Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Ballet Gala Evening with Paloma Herrera was awesome (:

We watched...

1) Ashley Bouder & Simon Ball

Ashely Bouder with Igor Zelensky instead of Simon Ball in this video,

2) Mizuka Ueno & Naoki Takagishi

Mizuka Ueno in this video,

3) Lorena Feijoo & Tiit Helimets

Lorena Feijoo in Paquita in this video,

4) Iana Salenko & Marian Walter (they are married!)

Iana Salenko & Marian Walter in Flower Festival in this video, the same piece that they dances yesterday (: My favourite of the night,

5) Paloma Herrera & Sascha Radetsky (omg the guy from the movie, Center Stage)

Paloma Herrera with Angel Corella in Don Quixote Pas De Duex,

Yuan Yuan Tan was unable to perform :(

But there's a video of her in Nutcracker,

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Watching Paloma Herrera tonight! :)

DDCT interview later, sucks!
I got sudden craving for Chili Cha Cha

Sunday, October 25, 2009

School is taking a toll on me!

Only second day of school and Interview plus Assignments are due on the 2nd week of school, what is this.

Anyway, seeing the rest back in school was fantastic (:

Celebrated Candy and Esther's birthdays in school. Refer to FB for pictures!

I am going to catch Paloma at Dans Festival on Tuesday, NAFA at Dans Festival on Friday and Gladys's SP dance concert next Friday!

I am so sorry Desy, Puiwen and Nana, I won't be free on the next 2 Fridays already :x

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy 18th Birthday Cheryl (((:
PF rocks, Coffee rocks, you rock even more even though I am always alone in the room!
Have an awesome 18th alright? Coffee at Siglap soon! Miss you.

I strained my ankle during class just now and I can't find my ankle guard :(

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Comm Service projects cleared!
Welcome Back to School banner was awesome (: Look out for it when school reopens!
Polyforum BBQ at Chris house went well, saw the much missed PF people.
Active Aging Roadshow proceeded smoothly as well, good job people (esp Choo and Kevin)
Des and Peiwen had steamboat at my place on Tuesday.
Me decided to go for Royal Ballet School's 2 day Master Class with Zifang, so excited!
Hope HITAS goes well cause it's gonna be fun. Right, Zindy, Casey, Qi Yang, Val and Choo?
Captain's ball training with sub comms helped burn my fats, they were good. Goodluck for Temasek League Series yeah? My thumb is still hurting from the training. I'm sucha weakling :(

Next week is gonna be a bomb!
Last week of holidays and it's all packed with activities (:
Monday - Bonkers Meeting > Temasek League Series > Ballet
Tuesday - ASC Retreat (:
Wednesday - ASC Retreat (:
Thursday - ASC Retreat (:
Friday - ASC Retreat > PolyForum HPB presentation > Meet Des & PW > Secret*
Saturday - Royal Ballet Master Class
Sunday - Royal Ballet Master Class