Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yep, I'm gonna say the same thing here! Unofficially graduated from TP (:

I have been waiting for this day since I-don't-know-when but when it comes, I feel like I will be missing the times in TP so badly. Even though I am not going to continue with science anymore, I really did enjoy learning it throughout these 3 years. Never ever regretted going into this course, so thank you my beloved cousin, Jacqueline, for bringing me in. Through the tough times in BMS, I've learnt to go for what I want and I believe from the training I've received in TP, it'll bring me far.

I've met many lovely people in TP, the bffs, ASc people, my groupmates, the TG01 and many more. I am really glad that I have them to accompany me through these 3 years. I really can't imagine life without them! I am dare to say I am a lucky soul, like seriously, to have them, people who are so understanding and helpful. They're always there for me and other people who needs help. They're a bunch of selfless people who are willing to render help to people in need. From them, I've learnt a lot and learnt to be like them.

Candy and Leck Hui, thanks for being there all the time. Kevin, thanks for being the best listener. Solana, thanks for always ensuring everything is in place and mediating everything. Manlin (Tofu), thanks for always reminding everyone (and I mean literally everyone on her contact list) of everything. Michele, thank you for always giving us words of encouragement and little lovely cards! Chuxuan, thank you for always fighting for our rights and bringing joy to me through kpop (: Amjad, thank you for being there as my slacking role model (saved me from being stress). Plus many many others which I really can't afford to list all out, you know who you are!