Sunday, February 21, 2010

2 more papers and 3 more days to go (:

Some overdue plus recent pictures,

Happy 19th Birthday Siyang (19 Feb)!

Despite the fact that half of our morning was gone due to this crazy man, we still had fun :D

Reunion dinner with DPS plus butter and zouk with them for the first time ever!

Mini surprise for Yulin's 19th birhtday with Manfred's awesome cake, beer, hey apple and taupok!

Monday, February 15, 2010

CNY has been pretty boring thus far, i doubt it will get better.
Can't wait for exams to be over. So irritating to have exams scheduled right in the middle of festive seasons!

Oh, and my ankle has been acting up pretty often lately :( So scared I won't be able to dance soon. I demand ballet classes!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Even Mommy is ok with tattoo plus I helped mei mei asked too. (:
My com just died! :( Not really died but some firewall thing messed up the whole thing.
So I guess it's a good time that it died since it's going to be Term test and Main exams soon, like real soon and I have yet to start on anything. This might probably keep me away from using com, unless xinping is so willing to let me hog onto her mac.

Have been meeting my girls quite a lot lately, for movie, mahjong (which I fell asleep), making pineapple tarts, chit chatting, taking POLITE-TP Branch photos (:, staying over at des's, reunion dinner and rotting the whole day away.
Refer to my dear PUIWEN's blog for photos cause I am too lazy :D

Well, my ankle isn't healing yet, it still hurts randomly which bothers me alot. What if I still can't dance after my 2 weeks of rest. I am itching to dance and I think I've lost my turnout, strength and probably flexibility, yes even though it's only 2 weeks but it's that bad. :(