Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Past months, I would say, has been rather hectic and relaxing at the same time. Bintan trip wasn't blogged, which happened way before graduation. Chinese new year I was sick, so no pictures nor was there any visitings at all! KL trip pictures are at the end of this post (more on FB), Nelson's 20th birthday and A8G1 class chalet (:

A8G1 Class Chalet

Nelson's 20th


KL short getaway

Well, actually there are way too many things for me to catch up on to blog about. Promise that I'll try to blog every event that I can remember from now on. It's hard for me to even keep up on my organizer which is supposed to be so handy.
I need to get a job right away to stop myself from wasting time when I can earn money :D