Friday, August 24, 2012

We love USA

Okiedoks, I am finally going to do this. Yes, I am going to blog about the US trip. So we headed to San Francisco and covered California, Arizona and Nevada. 

Us before departure and I suppose our flight was 9plus in the morning.

Happy me with an all just-woke-up-from-sleep face and the Magnum ice cream together with the boy. Yeap we took SIA and thank god we did cause it was a long haul flight (~12 hours) and we needed the comfort to sleep and rest well. 3 meals in total on the plane. 

Stopover at Kimchi land and we had to take a picture out of our self excitement that we step foot into Korea. Ikr, *rolls eyes* as I think back now. However I have to say Korea's airport has lived up to its standard for being one of the top 3 airports in the world, it has really clean and modern design, keeping its airport to the simplest. 

When we left Singapore it was 28th June 9plus in the morning, when we touched down in San Francisco, it was 28th June 12plus in the noon. Jet lag a little as I was already feeling sleepy in the noon. Gavin and his friend kindly picked us up from the airport and took us for lunch at In-n-out burger. First meal in the states ^^

So this is Gavin and Carman (:

Their fries looks so tempting right! The one on the right with condiments is called animal fries (If I didn't remember wrongly), according to Gavin, it's not on the menu but you just have to tell the staff you want 'em and you will get 'em.

Their burgers tastes so so so so so so healthy. Look at those colors, it's making me drool right now as I am typing.

So it was to the hotel to unload our luggages first and there you go, our hotel looks like this *points below* It's the Cypress Hotel in Cupertino.

I realized we kept eating non stop in the states, thank god I didn't gain physical weight when I weigh myself after I got back but I think visually I looked fatter. Hehe, so now it's foodie pics once again. Korean food, somewhere near our hotel and it actually tasted not bad. Actually all the food that we had in the states tasted good. Is it just the holiday mood or is it really their food that taste better?

Hungry yet after seeing all those?

and we are not done, after that we headed to Santana Row for desserts which we were rather full for.

Really long queue but I forgotten what's the name of the place. The dessert were okay, not really fantastic though or maybe we were all just too full?

The boy looks a lil gay and fat here *oops*

So now, for the one that I loved the most in the states, it is.......
IHOP (International House of Pancakes)
Just go to their website and drool

Hot Chocolate *Yummmms*

Cheesecake pancakes, heavenly.

My favorite, Cinnastack!!!

We can't wait to tuck in!

& this is Gavin, Cindy and Carman ^^

So we drove to Great Mall at Milpitas and no pictures = busy shopping!

Dinner was at The Cheesecake Factory

As usual, we under estimated their portion and got too full to try their awesome cheesecake but we managed to at least try one at the end of the trip. First two days were mainly shopping at the Great Mall in Milpitas, as you know, first time in states = chiong shopping and the remaining part of the trips were touring, sight seeing and heading for attractions with bits and pieces of shopping here and there. There are way too many pictures for me to finish in one post and I am starting to feel hungry and tired. 
So till the next time then (:

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Gonna be busy transferring photos all from very long time ago trips to the recent States one so that I can blog'em when I am free (Which is the case now). I need to find things to do so the time when Edmund is stuck in BMT will pass faster. Hope I don't go back on my words this time round and really do a proper update of every single thing.