!
29 July - Elizzzzzzzzzzzzz babe is 18 (: Happy Belated :D

and and
upcoming one,
31st July - Lulu boy and Lyrad oh (hahahhah he loves it reverse) this 2 bud are turning 18!! (:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday, July 05, 2009

I wish I didn't know
I wish I didn't probe
I wish I didn't ask
I wish I wasn't curious
I wish I could change things.

Despite being the closest to him, despite me being the one who hangs out with him the most, I didn't know that he has been putting up a front all along. He has no one to talk to about it and no idea what to do.
And the other 2 are just in their own world, one oblivious to what's happening and the other just wants her way, which is darn unfair to him!
I might only know a bit and might not be in a position to judge but up till now the facts I've gathered forced me to think this way.
I am partially glad that he finally told me so I could share his burden but half of me wish that I knew nothing about it.

She's not so oblivious afterall, I just hope she's making right choices for her life and not be so stubborn. With such a situation, it's time to grow up girl.