Monday, October 04, 2010

I am really really really disheartened, I felt my heart just died the moment I heard the news. I don't want to believe and refused to accept what I've heard but as reality sets in I felt cold. I texted you and not an apology from you when I told you what I felt deep inside my heart. I was looking for to just a simple sorry and yet again you disappoint me. I told you to be safe, I care for you after what you did and I still do. I just hope someday you will realize what we're doing for you. I hope this will be resolved calmly. I don't want it to affect any one else, you know your actions will cause even bigger trouble for us.
This post took rather long! I left the page there for a day or so without typing a single thing till now! Was busy getting hooked onto Georg Jensen's website looking at all the awesome stuff which have really steep prices. Managed to get pw bimbxz to agree with me that GJ has really gorgeous stuff!
Georg Jensen

I am even spoilt for choice for the same design but different colours! hahah

I am missing the boy like alot alot alot alot. I know, so loserish right but can't help it. Can't wait for Thursday to come so I can see him again! Plus PW and I are planning to go Qun Zhong Eating House for dinner, they have really nice pan fried dumplings! I am hoping that there won't be a long queue and food won't run out by the time we reach if not I'll be damn sad!

Tomorrow, okay technically today, is monday once again! Start of week 16 of SIP :) I am hoping time passes real quickly at work.