Friday, November 12, 2010

Gonna go off to sentosa with Chuxuan and Solana!
Will come back with pictures (:

P.s how I wish Singapore's beach is like that!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates! I thought I'd be free to blog once work ends but hell no. Kinda glad that holidays are so well spent thus far, cause school's gonna start soon and I bet it'll be very hectic since it's the last stretch for all of us! Anyway, past few days were spent celebrating my 19th (like finally) and S always say that I am the last of the batch (referring to girls, that is).
So, right after end of work last wed, head to get my ugly hair colour removed! Thursday was spent packing my room, FOR THE WHOLE DAY! goodness gracious, I think it's a rather good workout!
Friday saw Peiwen, Chew, Weicheng, Yok Theng, Mun and I going on a triple date <3
Working for a day for an accounting conference was rather interesting! Met like new friends and had a great time yaking my day away.

Met up with the usuals after work and had korean bbq for an advanced birthday celebration (:

Baby skipped school (hmpt!) to accompany me for my birthday <3 Even though I really don't want him to, I am still very touched for his thoughts. He's such a quiet boy but I still love him.

Submitted my SIP report and logbook = SIP cleared! Went to PP and got some really cute stuff together with Jelly (: Really nice stuffs for Dineesha for her housewarming, totally hyped up to give her right away cause there are really pretty you know.

Celebrations was with the girls at Nabins! I really love the place, awesome to lepak! (:

So gonna go prepare now and head out to meet my BFFs and poly friends to celebrate again! <3