Sunday, June 27, 2010

I hope this post is going to appear on my blog cause for the past few weeks I have not manage to post anything despite being at the new post page for a million number of times.
Attachment started on 21st Jun and all's well thus far! 19 more weeks to go and Jelly and I decided to give it our best shot no matter what. Hope everything goes well for the next 19 weeks! Colleagues there are really nice, all helpful and approachable(:
I won't be able to dance on mondays and wednesdays cause work ends only at 6.30 and I am giving tuition on sundays, that leaves me with only saturdays. Oh well, my toe is not suitable to dance too, I can't even go en pointe for longer than 1 minute now and it already hurts! What to do? I think I should just not dance the solo and practice more meanwhile since I am still not that good yet.
Anyway, I have been falling asleep every single night!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

John William's Schindler's list is an aweseom piece of music!
Holidays have been good thus far, loads of time to rest. Just that the SIP briefing got us all into panick mode when we realised we had to write so many things during that 5 months span :/

Friday, June 04, 2010

My babes in school, we survived! It's time to enjoy.
Actually I thought my holidays will be dull but I think I have loads of things to do.
1. Practice dance
2. Watch dramas
3. Universal Studio
4. Blood donation award ceremony
5. Outing with ChooLeck
6. Granny's birthday (:
7. Pulau Ubin with cousins
8. Awesome plan with Yulin and Leck
10. and the list will add on when i think of them