Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Date A Girl Who Loves Solitude by Sohini Sarkar

Last post was almost closed to a year ago, a few more days to 1st July 2014. Time really does flies.
No matter how fast time flies, substantial amount of events can still occur in this short one year. I always tell myself not to look at things from the bad side so for all that have occurred on me, I am grateful. I grew a tremendous amount this year, I heard, learnt and understood so many values and meanings to life. Thankful to the opportunity and the steps I took for the past few months that helped me recover things I have lost or almost am on the verge of losing. 

Looking forward to what life can bring me and the people around me, hoping the best for everyone.

"Always look on the bright side of life *Whistles*"

Main motive of coming back here was to share the above article that I chance upon on Facebook, I can connect dearly to it. Who else?